Easy to Exchange Instant Messages in your Hotmail Account

Hotmail is the most used and precise free web based email service in the whole world which is uniquely customized to make available the proper access to the users to easily create an email account and thus perform the mailing tasks. It provides lots of useful features to the users to easily accomplish their desired mailing tasks of sending and receiving emails and much more with the people. This service is worldwide popular due to its user friendly interface and fast working appearance.

The instant you get an emails, thus you are ready to reply instantly. You can expect an answer from the original sender in order to move the conversation forward. In this, you can easily move this instant messaging to each other in a well manner if you both are on Windows Live Messenger. Hotmail Contact Number UK provides you measures to exchange instant messages in your Hotmail Account in an easy manner. You may need to just get connect with the tech support team to know about the measures.

Exchange instant message in hotmail

Measures to Exchange Instant messages to anyone in your Hotmail Account are as follows:

  • Firstly, make sure that you signed up into the Messenger in your Hotmail Account.
  • Now, go to your Contact List in your Hotmail Account.
  • Be sure that the icon of desired contact glows green to indicate that they are available in the Messenger.
  • Now you can also be able to send messages when the sign(icon) glows red or orange, but the recipient is not able to respond at that time. Instead, don’t send an email.
  • Click on the icon of Contacts.
  • Select an option of Send an Instant Message from the menu.
  • Now type your message in the window that appeared.
  • Click Enter or Click on the Send option to send the email.

To reply to an email with an instant message:

  • Click on the small green square in front of the name of sender or email address in the opened message.
  • If the square is red or orange in color to indicate the sender is busy or away respectively, it is better to reply by email. Also, do reply by email unless an instant message is clearly superior.

Sign in to the Messenger in the Hotmail:

  •        Click on the Messenger in the toolbar of the Hotmail Account.
  •        Select the option of Sign in to Messenger from the menu.
  •        Now you are able to use your account to perform the mailing works.

After observing the above listed measures, you can easily exchange instant messages in your Hotmail account. While you are doing this process and you still face any issue with this then you can easily Contact to the Hotmail Technical Support Number 0800 098 8400 to get the instant solutions and useful measures to resolve the all issues with the help of third party technical experts team. You can easily get proper help and support for all kind of Hotmail email issues in quick time.

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Trace the Unknown Email Sender with Hotmail Account

Hotmail is superbly the well known web based email service and still used in the entire world. It provides suitable access to the users to customize their account in the desired manner. Perhaps you abandoned your Hotmail account for receiving spam emails, now there are the times when user generally receives numerous emails which are sent by unknown email address. This will cause huge trouble to the users, so you can trace the senders of those emails in your Hotmail Account. If you are not able to do this on your own, then you may take assistance from Hotmail Email Help Phone Number to avail useful measures to trace the unknown emails.

Tracing the unknown email senders can be done either via a paid service or a free directory. You can get simple and necessary measures by just connecting with the tech support team and you can successfully resolve the all issues.

Trace unknown email sender

Know how to run the Email address trace:

The first step to a successful reverse lookup is to understand the user interface. The truth is that if you have been using the search engines for a long time, you may not have any difficulty understanding the user interface of a reverse lookup site. The search box is easily the most noticeable part of the lookup site, and this is a reasonable. Any time you want to trace the unknown email sender, the only thing you need is to login to the email account and then click on the Send button.

Many users of a reverse lookup service usually face troubles with the issues like- bad or slow connection and incorrect email addresses. The rules or menus that spell out certain to be compiled with by users are also necessary. And sometimes these steps are overlooked by the users. So, you may need to be sure that you have entered the right email address of the sender, check your internet connection in order to access a smooth search.

As quick as you have done the all necessary things that are expected of you, then login to the email address of the sender and then click on the Search button. Then there is a profile or a record of the sender containing the following info will be provided, first and the last name of the email sender, birth date, family record info, recent address and contact details.

Get Instant Help by Customer Service of Hotmail

Thus, with the help of all stated measures you are now able to trace the email of the unknown sender and you then know the name of that person who sends you spam emails.

While performing this process, if you face any difficulty or you are availing any kind of trouble with your email account then you may contact to the Hotmail Helpline Phone Number 0800 098 8400 to avail instant measures and useful measures to manage down the all issues in an effective manner. The technicians are also appointed by them who are much qualified and experienced in providing brilliant help to the customers.

