Outlook view

We all know that recently outlook has switched all its hotmail account to outlook. With this advancement it has added unlimited exciting features for helping its users. Millions of users who have been using hotmail since years were always happy with the user friendly approach of outlook and with the new advancement many more users have added to outlook and have loved the transformation as in the features it has included in the new outlook.

Outlook help

With special advancement like many more new and attractive views and profiles it has also added many more useful features. Here are some interesting features of outlook. Out of this some are newly added features where as some were already there in the outlook

  • Quick Access Toolbar – Quick Access Toolbar is located on the top corner of the outlook mail account. You can use the down arrow to customize this toolbar as per your need. You can also add menu commands to this toolbar this are commands that are frequently used by you.
  • Menu Bar – Menu Bar is the active tab that is highlighted in the outlook account. You can click on the Menu tab and can use the available commands that are displayed there.
  • Ribbon – Ribbon is the area that is used to display the commands. This is an area where buttons related to the active Menu are shown. User can directly use this commands anytime.
  • Folder Pane – Folder Pane of outlook is a panel that contains system folders. With this pane you can setup your email for future use. You can also organize them as per your need.
  • Message Pane – Message Pane is also an interesting panel that can be used to display email messages in outlook. A outlook user can use the View menu to change the default settings for messages that are appearing in Message Pane. You can also change the preview setting of this pane.
  • Reading Pane – With the reading Pane an outlook user can have a quick access to all its mails. This pane can be used to read the entire email message. You can also enter a response with this.
  • People Pane – People Pane contains an icon for each person to whom you can sent the emails. You can also view more information about that person by clicking the icon.
  • Navigation bar – Navigation bar is a tool that allows selection of Outlook area that is required.

For more information of outlook you can communicate with our hotmail customer support executive via helpline number 0800-310-1044. We are always ready to help our hotmail clients in case they are in any hotmail support.