Types of mails in a Hotmail account

Hotmail the word just explains all. Hotmail is one of the best known email service providers around the world. Hotmail has very significant features which other email does not provide. It is a very oldest and best email service provider and because of its best services and features millions of users are still using the hotmail account.

Hotmail email help

For the users hotmail has provided many benefits and one of them is the classification of mails in their mailbox. With this hotmail keeps on updating in its features from time to time and generation to generations. Hotmail during recent years had made many changes and one of the great changes is made in types of mails.

To make it easier to read the mail coming from different sectors and sectors are broadly classified and kept together in a manner that special mails of hotmail are put in the particular sections. There can many numbers of section made respectively to store each types of mails in a mail account so that whenever a user require any particular mail it only needs to search only that particular section. The types of messages which users can receive in hotmail account are:

  • Social Media Mails
  • Shopping Mails
  • Newsletters and Deals
  • Personal Mails
  • Group Mails
  • Spams and Others

Users are very happy to have these choices of mails in their account because this help them manage their account more precisely and cleanly. With this they can have an access to old mail even after years when required. But sometimes there are problems which are faced by the users and one of its examples is spam mails. This unnecessary mails may sometimes become problem for the users. But hotmail has also have provides the solution for this. Here are some few steps to solve this problem:

  • Login to hotmail account
  • Go to setting
  • Click on the option button
  • Click the link labeled “Filters and Reporting
  • Choose the level of filtering of junk mail.
  • Low
  • Standard
  • Exclusive according to your choice
  • Click on “save” to save the settings.

With these settings if any spam message is arrived it will directly moves to the junk folder which will automatically get deleted after 10 days.

Hotmail technical support number

For any further help to Hotmail call the Hotmail Technical Support Number immediately. By calling this Hotmail Phone Number 0800 098 8424 you can directly call the hotmail customer service specialist who provide understand your all issue and give the best solution according to your problem. We also have a separate customer help desk that gets help to all hotmail problems easily.

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