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Steps to Delete Hotmail Account on iPhone 5

Hotmail is a reputed and widely used email service that is well known because of its huge range of features and services. You will also get perfect measures and features by which users can easily accomplish the desired mailing works. You can also customize your Hotmail Account on iPhone 5 by optimizing some measures. But in case, you are attempting to delete your Hotmail Account from your iPhone 5, at that point you have likely begun utilizing an alternate email account or you basically would prefer not to approach that account on iPhone device.

This process is so reliable and easy as you can do this easily with the help of tech support experts. To avail help by the technicians, you need to get connect with the Hotmail Helpline Number in order to receive optimum measures to perform such process.

delete hotmail account on iphone 5

The steps are given below that were optimized in iPhone 5 device that is running the iOS 7 version of the working framework. Your screens may appear to be unique and stable on the off chance that you are accessing an alternate variant of iOS, yet the steps are almost indistinguishable in different forms of the operating system.

The steps under are just going to delete your Hotmail Account from your iPhone device. It won’t wipe out or delete the online mail account, and it will at present be synchronized to different gadgets on which you have set upon the email account. In the event that you need to totally cancel your Hotmail account, then you can do this with the help of tech support team.

Measures are as:

  • Click on the symbol of Settings located on your home screen.
  • After that scroll down and you may click on the Contacts, Mail or Calendars option.
  • Then simply, you may select your Hotmail account from the rundown of the email accounts setup on your device.
  • Here, you need to click on the link of Delete Account at the last of the display screen.
  • Then click on the option of Delete from my iPhone to affirm that you need to delete the email account of Hotmail from your iPhone device.
  • Therefore, you can easily delete your account.

Thus, with the help of all above listed measures, you can easily delete your Hotmail Account from the iPhone 5 device. If you are confronting any trouble while observing the above listed measures or you are facing any issue with your email account, then you need to take help by the technical experts.

To get connect with tem, you need to contact to the Hotmail Help Contact Number 0800 098 8400 to get the most advanced and reliable measures by which you can easily manage your all issues. You may also avail proper help and brilliant tech support by the highly graduated and skilled technicians who are always ready to help the customers in managing their all issues.

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Hotmail Customer Support – Learn About Clean Up Tool of Outlook

Hotmail is an advance mail platform that provides efficient services for its users. Rightly by analyzing the needs of its users it provides just what its users need. It is the only mail platform that provides specialized and enhanced mail services and with this functionalities for making the mail experience better. Hotmail is really a platform for its users because it is user oriented platform that is easy to use as well. This makes it easy and helpful but still if you face any problem using your hotmail platform on any applications related with it you may obtain easy help from Hotmail Contact Number.

What is clean up feature?

It is sure that Outlook is an integral part of everyone’s life and thus each day thousands of mails get exchanged via an Outlook mail platform. When thousands of mails get exchanged over an outlook platform sometimes it becomes quite difficult for some users to manage so many mails. Out of various mails received only few are important and rests are useless but within these mails important are often ignored. This can be avoided on outlook as it let user manage their mail inbox with easy to use clean up feature.

Hotmail clean up feature

How to Use clean up Tool in Hotmail?

It is quite easy to clean your mail with this feature of outlook and to use this feature a user just need to go to menu manually or by Sweep option and here they can see mailbox cleanup option. This great tool is available here to be used as a built-in tool which could save you from having to mislead the mail usage with plenty of mails filled in inbox. Sweep option is quite useful for outlook users and is also easy to use. One of the Sweep option also let user move all messages from an address to a designated folder. It is also possible that you automatically chose a default action with which the future mails will automatically enter to the decided designation without actually filling your inbox with unwanted mails.

You can partly replicate this feature in outlook with its Filter feature as well  that automatically decide that any  number of mails send by a particular sender will automatically be carried out by outlook as designated by users. That can affect all the coming future messages. It is possible as well that you have plenty of mails in your inbox and you just need few of the latest mails only. In such cases you can choose to delete old mails send from a particular sender and deleting the older one. In such cases outlook will automatically keep the most recent message in your inbox & delete or move any messages older than 10 days.

Need Instant Hotmail Email Support?

This efficient clean up feature of outlook helps users stress importance only to the essential mails leaving behind the unwanted one by cleaning them wisely. Like other feature of outlook this feature of outlook is also quite easy to use still if in any case users face any problem using this outlook feature they may make a call to Hotmail Phone Number  0800-098-8400 to obtain easy help from tech support experts anytime without any effort.

