Add Free Push Windows Live Hotmail to iPhone Mail

Hotmail is a web based email service which is available at free of cost for all its users. It is precisely customized to give the perfect access to the users to accomplish the communication process with friends and relatives. There are lots of features are available in it which let you to manage your email account in your desired manner. You can also get the option to add Hotmail account to the iPhone Mail. By setting up this, new mail in your Hotmail account is automatically pushed to your iPhone Mail, and all the desired messages and folders kept in sync without pushing or any effort. You can also be able to set up Calendar sync and your Hotmail contacts for access on the iPhone device. Hotmail Support Number provides you info and measures to perform this task. By this, you can manage your Hotmail on iPhone easily.

Push hotmail to iphone mail

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Measures to add Windows Live Hotmail to iPhone Mail as an Exchange Activesync Push Account:

  1. At first, open the Settings on the iPhone Home Screen.
  2. Select the options of Mail, Contacts, and Calendars.
  3. Below the option of Account, select the option of Add Accounts.
  4. Click on the option for Microsoft Exchange.
  5. Now enter your full Hotmail address under the option of Email.
  6. Again enter the full Hotmail address below the option of Username.
  7. Type the Hotmail password below the option of password.
  8. Now type Windows Live Hotmail below the Description.
  9. You can also use any other name that will help you to recognize the email account, of course, such as work or the email address.
  10. Click to the Next option.
  11. Now you may wait for the Server field to appear.
  12. Type the below the option of Server.
  13. Then again click to the Next.
  14. Make sure that the Mail is On.
  15. Turn On the Contacts and Calendars as well to synchronize your iPhone contacts with the Windows Live Hotmail and get your calendar pushed to the iPhone, respectively, as well.
  16. Then finally click on the Save option.

Now, you can decide which folder of Windows Live Hotmail you want pushed to your iPhone Mail, and how many days of mail you want to appear on that device. For the easy Mail that is not pushed and not synchronized automatically, you can also add the Windows Live Hotmail as a POP accounts to the iPhone Mail.

After observing this, you can surely do this on your own. If you are having any problem with this process or you have any query then you can contact to the Hotmail Phone Number 0800 098 8400 to get the instant solutions and useful measures to resolve the all issues with the help of technical experts. You may also get proper help and support by the qualified and skilled technicians to settle down the all issues and provide you access of fault free email account.


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Importance of Outlook Add-ins in Ios

It is no time when Outlook launched it whole new app for IOS platform with this it was looking to get success in market of IOs platform. Even though outlook was not the first platform to launch its application for IOS but due to increase in number of user using outlook and hotmail via there IOS platform made it to launch this app soon. Immediately after few weeks of this launch its user’s starts using and appreciating the new and enhanced app launched by outlook for its mobile hotmail users. The enhanced features of IOS outlook are worth mentioning and are really helpful for all its users. It is user friendly and easy to use still in case user is in any problem with the same easy help is available at Hotmail Customer Service Number. One can make a call to this number to acquire easy help related to all hotmail problems.

This update and integration of outlook for IOS platform bright up a whole new innovation in mobile world. It supported integration of various enhance platform that made it more useful and enhanced.


Some of the integration that outlook brought was as follow:

  • Microsoft Dynamic – Microsoft Dynamics 365is add-in that provides real time insights combining business applications together. It provides collaborative & intelligence platform that brings right set of tools for more meaningful interactions.
  • Nimble – Nimble is a social CRM add-in for Outlook that provides application for managing email contacts of organizations. With Nimble you get insights for maintaining the social platform of the organization that helps in establishing company’s profile online and let them create a shared relationship online.
  • Trello – Trello add-in of Outlook let you organize and prioritize your projects. It helps you to keep track of projects of any organization and help in organizing and prioritizing them.
  • Evernote – Evernote is a add in that let you stay organized as with Evernote you can use emails in project notebook of Evernote and can use it alongside with other saved web pages, meeting notes & office documents.
  • Microsoft Translator – Translator is an add-in that can translate email messages. With this you can translate and read messages in the language you want.
  • Smart Sheet – With Smart sheet’s added inmanages and automates work. With this you can complete the assigned work more quickly. You can also update & manage it more appropriately with Smart sheet.
  • GIPHY – GIPHY add in allows user to find out GIF for almost everything. It is thefirst and largest search engine for GIF. With GIF of Giphy simply add a special touch to your mails.

