Manage Alias in your Outlook Email

Outlook supports numerous email aliases. Yes, you can now include or manage an alias, i.e. an extra email location to your Outlook or Hotmail account and ensure your essential email address. This extra outlook account utilizes same inbox, contact list and different settings.

You can sign-in into both your essential email address and in addition the assumed name using same account password and send an email, regardless of what gadget you are utilizing. This alias highlight is additionally useful for the individuals who need to change their email address yet want to keep the emails. You can make or manage an alias and afterward set it as your essential email address and expel the first alias. In this post we will figure out how to manage and use aliases to add email locations to your account with the help of our Hotmail contact number.

manage outlook email alias

Manage Outlook Email Alias:-

  •  Add an alias to your outlook/hotmail account
  • Change primary alias
  • Remove an alias from your outlook account
  • Manage log-in used aliases
  1. Add an alias to your outlook account
  • Log in to the Outlook account
  • Choose your information button
  • Then select manage your log-in email id or mobile number
  • Choose Add email or phone number option
  • Go after the guidelines to set up your new email alias
  1. Change primary alias
  • Log in to your outlook/hotmail account
  • Choose your info button
  • Then select manage log in email id or mobile number
  • Choose make primary after that to the alias you would like as primary
  1. Remove an alias from your outlook account
  • Log in to your hotmail/outlook account
  • Choose your info button
  • Then select manage log in email id or mobile number
  • Choose remove or delete after that to the alias you would like to remove
  1. Manage log-in used aliases

 By mistake, you can log in with any of your email aliases. You can easily alter this setting for minor aliases. This can be very helpful in case if you want to utilize a website that you don’t know is safe and secure. And if you provide them an email id that can’t be used to log in, you do not have to concern about anybody stealing that info.

  • Log in to your outlook/hotmail account
  • Choose your info button
  • Then select manage log in email id or mobile number
  • Choose change or alter log-in likes
  • Not check the box then to any aliases that you don’t need to utilize to log in

Hotmail customer service number

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Types of mails in a Hotmail account

Hotmail the word just explains all. Hotmail is one of the best known email service providers around the world. Hotmail has very significant features which other email does not provide. It is a very oldest and best email service provider and because of its best services and features millions of users are still using the hotmail account.

Hotmail email help

For the users hotmail has provided many benefits and one of them is the classification of mails in their mailbox. With this hotmail keeps on updating in its features from time to time and generation to generations. Hotmail during recent years had made many changes and one of the great changes is made in types of mails.

To make it easier to read the mail coming from different sectors and sectors are broadly classified and kept together in a manner that special mails of hotmail are put in the particular sections. There can many numbers of section made respectively to store each types of mails in a mail account so that whenever a user require any particular mail it only needs to search only that particular section. The types of messages which users can receive in hotmail account are:

  • Social Media Mails
  • Shopping Mails
  • Newsletters and Deals
  • Personal Mails
  • Group Mails
  • Spams and Others

Users are very happy to have these choices of mails in their account because this help them manage their account more precisely and cleanly. With this they can have an access to old mail even after years when required. But sometimes there are problems which are faced by the users and one of its examples is spam mails. This unnecessary mails may sometimes become problem for the users. But hotmail has also have provides the solution for this. Here are some few steps to solve this problem:

  • Login to hotmail account
  • Go to setting
  • Click on the option button
  • Click the link labeled “Filters and Reporting
  • Choose the level of filtering of junk mail.
  • Low
  • Standard
  • Exclusive according to your choice
  • Click on “save” to save the settings.

With these settings if any spam message is arrived it will directly moves to the junk folder which will automatically get deleted after 10 days.

Hotmail technical support number

For any further help to Hotmail call the Hotmail Technical Support Number immediately. By calling this Hotmail Phone Number 0800 098 8424 you can directly call the hotmail customer service specialist who provide understand your all issue and give the best solution according to your problem. We also have a separate customer help desk that gets help to all hotmail problems easily.