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Protect your Hotmail Account from Harmful Effects

Hotmail is truly one of the brilliant and leading free web based an email service which is widely used as it has millions of users all across the world. It consistently works on the needs of the people and it fulfills the desired mailing works of the users in an efficient manner. This email service is the most featured email service as it provides lots of features to the users which seem to be very useful for the users. The support services are also a major part of the rise of the Hotmail service, the services provided by the Hotmail are available at 24*7 and there are experts appointed to help the users in any trouble. Hotmail Contact Number is always ready to help you in terms of providing assistance and guidelines to fix the issues.

When you register for a Hotmail Account, you get to choose your desired domain name as either hotmail.com or live.com. After creating it, you would get to have an email account with access of Skydrive, calendar, memo par and much more. You could also get access to the support for Hotmail by accessing the Hotmail help module which you can easily get at the official site of Hotmail. Microsoft transferred Hotmail to the Outlook, where you get the access of several more changes in its layout and services as well.


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Hotmail Support is available to you at free of cost from its official website. You can get access to it and check out the self explanatory modules that are available on its home page, or you could write them an email about your problem. You could then be contacted with representatives from the Hotmail after they have deduced a resolution for you. Hotmail Support page has a number of most common issues listed.

If you don’t have enough time, or you have some important work, so you cannot stay back on your system to solve any kind of error with your email account, you can also get the services of the third party technical experts. There is an affordable fee that they charge on you to provide the help and assistance. They will provide some add on attached to them that let you have the feel of your money being well spent such as free system health check up. Your money will not waste after optimizing help from them.

Being a Microsoft powered service, hotmail account also makes use of your computer’s firewall system to keep it as well as your email account protected. It is always recommended to keep your firewall on for the other security purposes as well. Besides, accessing your Hotmail Account from some public places is also very dangerous for your email account as anyone can easily get the access of your email account. You can use a single use code as a security measure instead of your email password to access your email account from one computer. It is your account and you have to keep it protected.

In case of any trouble, you can contact to the Hotmail Phone Number 0800 098 8400 to get the perfect solutions to manage the issues. This number is toll free helpline which is directly connected with tech support experts.

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Add Free Push Windows Live Hotmail to iPhone Mail

Hotmail is a web based email service which is available at free of cost for all its users. It is precisely customized to give the perfect access to the users to accomplish the communication process with friends and relatives. There are lots of features are available in it which let you to manage your email account in your desired manner. You can also get the option to add Hotmail account to the iPhone Mail. By setting up this, new mail in your Hotmail account is automatically pushed to your iPhone Mail, and all the desired messages and folders kept in sync without pushing or any effort. You can also be able to set up Calendar sync and your Hotmail contacts for access on the iPhone device. Hotmail Support Number provides you info and measures to perform this task. By this, you can manage your Hotmail on iPhone easily.

Push hotmail to iphone mail

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Measures to add Windows Live Hotmail to iPhone Mail as an Exchange Activesync Push Account:

  1. At first, open the Settings on the iPhone Home Screen.
  2. Select the options of Mail, Contacts, and Calendars.
  3. Below the option of Account, select the option of Add Accounts.
  4. Click on the option for Microsoft Exchange.
  5. Now enter your full Hotmail address under the option of Email.
  6. Again enter the full Hotmail address below the option of Username.
  7. Type the Hotmail password below the option of password.
  8. Now type Windows Live Hotmail below the Description.
  9. You can also use any other name that will help you to recognize the email account, of course, such as work or the email address.
  10. Click to the Next option.
  11. Now you may wait for the Server field to appear.
  12. Type the m.Hotmail.com below the option of Server.
  13. Then again click to the Next.
  14. Make sure that the Mail is On.
  15. Turn On the Contacts and Calendars as well to synchronize your iPhone contacts with the Windows Live Hotmail and get your calendar pushed to the iPhone, respectively, as well.
  16. Then finally click on the Save option.

Now, you can decide which folder of Windows Live Hotmail you want pushed to your iPhone Mail, and how many days of mail you want to appear on that device. For the easy Mail that is not pushed and not synchronized automatically, you can also add the Windows Live Hotmail as a POP accounts to the iPhone Mail.

After observing this, you can surely do this on your own. If you are having any problem with this process or you have any query then you can contact to the Hotmail Phone Number 0800 098 8400 to get the instant solutions and useful measures to resolve the all issues with the help of technical experts. You may also get proper help and support by the qualified and skilled technicians to settle down the all issues and provide you access of fault free email account.