Dial Hotmail Customer Service Help Desk

All this updates are brought up by outlook for its users ease and thus outlook suggests user to incorporate and adopt all this changes for easy use. One can simply add this entire outlook Ad-ins to their outlook app for using them. Using of this app is very easy but in case you are in problem you can acquire easy help by calling Hotmail Helpline Number 0800 098 8400.

How to Configure Your Hotmail Account with Outlook 2010

As we all know the Hotmail is one of the best email providers which provide all the features like instant messaging, unlimited storage, etc. But one significant feature in which Hotmail lacks is support for POP3 or IMAP or SMTP server access. Without these features, users are unable to download mails to their desktop for offline viewing. By merging Outlook and Hotmail users will not get to read mails when offline, if you need any help you can call for support on a Hotmail Customer Support Number.

Hotmail support

Steps to configure your Hotmail Account with Outlook 2010

  • Open Microsoft Outlook so as to configure
  • Click the ‘File’ tab
  • Under the ‘Account Information’ Section, there will be an ‘Add Account’ button. Click it.
  • Here you may be prompted to install the Outlook Hotmail Connector.
  • To begin the installation, click ‘Run’
  • Select the Software License Terms check box and click ‘Continue’
  • After the software is installed, in the ‘Add New Account’ click cancel
  • Close and restart Outlook
  • Once your account has been added, you can add more accounts by clicking ‘Add another account’ or you can click on ‘Finish’ button to finish the setup process.

With these easy steps any one can configure the hotmail account with new outlook. After this integration you will get services of hotmail that are more advanced and helpful. If are getting any problem while doing these steps, then call to the Hotmail Helpline Number and get your account setup. Hotmail has always made sure that it could offer features that could help user in all aspects with this new integration hotmail is all set to offer wide range of services to its users so that they can enjoy an enhanced hotmail use.

Send Text Messages using Gmail, Yahoo Mail & Hotmail

Most of the people don’t have the full information about how to communicate electronically from their PC to a mobile phone. They think that they will need an internet connection or have to subscribe a data plan. Some years ago when the cell phones do not have the functionality of internet people used to send the messages to one another through traditional text messages. Today, almost all people are having the email accounts but they don’t know how to send the text messages through their email. To get help to this or any other outlook problem call Hotmail technical support number.

Here we are going to learn about how the text messages can be sent to the mobile phone through the different email applications like Gmail, Yahoo Mail and Hotmail etc.

send messages throgh email

Send Messages using Gmail: First of all login to the Gmail account and click on the down arrow just below the word chat on the left hand side of the screen of Gmail account. Select the chat settings and then left click on Labs, which is the right side of the Web Clips and right side of Offline. Enable the SMS in Chat gadget, scroll down and complete two more steps and enable the Text Messages (SMS) in Chat. Now go to the bottom button and Click Save.

Sending Messages using Yahoo Mail: Unlike the Gmail Yahoo Mail’s, text messaging is a very straight forward process. On Yahoo Mail you can simply click on the New Button near to the Check Mail Button and choose the text option, then enter your phone number and type message you want to send and click on send button. Yahoo simply sends the messages without any option of blocking the conversation.

Send Messages using Hotmail: Hotmail also have the option of sending the messages but this option is hidden in hotmail. This functionality is hidden in Windows Live Messenger, like other messaging apps, instant messaging is available both online and offline from the desktop. To start messaging to the mobile you have to click on the left hand side of the messenger screen and add the person you want to send the message to as a contact. The person gets a notification that you have added as a friend can respond to the invitation.

Hotmail phone number

Still if you have any confusion with sending of Hotmail mails you can take instant help by calling Hotmail Phone Number 0800 098 8400 and get easy solution for your any issues related to hotmail.

Safeguards for account receiving spam

Even though hotmail offer such an interesting and useful mail services sometimes users are prone to several problems with hotmail. Hotmail is indeed the best in mailing platform. User trust hotmail because of the privacy it offers to its users but due to problems like spam mails users are often in problems. To all types of problems related to hotmail you can call Hotmail Helpline Number.

