Microsoft do care for Safety of your Kids on internet

Microsoft very well understands that these days kids are very smart. It is often when parents are out they try to learn new things on internet. So as to compete with the world they always want to be updated. They usually learn on their own and also new session and classes are conducted at the school for making children aware about the internet.

These days when internet is very necessary for every one whether it is a parent or a child. It is very essential to remember that it also has various disadvantages. Usually child hides what he/she is doing on internet. The children of present generations are very fast as they grow and they start understanding the world they also start understanding internet. Thus parents often get fear that what they are doing online. Parents wish that they could know that are they safe online or not? Are they doing right things or not?

Kids safty on internet

For answers to this entire question parents can now rely on Microsoft. With Microsoft one can know what their children are doing online. They can keep a track and can stop their child if he/she is on the wrong path. For their children now learning online will be fun as parents will only let them to learn well.

All this can be ensured by Microsoft online safety


With the facility of Microsoft Safety, Kids and internet – Parents can keep a track on activities their kids do on line. Microsoft has developed a Windows Live Family Safety system with which parents can govern their children. This acts as a whole secure package for parents that provides parents filters. With this Microsoft Safety parents can protect their children from blockers of the web threads. They can also watch, select, edit, block or erase messenger contacts from kids. With these they can also see emails from child’s mail account and can control the online activity of their child.

Microsoft Safety has following features for parents:

  1. Web Filters
  2. Activity Informs
  3. Any place access
  4. Kids contacts and Accounts management
  5. Management of chats, images, and shared files
  6. Managing of men

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