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Hotmail Help- Simple Step to Block a Sender Email in Outlook

Outlook is a popular medium for mail transfer. It is the most commonly used mail platform that is used in all parts of the world. It ensures fast and easy delivery of mails and also takes of the security of a user and thus it has been used widely for both professional and personal mail needs. Each day a mail user receives plenty of mail messages out of these mails some are useful and other are unnecessary. It is very difficult to identify the one which is important out of so many mails received each day but if the mail is properly managed it becomes very easy to distinguish between them. To organize your mails inbox you can acquire easy help from Hotmail Helpline Contact Number.

Often you receive which are not at all useful. Even sometimes your mail inbox receives mail that are harmful and send as a spam. It is not that easy to identify such mails and thus often users get trapped into these mails. As an when you feel that any messages you receive is a spam you must never reply to such mails because they are send with a motive to get access to your personal information. It may happen that you are receiving these mails from a particular sender. If it the same user that is sending you spam mails again and again you are fortunate as outlook provides a special way to block this sender emails. These are senders who have formed a outlook account only to send spam mails each day this users sends thousands of spam mails to outlook users just like you have received a mail.

Once you block these users outlook checks this accounts strictly and take necessary actions to block such account if any suspicious activity is observed. Once you are receiving such spam mails from a particular sender you must take strict action to block the sender so that he/she may not bother anyone like you with any more spam messages. You may also add the sender address to unwelcome sender list so that the mail sent by the same sender is future will not be able to enter your mail any more.


Blocking a sender in Outlook is very easy. Take these easy steps:

  1. After you get into your outlook mail, Open the message from a sender you want to block.
  2. Now click sweep in the outlook mail toolbar.
  3. Now select all the messages sent by same sender.
  4. Now click to delete all messages from the sender and also choose the option to delete any future messages receive by same sender.
  5. Click sweep
  6. Click ok

Once you take these easy steps to delete all possible mails received from the particular send and also the mails that can be received in future. The mails form the sender will not bother you anymore. It is very easy to block a sender sending spam in outlook and in case you need any help take easy assistance from Hotmail UK Helpline Number 0800-098-8400 and get best solution for according to your issue by tech support experts.

New Mail Notifier – The Essential Outlook Add-On

Outlook has always been an essential mail platform for its users. It offers many enhanced application and useful features for its users that enables user to enjoy a user friendly platform for mail exchange. Even though it exists from long back but still it has manage to be a popular mail platform because it brings advanced applications on daily basis for its users. To know more about this daily updates stay in touch with Hotmail Technical Support Number.

With its recent advancement it has brought up many new and helpful features for users. These are features implemented by outlook for its mail platform. One of the advanced applications is New mail notifier. This New mail notifier helps user in notifying about the new mail received. It automatically adds new mail notification and this is very useful for user. It increases the functionality of mail notification in manner that whenever a new mail is received this new mail notifier instruct user with a message notification about the received mail. This just not only displays the notification with a pop up but rather it also displays the sender name & important lines of the subject in the form of the window.

New mail Notifier in outlook

This new notifier has been implemented to make the task of user easy. In the busy routine it is sometimes not possible to check every message you receive on your mail platform and with this notification of the new mail received and its basic details you can choose to view the important messages and ignore the unwanted mail messages. What is worth to know here that it also let you take immediate action with the displayed window itself. It may happen that sometimes some mails need your immediate actions and you do not have so much time to get into your mail to read the complete mail and then reply. With this window of the mail notifier you can take necessary action without actually entering into your mails account. This allows user to instantly operate message and enables user to take action of opening the complete mail, replying to this mail, forward it or delete it in one click if it is not important.

This new mail notifier also comes with customized setting options that let user set its own notifier updates in a manner that you can choose that which mails must be notified. This can be a mail from a certain sender. This also allows setting of filter by anti spam tools so that unwanted mails can simply be ignored.

Advantages of new mail notifier add-on of Outlook

  1. This new add-on brings up a powerful mail notification window to outlook.
  2. With a specialized window it let user to operate mail and take necessary actions from the notifier itself.
  3. It offers simple filters, customized settings and anti spam tools.

This is an advanced and easy to use add-on implemented by outlook for its users. If in case you face any problem using this tools you can take help from Hotmail Technical Support Number only just one a call 0800 098 8400.