Spam mail support

Spam mails are often identified by mails that disturb a user with blocks and unwanted access to mail. This also includes disturbing and annoying mails that may be time consuming. Even though hotmail offers different mails but sometimes some mails comes to your mail that ask for credit card details, security number, bank account details, password etc. If you feel you are receiving spam mails you must never reply to those mails with any information because this mails can be send to get access to your personal things and to use it inappropriately.

For this hotmail offers a special types of filters with which a user can restrict the entry of spams in to your mail inbox. There are certain guidelines that decide which mail is spam mail when this filters are updated spam mails will not be able to enter your mail.

To restrict spam’s followed these steps:

  1. In Microsoft portals like that in hotmail special filter exist by default. These smart screen filters restrict the entry of spam’s make it enable.
  2. Add list of senders and receiver restrict unwanted senders and receivers by yourself.
  3. You can also block the unwanted sender or the sender that is sending you spam mails.
  4. Only share your email id with people you know. Do not display your official and personal email on social sites.
  5. Avoid junk mails or reply to unwanted mails so that no further mail is send by that user again.

Hotmail Customer Service Number

You must remember that you should never reply t such mails with any information. Even after trying all these if nothing helps you must immediately take instant hotmail support. For spam receiving problems or any other hotmail related issues direct connect with Hotmail Customer Service Number for immediately help.

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Famous and Best Email Applications for Outlook

The outlook has been popular among people for many years as the Outlook has many interesting features and applications. As the technological rise Outlook has also updated its applications for their users to get the updated features of Outlook. To know about the latest and advance features of outlook stay connected to Hotmail Support Number.

outlook support

There are many interesting applications of Outlook the list in endless and it is almost impossible to mention all of them altogether. But some of interesting features of hotmail can be noted with which Outlook has proved that it is moving with time and technology for their users. Some of these applications are worth mentioning and they are as follows:

  1. Multiple Email Accounts on Mobile Apps: With the new Outlook version of mobile apps users can add email accounts from, Gmail, cloud or Yahoo. The best part of Outlook is that they all of them appear in unified box. These features can also be applied to the desktop version of Outlook.
  2. Advanced Inbox: By advanced inbox facility from Outlook it becomes possible for categorized the focused messages and other messages. Focused messages are the messages which are important for the users at priority basis and will be available to them firstly when you will check your mail on mobile devices, and other messages can wait until you get back to your desk. You can move mail or messages manually into or out of the Focused inbox and the app.
  3. Swipe to Schedule: With the swipe function user can swipe left or right on messages to perform different function and this can be done with settings. A user can choose to move, delete, archive, schedule, flag, mark as read/unread messages simply by swiping left or swiping right.
  4. Cloud Integration and File attachments: Now Outlook on mobile allows the user to integrate Drop box, Google Drive, One Drive and other cloud storage accounts with the application of quick access to all the files the user has.

The file attachments on mobile is also very easier, when a user taps the file icon at the bottom of the app, it will display the recent file attachments in their email, separated by email account. These are few of the hotmail application there are variety of other hotmail application which can be used by hotmail users. To stay updated with hotmail application use Hotmail customer service number and get answer for your queries.

Now chat with your Gmail friends with the help of Outlook

Now a day’s user wants unique services by service provider in any type of service whether the services are physical or illusive. Already Outlook is offering so many services to its users which actually had a worth. Outlook already provided service to interact with your friends online. But now you can also chat with your Gmail friends within Outlook to know more stay connected to Hotmail Support Number.

Outlook already connects social networking sites like twitter, face book, Skype, linked with it now it is more interesting to announce that now outlook users can chat with their Gmail friends also with outlook. It is its new feature which attracts people more and more because many users who were switched from Gmail account to outlook now also wants to chat to their friends and by this feature they can easily chat with them. Once you have this facility enabled in your outlook account you need to switch to Gmail back to chat with your Gmail friends.

Chat gmail friends with outlook support

Enabling the Gmail chat within the outlook is very easy. You can do this with simple steps. Let’s have a look how to connect outlook with Google;

  1. Click on the setting icon and select the option ‘Connected accounts’
  2. Then connected accounts will open and then select Gmail.
  3. Then select the option ‘Create a new folder for imported email, with subfolders like in Gmail’
  4. And at in last step log in to your Google account and click on ‘Allow’ to connect the account.