Hotmail Support- Hotmail’s Useful Services for Users

Hotmail has been one of the popular email service providers that were the first electronic mail application which permitted individuals to be liberated from the shackles of ISP based subscription mail services. With Hotmail the idea of signing into your email service arrived from anyplace on the world, as long as you found a web browser with an internet connection and you should remember your username and password. Hotmail was launched in the late nineties after which it turned out to be a part of MSN. Hotmail has many interesting features and this is the reasons why users still love to use the Hotmail Customer Service.

Hotmail customer service number

There are many services provided by hotmail and multiple benefits provided by it. All this benefit is provided by hotmail for its users so that they can enjoy its services more worthily. There all multiple benefits of using the Hotmail services some of which:

  1. You can delete, move, categorize, mark as read/unread, sweep, and junk a message in one click using instant actions.
  2. You can sign into your Hotmail account utilizing a onetime password by means of SMS so that you don’t need to enter your password in case you’re utilizing a shared PC.
  3. Hotmail offers POP access on individual premise.
  4. Your information is fully secured with your hotmail account.
  5. You can search any mails within second in the hotmail account.
  6. The interface of hotmail is very easy and simple to operate.
  7. You can find easily if anyone spying on your hotmail account.
  8. Mails are easily organized and arranged in different folders.
  9. The rich content configuration permits you to move and customize the emails into various folders and so forth.
  10. IMAP access can be created to different internet directories through your Hotmail account.
  11. You can direct message and share things to your friends on social networking sites.
  12. You will get a search option on your hotmail account to search anything you want.
  13. A revamped scanning facility is there on your hotmail account.

Hotmail conatct number

For further help to any hotmail problems call Hotmail Contact Number.  By calling this Hotmail Customer Service Number  0800 098 8424 you can obtain easy help to any of the hotmail problem.

Why My Hotmail Account doesn’t exist?

Hotmail is one of the best web base email service provider which is started in 1996. Nowadays it has the highest number of users in all over the world. In February 2013 changed Hotmail. Nothing had changed except the name only (Outlook replaces Hotmail) and everything remained the same. Email id. Contacts name, files, calendar settings, and many more. They app remained the same. Hotmail user often faces many problems when using its services is one of them, when you log into your Hotmail or outlook account and you get a message of “Microsoft account doesn’t exist” in your page screen.

hotmail customer service support

 “Microsoft Account doesn’t exist” this error typically means:

  • The person who is logging in using an Alias.
  • The person has entered the wrong email address. It is important that you have to retype the correct email address.
  • The person did not access the hotmail account within 1 year.
  • The Hotmail account will be deleted permanently in your system due to inactivity.
  • In case, if your account available you may recreate the account as a new Hotmail account.

Apply this instructions to fix your account

Try to reset your web browser and go to the Hotmail’s official page or screen. On this page under the sign in button you will see can’t access your hotmail or outlook account option tap or click on this option.

And then you will obtain three options:

  1. Forget my password
  2. I know my account password, but unable to log in.
  3. My Microsoft account has been used by someone.

Then enter your email address and password in the given screen and then tap on next button.

Now you will obtain the options of recovery your account with the help of which you can get your Microsoft account back.

Hotmail customer service number

If your problem is not solve, then you can call on Hotmail phone number 0800-098-8424 for immediate Hotmail customer service support and get the exact solution for getting your hotmail or outlook account back.

The hotmail tech experts will connect to your device remotely and provide you the best solution for your any kind of hotmail account error.

If still you need any kind of Hotmail Support then direct call on our third party cost free Hotmail customer service phone number. You can dial this number anytime for direct help.

Unable to Secure Your Hotmail Account from Spam

Hotmail is a free web based email service provider and it is one of the oldest known email platform which is founded in 1996 by Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith. Hotmail service is provided by very well-known Microsoft that ensures that no issues arise in the Hotmail email services. It is because of this reason that it has millions of fulfilled customers all around.

