New Mail Notifier – The Essential Outlook Add-On

Outlook has always been an essential mail platform for its users. It offers many enhanced application and useful features for its users that enables user to enjoy a user friendly platform for mail exchange. Even though it exists from long back but still it has manage to be a popular mail platform because it brings advanced applications on daily basis for its users. To know more about this daily updates stay in touch with Hotmail Technical Support Number.

With its recent advancement it has brought up many new and helpful features for users. These are features implemented by outlook for its mail platform. One of the advanced applications is New mail notifier. This New mail notifier helps user in notifying about the new mail received. It automatically adds new mail notification and this is very useful for user. It increases the functionality of mail notification in manner that whenever a new mail is received this new mail notifier instruct user with a message notification about the received mail. This just not only displays the notification with a pop up but rather it also displays the sender name & important lines of the subject in the form of the window.

New mail Notifier in outlook

This new notifier has been implemented to make the task of user easy. In the busy routine it is sometimes not possible to check every message you receive on your mail platform and with this notification of the new mail received and its basic details you can choose to view the important messages and ignore the unwanted mail messages. What is worth to know here that it also let you take immediate action with the displayed window itself. It may happen that sometimes some mails need your immediate actions and you do not have so much time to get into your mail to read the complete mail and then reply. With this window of the mail notifier you can take necessary action without actually entering into your mails account. This allows user to instantly operate message and enables user to take action of opening the complete mail, replying to this mail, forward it or delete it in one click if it is not important.

This new mail notifier also comes with customized setting options that let user set its own notifier updates in a manner that you can choose that which mails must be notified. This can be a mail from a certain sender. This also allows setting of filter by anti spam tools so that unwanted mails can simply be ignored.

Advantages of new mail notifier add-on of Outlook

  1. This new add-on brings up a powerful mail notification window to outlook.
  2. With a specialized window it let user to operate mail and take necessary actions from the notifier itself.
  3. It offers simple filters, customized settings and anti spam tools.

This is an advanced and easy to use add-on implemented by outlook for its users. If in case you face any problem using this tools you can take help from Hotmail Technical Support Number only just one a call 0800 098 8400.

Hotmail Customer Service – Create Hyperlink in your Hotmail

Hotmail is the most significant and wonderful free web based email service which is launched by well known software company Microsoft. It is available for the users who want to send and receive emails through their email accounts. It supports different functionality for the comfort of its users. It also provides an access to create hyperlink in email message.

By means of including a hyperlink for your email message, you are able to send the email recipient to some other internet site to get more records about any topic. It is a excellent opportunity to copying and pasting the contents of the internet site into the body of the email message, considering copying and pasting be a reason for you to quickly eclipse the allowed message size.

Adding the hyperlink in an email message is straightforward with your Hotmail account. By doing this, the recipient could easily get the all appropriate points which you want to deliver through a link of any website. This could be very easy to add a desired website link in your email message to send the all needful information which you may not be able to express. Hotmail Customer Service Number provides you the all necessary instructions and measures by which you can easily create a hyperlink in your email message to send.

Create hyperlink in hotmail

Here are the given some instructions that you have to take in order to create hyperlink in your email message:

  •        At first, you may have to Log in to your Hotmail e mail account.
  •        Now click on the “New” or “Compose Mail” choice to create a new message.
  •        Fill the “To” field with the email address of recipient who you want to deliver the message.
  •        Now fill the “Subject” field with the subject topic of your message.
  •        Now type your message in the “Body” segment.
  •        Now highlight the text you want to create a hyperlink for.
  •        Click on the icon of “Chain” which is located at the toolbar.
  •        In this email service, the chain could have the image of a globe next to it.
  •        Type the address of your desired website which you wish to send the reader to.
  •        Then click on “OK” to send the message.

Hence, you can successfully create hyperlink after taking these instructions. If you face any trouble in doing this then you must contact to Hotmail Support Number 0800 098 8400 to get the instant support and help by our technical experts team at 24*7.

How to track an email address on Hotmail?

Hotmail is a leading internet based email service that provides free accounts for all of its users. Once a user sends an email from its email address, the email service keeps track of the internet Protocol address from that the email was sent by you. The recipient will research that IP address, so use a free IP locator service to achieve a lot of info regarding the physical location of the sender of the message. You can easily track an email address which you want to track. For this, Hotmail Customer Service Number provides you the all necessary information that helps you in tracking an email address.


