Why I am unable to sending a mail from Hotmail account?

Hotmail email is the best and an interesting service used by one and all. Millions of users who have been using Hotmail since years were always happy with the user friendly approach of hotmail. It is trusted for its services and people are widely used hotmail email to send and receive for personal as well professional purpose. Hotmail users get in touch with their friends, relatives and business members. If in case you can receive, open and read any email, but you cannot send or reply to any emails. And you know why? Then in such cases you must check some of these errors:

Check hotmail email account settings: If you are unable to send emails then you have to make sure that your hotmail account settings are correct like password, SMPT server, username, outgoing server etc. so you have to check them first.

hotmail sending email error

Mail Server is Offline/online: If you’re mail server is off in your account setting then you cannot send any email. But if sometime mail server gets crash because of any reason even then also you cannot send any email, but don’t worry, it happen only on Plesk and WHM/cPanel servers. Simply restart the service from the control panel often fixes the problem.

Check the SMTP Authentication: If you get a relay denied error and your password is correct, then SMTP authentications are likely not right. Often, hotmail email users with this issue can receive email but cannot send email. If in case you check IMAP or POP3 settings, when you check your email, the server remembers your IP address and then allow you to send email for a period.

Hotmail customer service number

If you are not clear about the details and need more clean & clear help you can contact our hotmail technical support service center by helpline number 0800-310-1044 and you can directly talk to our experts. Our technicians are well trained and get the proper solution to your hotmail issues. This number is free of cost and provide 24*7 hours services.