Spam mail

Sometimes your hotmail email accounts are spam by some reasons. Spam the name of those infuriating and time-consuming emails, which block your email account. It is described as an unwanted email offering you some services. At times some emails put for your credit card number, your login id and some security number etc. by bluffing as a genuine email.

Email portals have created their own spam filters for the increasing unnecessary and voluntary email problem. Yet, these strict strategies sometimes filter real legitimate emails by false as spam.

There are few procedures to avoid receiving spam and filter it:-

  • Always use email portals with built- in spam filters for example- Microsoft`s SmartScreen filter that helps in falling unnecessary email. And it`s build-in in, Window Live Mail, Exchange and assemblage.
  • Create your safer sender record by adding senders you recognize and block the discarded senders.
  • Keep away from junk email or IM. Never reply to spam, or never buy anything from the unknown business or accept to transfer money from any strange source.
  • Only share your email address and personal information with people you know and avoid displaying your email address on any community networking site and large Internet directories.
  • Be careful while subscribing to your email newsletters because while shopping online sometimes companies put a check in pre-select boxes that says that you have agreed to the condition to promote your email address.
  • Please, browse the privacy policy cautiously. Whereas signing up in web-based services, fastidiously analysis the privacy policy previous to accretive it, so you don’t unwittingly conform to the conditions or share secret data.
  • Though accessing a newsgroup, message board, or any public web content it is vital to cover your email address from these peoples and teams.
  • Always bear in mind that use a split email account to sign on into websites that provide “freebies” or stuff like that. Although posting email address to a website, write it like it can be individual to only a human being.
  • If any message is appear and it looking an official message that comes from the genuine site but you do not sure that the email message is authentic so don`t click on the link to the site.

Hotmail contact number

 If you still facing any difficulty to manage spams in your Hotmail email account so take help from the professional of Hotmail technical support number. They will fix your problem in quick time and always available for your help whenever you need help at any time or any place.

How can I set up hotmail account on my phone?

Hotmail is one of the best email service offered by Microsoft in the year 1996. It is popularly known as outlook which is widely used by the people from all parts of the world for managing their professional and personal emails. Now a day’s most of the people use their phones or tablets rather than laptops or computers in regular life. If you are a hotmail user and want to check your account without using a computer or laptop then you can set up your hotmail email account on your phone as well by following some certain steps.

To set up a hotmail account to your Android phone:

  1. Go to the mobile setting option and open it, then scroll down until you see + Add Account option and click on it.

create hotmail email

2. Now click Corporate or Microsoft Exchange option.

hotmail support

3. Next type your emails and password as required and click Next.

4. Yet after this enter the following input for the following fields like Domain\Username, Password and Exchange Server then click next button.

hotmail email support on phone

If you want to change the any setting you can do that. And at last click on next button.

add hotmail email

Now you have successfully set up your hotmail account on your phone.


  • Use at least eight characters password.
  • The password must be a combination of upper and lower case letter.
  • It must not be same to that as your id.

Get unlimited help related to hotmail Password or account security like change hotmail forgot password, recover hacked account, add other recovery phone or email id and other technical support then you can directly communicate with our hotmail customer service support expert by dialing toll free Hotmail Contact phone Number. We provide best and easy resolution quickly.

How to recover my Hotmail forgot password?

If you have forgotten your hotmail password then that will be a big problem for you because password is like a key for any email account such as Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook and other and it’s your responsibility to keep it safe and secure. If in case, you need to reset your password then follow the certain steps shown in the pictures  to recover your forgotten hotmail password.

  1. Go to the hotmail sign up page.

Hotmail password help

2. Select the option “I forgot my password” and click on next.

hotmail forgot password

3. Enter your email address or phone number and security verification code.

hotmail help

4. Select the verification method then click send code button.

hotmail support number

5. Verify your Reset Hotmail password link or code.

hotmail helpline number

6. Enter the desired password then click next.

hotmail change password

If you face any problem s like Hotmail password reset or recovery in hotmail account then you can contact our hotmail customer service department or you can directly dial the hotmail contact number 0800-310-1044 where our technical team members will fix all your hotmail problems instantly.