Add Free Push Windows Live Hotmail to iPhone Mail

Hotmail is a web based email service which is available at free of cost for all its users. It is precisely customized to give the perfect access to the users to accomplish the communication process with friends and relatives. There are lots of features are available in it which let you to manage your email account in your desired manner. You can also get the option to add Hotmail account to the iPhone Mail. By setting up this, new mail in your Hotmail account is automatically pushed to your iPhone Mail, and all the desired messages and folders kept in sync without pushing or any effort. You can also be able to set up Calendar sync and your Hotmail contacts for access on the iPhone device. Hotmail Support Number provides you info and measures to perform this task. By this, you can manage your Hotmail on iPhone easily.

Push hotmail to iphone mail

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Measures to add Windows Live Hotmail to iPhone Mail as an Exchange Activesync Push Account:

  1. At first, open the Settings on the iPhone Home Screen.
  2. Select the options of Mail, Contacts, and Calendars.
  3. Below the option of Account, select the option of Add Accounts.
  4. Click on the option for Microsoft Exchange.
  5. Now enter your full Hotmail address under the option of Email.
  6. Again enter the full Hotmail address below the option of Username.
  7. Type the Hotmail password below the option of password.
  8. Now type Windows Live Hotmail below the Description.
  9. You can also use any other name that will help you to recognize the email account, of course, such as work or the email address.
  10. Click to the Next option.
  11. Now you may wait for the Server field to appear.
  12. Type the below the option of Server.
  13. Then again click to the Next.
  14. Make sure that the Mail is On.
  15. Turn On the Contacts and Calendars as well to synchronize your iPhone contacts with the Windows Live Hotmail and get your calendar pushed to the iPhone, respectively, as well.
  16. Then finally click on the Save option.

Now, you can decide which folder of Windows Live Hotmail you want pushed to your iPhone Mail, and how many days of mail you want to appear on that device. For the easy Mail that is not pushed and not synchronized automatically, you can also add the Windows Live Hotmail as a POP accounts to the iPhone Mail.

After observing this, you can surely do this on your own. If you are having any problem with this process or you have any query then you can contact to the Hotmail Phone Number 0800 098 8400 to get the instant solutions and useful measures to resolve the all issues with the help of technical experts. You may also get proper help and support by the qualified and skilled technicians to settle down the all issues and provide you access of fault free email account.


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Can you add an Email id to safe senders list in Hotmail account

Hotmail is the most dependable email service for a communication. Hotmail is used both as a part of individual and expert circles by a large number of people. Sometime in the past email service was an alternate method of communication, however now it has turned into the essential method of communication particularly in expert set up. Business forms including business exchange are currently incredible without email. Therefore, the significance of Hotmail has expanded by a wide margin throughout the years. Hotmail service is currently overseen by Microsoft and the users can get to their accounts from Outlook sign in page.

Hotmail safe sender list

The reputation of Hotmail is credited to its easy to use interface and wide range of services and features. Yet again, these different features in some cases appear to be difficult to control or perform by numerous Hotmail users. In numerous different occasions people call at Hotmail customer support service with exceptionally broad issues like, how to reset forget password or include an email address or id to the safe senders list in Hotmail account? In this manner Hotmail password recovery or resetting number stays engaged with clients’ inquiries and the officials with their solid dedication get into any issue inside a moment and fix it right away.

¬†Hotmail customer service number individuals guide regular Hotmail users to include email contacts to the safe senders list in Hotmail account. There are some important steps to be taken after which will at last keep a contact in safe senders list and from that point the client will have the capacity to get email messages from those senders right in the Inbox. Right over the Hotmail inbox there is a choice called “Alternative” from which the user can get into “More Option” and afterward garbage or junk email. In this Junk email the client will discover the alternative called “Safe and Blocked senders” where from the client needs to choose the “Protected or Safe senders” choice and sort the sender’s email address in suitable arrangement.

In a few circumstances, some vital messages can be dealt with as junk emails by the framework executives, which are really similar to whatever other ordinary email messages. In this manner, adding email location to the safe senders list will empower the framework manager to consider these messages safe for the client. Hotmail has constantly given the top need to the security of each Hotmail account; this element empowers Hotmail clients to feel totally secured with all their imperative reports in the protected care of Hotmail Inbox.


Hotmail support number

Hotmail customer service¬†support experts help people to keep their Hotmail account in proper way so troubles couldn’t come in the method for amid working hours. Right from password recovery for managing Hotmail in cell phones, everything is dealt with by the expert group of Hotmail support number UK. They are simple to call as Hotmail password recovery or Hotmail phone number stay open 24×7 round the year.