Hotmail Support – What Task Can Do in Outlook?

Recently Microsoft shifted all its hotmail mails to new and updated Outlook. With this it provided many more enhanced and advanced features to use. Prior some of the hotmail users restricted to shift to outlook from hotmail but later everyone adapted this update with full positive. Like hotmail outlook is also popular among its users.  It is because of its features and applications that user appreciate it so much. One of the best features of hotmail is its help services. Even though Hotmail is most user friendly platform still in case of problems easy help can be obtained by dialing Hotmail Help Contact Number

Any outlook service can be used within its mails. One can get into the outlook mail via its existing hotmail id and password and once you are into your account you can use all its services. Outlook offers so many services. With mailing application it also offers outlook calendar, outlook contacts and now the updated task application.

With Outlook task keep a track over everything properly. With outlook task keep a track over things you need to get done. Managing tasks in is very easy within this you can remember everything which is important to you. Once stored you can view them anywhere where you have internet connection irrespective of medium where you stored it. Task also provides a special feature of flagged messages according to this you can flag mails associated with an action items.

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Using of Outlook Task application is very easy to learn more about it have a look to this table:


To manage your task The command bar in Task provides various features so as to manage your tasks. It enables you to create, delete, move, select category etc. So as to complete any tasks choose any of the features fill in the asked details in the form and click ok to execute. A user can create a new task or delete an existing one, assign a task to a category, attach an icon to a task with charm, or mark a task as complete.


Folder option With this you can create, delete or rename a folder. One can create a new folder by going to My tasks and clicking on Create new folder option, new folder appears below the Task folder.

In this you will get two built in folders :

·         Flagged items and tasks – This enlist the details of the flagged email messages

·         Tasks – Here you can Lists the tasks you have created.


Filters to task list You can add filters to the task you have created. There are multiple filters that can be selected. Some of them are All, Active, Overdue, or Completed, Sort by and Order. The filter you select the tasks will be presented in same format within the tasks list.

Even though like its other application using of Outlook Task is very easy but in case of problems easy help can be obtained by making a call at Hotmail Support Phone Number

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