Some instructions are following in order to track an email address in Hotmail:

  • Start your email application for the account wherever you received the message from the Hotmail address.
  • The precise means of performing this step depends on your email client. For instance, for Hotmail, start an internet browser and navigate to the website of Hotmail.
  • Enter your username and password and the press on “Enter” to Log in.
  • Open that particular message whose IP address you wish to find out. For Hotmail, click on the topic of the message.
  • Have your email service show the total headers for the message. For Hotmail, click on the “Actions” pull-down menu, and then choose “View full headers”.
  • A brand new window can open displaying the message with its entire header.
  • Find the last line which is beginning with “Received: from” before the message’s body.
  • The IP address of sender is listed thereon line between the square brackets.
  • Open a brand new window of internet browser, and then navigate to the question page of an IP address locator service. Several such free services are accessible.
  • Type the IP address that you wish to find into the question form. For instance, for Geobytes, type the IP address into the empty text field which is next to “IP Address to find,” then click on “Submit.”
  • Find the location inside the results section on similar web content. For instance, Geobytes displays the approximate latitude and great circle of the present location of the IP address.
  • It additionally displays a Google Maps street map at all time low of the results page.

Therefore, you can easily track any email address on your Hotmail. If you have any problem with related to this information or you may have any other problem then you can contact Hotmail Customer Support Number 0800 098 8400 to get the instant solution and get excellent tech support to fix your problem by our technical experts team at anytime.

Connect Facebook Account with Outlook Mail

Platform like outlook has always been a common source for establishing an enhanced communication with its mail platform. Hotmail that has always been serving with its enhanced and user friendly mail platform to its users is still a popular mailing platform for one and all. The essential role of any mail platform is to provide an ability to easily share ideas and information through mails with anyone in the world. Whether you need to send a personal mail to your friend or you are looking for sending and receiving a professional mail to your office employees or partners you can trust Hotmail.  Hotmail is easy to use platform and for help to any hotmail problem user can make a direct call to Hotmail Customer Service Number.

Everyone is present on social media platform these days. This platform provide and easy connectivity with the world. Outlook is well aware that millions of its user’s are connected on such platform and above all Facebook is the most popular and widely used social platform. So Outlook now provides integration with Facebook so that user can enjoy an easy and quick integration with face book platform without actually switching to the platform. That is by signing into your outlook mail account now user will be able to sign in directly to Face book account and can update, use this platform within the outlook platform itself.

Connect facebook with outlook

With this integration Outlook has added the ability to share Face book photos from Outlook itself and it has made it easier to find files and photos on Facebook and establish easy connectivity with their face book friends directly from the outlook itself. The main integration of outlook and facebook helps in easy facebook photo sharing. For this you need to follow a simple process to connect with your face book account and once the connection is established it let you browse and attach your photos right from your outlook account on your face book account. Not only had this it let you update your status and post right from your outlook. Also it can let to connect with your friend and like and comment on their post from there. Other than this it connects you with your outlook friend and helps to chat with them if all proper integration has been established.

Once you are connected with your face book within your outlook it will establish a efficient connection with your facebook friends and settle its phone book such that whenever you are about to send a mail to any of your facebook friend or has received a mail from your face book friend it will show its details and photos as updated on their face book account. It is very easy to establish a connect to face book via outlook but for the help to same call Hotmail Customer Service and get best assistance.

Importance of Outlook Add-ins in Ios

It is no time when Outlook launched it whole new app for IOS platform with this it was looking to get success in market of IOs platform. Even though outlook was not the first platform to launch its application for IOS but due to increase in number of user using outlook and hotmail via there IOS platform made it to launch this app soon. Immediately after few weeks of this launch its user’s starts using and appreciating the new and enhanced app launched by outlook for its mobile hotmail users. The enhanced features of IOS outlook are worth mentioning and are really helpful for all its users. It is user friendly and easy to use still in case user is in any problem with the same easy help is available at Hotmail Customer Service Number. One can make a call to this number to acquire easy help related to all hotmail problems.

This update and integration of outlook for IOS platform bright up a whole new innovation in mobile world. It supported integration of various enhance platform that made it more useful and enhanced.


Some of the integration that outlook brought was as follow:

  • Microsoft Dynamic – Microsoft Dynamics 365is add-in that provides real time insights combining business applications together. It provides collaborative & intelligence platform that brings right set of tools for more meaningful interactions.
  • Nimble – Nimble is a social CRM add-in for Outlook that provides application for managing email contacts of organizations. With Nimble you get insights for maintaining the social platform of the organization that helps in establishing company’s profile online and let them create a shared relationship online.
  • Trello – Trello add-in of Outlook let you organize and prioritize your projects. It helps you to keep track of projects of any organization and help in organizing and prioritizing them.
  • Evernote – Evernote is a add in that let you stay organized as with Evernote you can use emails in project notebook of Evernote and can use it alongside with other saved web pages, meeting notes & office documents.
  • Microsoft Translator – Translator is an add-in that can translate email messages. With this you can translate and read messages in the language you want.
  • Smart Sheet – With Smart sheet’s added inmanages and automates work. With this you can complete the assigned work more quickly. You can also update & manage it more appropriately with Smart sheet.
  • GIPHY – GIPHY add in allows user to find out GIF for almost everything. It is thefirst and largest search engine for GIF. With GIF of Giphy simply add a special touch to your mails.

