Why My Hotmail Account doesn’t exist?

Hotmail is one of the best web base email service provider which is started in 1996. Nowadays it has the highest number of users in all over the world. In February 2013 Oulook.com changed Hotmail. Nothing had changed except the name only (Outlook replaces Hotmail) and everything remained the same. Email id. Contacts name, files, calendar settings, and many more. They app remained the same. Hotmail user often faces many problems when using its services is one of them, when you log into your Hotmail or outlook account and you get a message of “Microsoft account doesn’t exist” in your page screen.

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 “Microsoft Account doesn’t exist” this error typically means:

  • The person who is logging in using an Alias.
  • The person has entered the wrong email address. It is important that you have to retype the correct email address.
  • The person did not access the hotmail account within 1 year.
  • The Hotmail account will be deleted permanently in your system due to inactivity.
  • In case, if your account available you may recreate the account as a new Hotmail account.

Apply this instructions to fix your account

Try to reset your web browser and go to the Hotmail’s official page or screen. On this page under the sign in button you will see can’t access your hotmail or outlook account option tap or click on this option.

And then you will obtain three options:

  1. Forget my password
  2. I know my account password, but unable to log in.
  3. My Microsoft account has been used by someone.

Then enter your email address and password in the given screen and then tap on next button.

Now you will obtain the options of recovery your account with the help of which you can get your Microsoft account back.

Hotmail customer service number

If your problem is not solve, then you can call on Hotmail phone number 0800-098-8424 for immediate Hotmail customer service support and get the exact solution for getting your hotmail or outlook account back.

The hotmail tech experts will connect to your device remotely and provide you the best solution for your any kind of hotmail account error.

If still you need any kind of Hotmail Support then direct call on our third party cost free Hotmail customer service phone number. You can dial this number anytime for direct help.

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