Why should you change hotmail password periodically?

Hotmail is one of such platform that takes proper care of the safety and security of its users online. Hotmail takes care of information stored online on hotmail and never ever allows any types of online threat. Even though hotmail is such a secured platform still user ace problems of online threat.

Hotmail change password

This is because of the fact that even when outlook is so much concern about the privacy of its users, sometimes user themselves takes certain steps that acts as a hindrances in their online mail use.  In such cases hotmail often suggest its users to maintain a secured use and to remain safe by themselves.

For these hotmail suggests to follow these basic steps:

  1. Never share your account password or any other personal details such as recovery emails etc with anyone.
  2. Always sign out your account if you use it on a public platform.
  3. Keep a track over your personal information and make sure it is not changed by anyone else.
  4. Keep a secured password that cannot be easily tracked.
  5. Never reply to spam mails.
  6. Change password periodically.

Change hotmail password

You must make a habit of changing your hotmail password after fixed interval of time because. Password is a key to your account if anyone knows your hotmail password he may get into your account to use all its information. When you change it periodically you can maintain secured access to your account. In cases when you feel that you are having any problem in changing your hotmail password you must take easy and immediate help from Hotmail customer service number.

Changing of hotmail password is a very easy step: For hotmail change password follow this steps:

  1. In your Hotmail account click on the top right icon
  2. Choose manage your account
  3. Select security and privacy
  4. Select Change password
  5. Verify yourself
  6. Enter email address to send code to alternative email or mobile number
  7. Now enter current password and the new password 2 times.
  8. And Click on save button
  9. In case nothing help try taking help from Hotmail phone number 0800 098 8400. This is available anytime and anywhere without any effort.

Hotmail Customer Service Number

If in case you are finding different problems in your hotmail account for instant manage your account, ask expert hotmail customer support technician of Hotmail Helpline Number and ask for Hotmail Account Recovery help.

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