Dial Hotmail Customer Service Help Desk

All this updates are brought up by outlook for its users ease and thus outlook suggests user to incorporate and adopt all this changes for easy use. One can simply add this entire outlook Ad-ins to their outlook app for using them. Using of this app is very easy but in case you are in problem you can acquire easy help by calling Hotmail Helpline Number 0800 098 8400.

Outlook integrates Calendar App to Facebook, Wunderlist, Evernote on IOS and Android

Outlook works day and night to make your life easier. By providing various helpful application and services it let you enjoy an enhanced online experience. With its interesting calendar application outlook provide a way to manage and make most of your day. With this a user can manage a time of a particular date and can also remember its important date like birthdays, anniversary etc. using of outlook calendar is very easy and then in problems easy help can be obtained by calling Hotmail Technical Support Number.

Outlook provides the ability to view calendars from all platforms whether it is mobile or desktop. Now it provides connectivity to Facebook, Wunderlist, Evernote which let you add and remember important dates. With a launch of Calendar Apps for Outlook on iOS and Android you can now connect with your account. This new update will let you manage your tasks, events and notes from one place. By connecting your calendar with a wide range of services, Outlook will be able to provide you with a far better view of your day, week and months ahead.


Facebook is social networking platform that let people connect with each other and share their personal and professional details with each other. One of the interesting features that face book support is its event feature. As per this feature user can now add an important event to their facebook account. Each time you are in to your account it will remind you of this event.

While providing collaboration with facebook, outlook calendar let you view important events that your face book account has and also add reminder to the same. This includes your events, friend’s birthdays etc.


Wunderlist is a simple app that displays to do list. This app helps you get stuff done on time. When your outlook calendar get integrated with wunderlist it let you manage your to do list on the basis of date and priority.


Evernote let you organize note and to do list. You can plan notes here for your meetings or can simply make a grocery list at Evernote. When outlook calendar combine with Evernote you can plan to do all this. You can simply set a date when you need a note for your meeting or can set a date when you need to buy this grocery.

With this integration now your life will be more managed and for further help to outlook calendar integration take easy help from Hotmail Contact Number UK.

Hotmail Support – What Task Can Do in Outlook?

Recently Microsoft shifted all its hotmail mails to new and updated Outlook. With this it provided many more enhanced and advanced features to use. Prior some of the hotmail users restricted to shift to outlook from hotmail but later everyone adapted this update with full positive. Like hotmail outlook is also popular among its users.  It is because of its features and applications that user appreciate it so much. One of the best features of hotmail is its help services. Even though Hotmail is most user friendly platform still in case of problems easy help can be obtained by dialing Hotmail Help Contact Number

Any outlook service can be used within its mails. One can get into the outlook mail via its existing hotmail id and password and once you are into your account you can use all its services. Outlook offers so many services. With mailing application it also offers outlook calendar, outlook contacts and now the updated task application.

With Outlook task keep a track over everything properly. With outlook task keep a track over things you need to get done. Managing tasks in is very easy within this you can remember everything which is important to you. Once stored you can view them anywhere where you have internet connection irrespective of medium where you stored it. Task also provides a special feature of flagged messages according to this you can flag mails associated with an action items.

Hotmail customer service

Using of Outlook Task application is very easy to learn more about it have a look to this table:


To manage your task The command bar in Task provides various features so as to manage your tasks. It enables you to create, delete, move, select category etc. So as to complete any tasks choose any of the features fill in the asked details in the form and click ok to execute. A user can create a new task or delete an existing one, assign a task to a category, attach an icon to a task with charm, or mark a task as complete.


Folder option With this you can create, delete or rename a folder. One can create a new folder by going to My tasks and clicking on Create new folder option, new folder appears below the Task folder.

In this you will get two built in folders :

·         Flagged items and tasks – This enlist the details of the flagged email messages

·         Tasks – Here you can Lists the tasks you have created.


Filters to task list You can add filters to the task you have created. There are multiple filters that can be selected. Some of them are All, Active, Overdue, or Completed, Sort by and Order. The filter you select the tasks will be presented in same format within the tasks list.

Even though like its other application using of Outlook Task is very easy but in case of problems easy help can be obtained by making a call at Hotmail Support Phone Number

Change Steps of Your Hotmail Password For iPhone

Hotmail password helpWhile resetting the account password can make you go however a portion of the irritating tech misfortunes changing the password is as simple and as troublesome for the Hotmail clients in the event that you don’t take after the correct convention.

