To Hide Unnecessary Apps on Windows Phone

It is indeed very interesting that with the recent updates in outlook now user can use hotmail online on their mobile devices. Outlook very well aware about the fact that its users are using its hotmail services on their mobile services and thus it has brought up recent updates in its windows hotmail apps. With this user get enhanced services of the hotmail on their phone. Once can now integrate hotmail on their windows phone and can use it anywhere they wish with their windows phone. This window hotmail integration is very easy and in case of problem you can acquire easy help by dialing Hotmail phone number.

Hide unnecessary apps on windows phone

Hotmail provides a set of apps for its users to use hotmail efficiently on their windows phone. There multiple set of apps available on phone. All this appears as a small icon on the phone so that user can use this whenever required. Sometimes this apps which are no more useful become irritating and user wish to hide them. Hotmail also provide the facility of hiding them.

You can hide them by these easy steps:

  • Go to view list apps option, here select Setup¨
  • Go to ¨Corner apps¨
  • Click on ¨Apps¨ & select ¨Protect my phone with password.
  • Create a password for app which you wish to have a limited use.
  • Select ¨Verification¨ to save changes.
  • To set the limit of the apps you can start Apps corner
  • To quit the apps mode simply click on  ¨on¨ button
  • Many additional options can be selected by selecting Action Centre, Adjustments and Advanced section respectively. For example in the advanced section users can find options to able or not the camera button. Other changes to the options of search button, rewind button, modify Start elements settings can also be done here.

Hotamil Helpline number

Changing the setting of apps with outlook is very easy with the Windows phone as hotmail provides user friendly environment for Windows hotmail use even though if user is unable to understand anything he can take instant help by calling Hotmail Helpline Number.

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