Up gradation of hotmail to outlook

Recently Microsoft launched a service of up gradation of Hotmail account to outlook account. With these Microsoft wanted to provide an ease of use of mail services to all its users. The goal of outlook was to provide the world’s best email services. Soon after its up gradation news it came out with the preview of advanced outlook this was highly accepted by the hotmail users. After it launched the up gradation option many users shifted from hotmail to outlook. At prior a switch for switching from hotmail to outlook was given to all hotmail users. That is anyone who wished to switch to new outlook can press that switch and can go to new outlook with the same old login and password. But later outlook managed to upgrade all Hotmail customers to Outlook.com. This complete up gradation was done to upgrade the services provided by hotmail. The new outlook service had many features:

  1. It is capable of scaling over a billion of active customers on outlook
  2. It is the fastest growing email service
  3. It has new modern Outlook calendar that has advanced features
  4. It has refreshed Outlook app for android devices
  5. It has two factor authentication for your outlook account
  6. It has new international domains for people around the world
  7. It has enhanced Skype calling features
  8. It has new themes and colour options and many more….

hotmail to outlook

Today after few months of launching of this update outlook has successfully completed the up gradation of all hotmail accounts to outlook accounts which has given them about 400 million active Outlook.com accounts. People are happy with the updates and are widely using the outlook services like accessing email, calendar and contacts worldwide. From 400 million, about 125 million are accessing outlook from their mobile devices.

With already existing advanced features Microsoft is looking forward to launch some more advanced features with the updated outlook version which also includes features like SMTP app and the deeper integration with SkyDrive. With which sending of mails from different email addresses will become easier.

With this advancement Microsoft is focused to ensure that every customer has a great experience with new outlook. The new advanced outlook is all set to provide more and more to the customers with its upcoming interesting and ultimate features that are yet to come in way. For more information you can contact Outlook technical support center by toll free contact number and get best hotmail support.