And by this process you can easily transfer your messages and contacts from Gmail to outlook comfortably. This messaging service is applied all over the outlook means in people, calendar and sky drive. When the services are connected to both of them you can see all the contact information at one place only.

Not only on computers but these features is also applicable on other devices like that on mobile, tablets etc and this new features is supported at android and IOS and if you are getting trouble to access it you can also take a help of Hotmail Helpline Number 0800 098 8400.   

Hotmail helpline number

With this facility now you can use an integrated outlook mail that also supports Gmail chat so that you do not lose contact with your old friends. This also helps you stay connected professionally and personally.

Get Help to Hotmail Contact Number for Hotmail Account Spam Problems

Sometimes using the email services people get trouble due to the spam mails. The problem of spam mails can be happened with many of the reasons and one of the main reasons for this is the hacking of your account. In such cases you may call direct dial Hotmail Contact Number for instant help. It would be possible when someone else is using your account and you are not aware of it and facing the problem of unnecessary mails which are forwarded from your mail account to others which may hurt your image and may lead you in problems.

Hotmail spam email

To recover from this spam mails you should first check your sent mails that they are sent from your email account which you do not identify. If you find some sent mails that are not actually sent by you it is obvious that someone else has access to your account and he is sending mails from your mail.

You can check your activity log which you should easily recognize, if you find some activities you have not done it would let you know that your account is being used by someone else. When you get confirmation that your account is used by someone else your first and foremost step is to check your account’s security settings in which you should change your password first and make it more strong than before.

Users are also advised to scan your device on which you are using your hotmail account to eliminate the malware and viruses if any. It is also advisable to check the alternate email address or mobile number if it had been changed, please change it as soon as possible. Alternate email or phone number can be the best way to recover your lost account. With easy & simple steps one can recover their hotmail account.

hotmail contact number uk

After such changes if the customers are still complaining that their account is sending the spam mail in this situation user must check their signature over the mail because many time hackers embedded their own website or email address with the signature, and this is undetectable. In this case removes your signature first and the embedded email address or the website, and if you want a signature in your mail, you should add it again.

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Features of Outlook Application with Skype

Microsoft by all means work towards enhancing client experience on its core applications for iOS and Android gadgets, with the tech monster reporting an overhaul to its Outlook application on patching up the application with various imaginative and helpful components.

skype feature for hotmail

A standout amongst the most striking moves up to the application is another Outlook update that permits clients to start a Skype video gathering through the Outlook application itself. What’s especially helpful for clients is that regardless of the fact that other individuals on the meeting don’t have the Skype application on their gadgets, the Outlook application would permit clients to take part in the video gathering at any rate, utilizing Microsoft’s Skype for Web, reports PC World even when they do not have skype installed.

Aside from the Skype coordination, Outlook’s timetable perspective has been altogether also enhanced with incorporated Sunrise Calendar highlights and the capacity to see a speedy next to each other take a gander at any three days on the calendar. Clients would likewise have the choice to choose the suitable day of their week after week date books begin on.

Various components for the iOS version of the gadget were additionally included, for example, Outlook’s use of Apple’s 3-D Touch technology to send messages and add date book occasions specifically from a gadget’s home screen.

With this the Android clients can also set to get fast access to their mail, contacts, date book and documents using a committed snappy navigation bar situated at the base of the Outlook application.

These add on features increased the accessibility of the application and makes it worth using. With this user can use their skype integration with their outlook mails more appropriately.

They now have more enhanced and advanced mail service with which they can also enjoy video calling to any of their outlook friend online. They can also manage their dates and can perform many other useful services.

hotmail customer support contact number

All this updates including the recent update of skype are made by outlook for benefiting its users. For better experience outlook suggests its user to change with the recent updates. Though all the updates formulated by outlook are very user friendly still if you are in any problem with any hotmail update you can take help by calling the hotmail helpline number. Not only for recent updates help, you can also call this Hotmail customer service contact number for getting instant help to any of the other hotmail problems.