Along these lines, we convey to you the assigned resolution that is not simply message but rather an update answer for the specialists where the professionals are promptly giving the email support and help services via the remote services .So, If you are searching for a more methodical and down to business arrangement then you can get the technical help support promotion arrangement the Hotmail specialists at Hotmail Customer Service Number.

Change the Hotmail Password On Your Iphone?

Hotmail offer best features for iphone. If you are using hotmail email in iphone and now you want to change your password for more security. To make the improvements to the Hotmail email password in Iphone you can follow these simple and easy steps.

  • Unlock the Web program on the Iphone
  • At that point go to the official page of Outlook from the web program
  • Now sign into the Outlook mail account (It is the most straightforward approach to access the account on the web)
  • At that point select the rigging symbol that is on the upper right hand corner of the site page
  • After that choose the more email setting starting from the drop list
  • At that point do the tap on the Account info elements like the account password, address and the time zone under dealing with the account page that shows up
  • Presently in the password and the security data segment of the page choose the option of “Change your password.”

The link will have the rules to change the Hotmail password

Important Note:

As Microsoft has connected every one of the items, so if to roll out any improvements in the Hotmail email account all the connected account like the Outlook, One drive will be changed. In this way, ensure the account password that you have changes is difficult to figure yet simple for you to recall

Hotmail customer support

While there are numerous different options a Hotmail client has selected the one gets more troublesome yet when they get the unwavering quality and the help of the inquiries and the question they have identified with the Hotmail account password, then the vast majority of the clients concur to the terms of the help services as reliable Hotmail help center group we ensure that there is straightforwardness and dependability at Hotmail Helpline Number 0800 098 8400.

Some of the salient feature of Window Live Hotmail E-mail

Hotmail email services are widely used services and it has millions of user worldwide. Other than for personal use hotmail mail platform is also used for professional uses. This hotmail services are very important for the functioning of online businesses these days. Hotmail offers such advanced features and extra additional approaches that it is popular among users for business as well as personal uses. If you are looking to use hotmail for professional use and are facing some problem than you should take instant help by calling Hotmail Helpline Number.

Hotmail customer support

Other than providing basic facility of mailing hotmail has various facilities that support a business owner and its employees. Hotmail is a business oriented platform and is a free web mail service. Hotmail free email account provides functionalities which are the major necessity and requirements of today’s e-commerce business. Some of such facilities are:

  1. POP3 access – POP3 makes it very simple to receive email into a Hotmail account. Hotmail supports various POP enabled services. This is the latest incorporated feature of Hotmail accounts.
  2. Storage Space – It comes with a storage capacity of 5GB which can further be customized and expanded suiting the need. With this one can store documents, files and other important details online on hotmail and can use all of them whenever you are online. This can be used by getting into your account.
  3. Folders option: With Hotmail you get facility of folders. Hotmail allows you to organize all your emails in separate folders to manage them efficiently. So that whenever you want to look into a particular email you just need to search it in the specific folder rather than searching in complete hotmail account.
  4. Account Expiration: With different mailing platform you often have a fear of expiration but with hotmail account will expire or close only after a lapse of 120 days from the date of inactivity. This will allow you to check your email on daily basis.

In case you are looking for using hotmail for your business and is in search of any help you must make a call to Hotmail Support Number UK.

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Easy Ways to Fix the Hotmail Sign-In Error

If you are using the email service you all are familiar Hotmail which is one of the oldest and the finest service providers of email. But sometimes users find difficulty into login the account, it may happen due to the reasons like you may have forgotten your password or the browser may not set up correctly, any internet issue or the bigger problems like someone has hacked your account or your account get attacked by any virus.

hotmail email helpIf you feel that you are going to face any serious problem which could not be resolved by you then take assistance from Hotmail experts by calling them on a Hotmail UK Helpline Number. Here are some of the steps you may take to check your account.

Check your account by scanning your system with antivirus software and get sure that there should be no virus or spyware in your computer.

Connect to the internet and downloads some good registry fixing software. The windows registry is a secret component in your operating system. This system stores very helpful information about all the computer programs.

Change the Password:

  • Go to the Hotmail account. Enter your username and password accurately. Numerous mistakes that users confront while signing into their email accounts include writing the username or secret key wrongly.
  • Now tap the “Forgot your password” interface underneath the fields if you think that your password is wrong.
  • Type the email related to your account that you are attempting to get to. Enter the characters appeared in the container in the base field. Click the “Continue” button.
  • Now select “Use my question to confirm my identity.” You ought to sort in the record data, respond the security question and click the continue button.
  • Finally, enter your new password key and check it in the correct fields and click the “Continue” button.

Hotmail support number

After doing all these if you find that your problem, not get resolved just call to Hotmail Customer Support Number and get your problem resolved in a quick way by the Hotmail experts which are available for us 24/7.