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Microsoft Hotmail is widely used email service with the latest version of Microsoft Outlook. The enhanced features of Outlook make it the most widely preferred email service that is accessible from anywhere in the world. However, Hotmail user may face accessibility issues due to technical issues occurring in the email account. So if you are a Hotmail user and facing technical issues then you can Contact Hotmail Customer Service Number to get useful measures and tech support by the technicians to resolve all issues.

We are the third party service provider and offer the tech support help module which can be reached on 24×7 basis and on any day of the year to provide an effective tech support for UK. We are always ready to help the users and provide them brilliant measures to take them out from any technical issue.

Have you Trouble With Hotmail Email Problems?

The technical team is equipped with the highest proficiency and expertise in resolving the all sorts of Hotmail related issues. All you need to do is to make a call by dialing our toll free number and avail help and assistance only at nominal fee.

Hotmail Email Problem

Listed are the problems occurred in Hotmail:

  •        Forgotten or lost password.
  •        Temporary blocked accounts.
  •        Junk email problems.
  •        Emails get deleted accidently.
  •        Troubleshooting problems.
  •        Compatibility issues with browser.
  •        Creating a new account.
  •        Compromised account formation.

The Hotmail users need not get worry if they are acing any of the above listed problems or any other trouble. They just need to dial our toll free number and get connect with tech support team to talk to our technical experts and avail quickest solution measures. The technical team is efficient in answering to a wide range of tech support issue for email account.

Listed are the various tech support services provided:

  •        Recovering the lost password.
  •        Solving the configuration issues.
  •        Unlocking the email account.
  •        Recovering of deleted emails.
  •        Recovering of email accounts.
  •        Resolving the problems in sending and receiving emails.
  •        Recover blocked email account.
  •        Removing the junk or spam emails.
  •        Enhancing the speed of loading.


Looking Best Customer Service Helpline for Hotmail Support?

Hence, you can easily resolve the all above listed problems, and if you are having any other issue then it may also resolved with the help of tech support team.

If you are accessing your email account and you are confronting any trouble in your account then you need to Hotmail UK Contact Number 0800 098 8400 to get instant solution tips and measures to resolves the all issues easily. The tech support experts team are qualified and experienced in providing help to the customers.

Easily Deal with Online Abuse and Phishing Scam in Hotmail

Hotmail is supposed to be the most used mailing platform that offers wide spread qualifying features. Further the attempts to provide easily accessible functionality. With the increasing online fraud that uses email, websites, chat rooms or message boards to trick recipients into giving out personal information, Hotmail accounts are also in danger. Hotmail Helpline Number provides reliable measures to manage the email account in an effective manner.

Email Phishing Scam

This involves Phishes that use a range of cynical devices to steal information that includes pop-up windows, URL masks which simulate real Web addresses, and keystroke loggers that steal account names and passwords. The phishing emails are mainly designed to perform the thefts. With the increase of cybercrime in present time, Phishing is done to steal your personal information from your computer. When you come across any email with wrong spelling and bad grammar, then that mail could be malicious for your device.

Fix Phishing Scam in Hotmail

How to Deal With Phishing Scam?

Now the question arises how we can deal with such abuse and phishing in Hotmail account. If you are receiving threatening mails then call your local law enforcement without delay. You can also report to about any harassment, impersonation, threats and other illegal activities by sending the email to

You can include other information relevant for us, with the number of time you have received the mail. Make sure to mention, if you know the sender personally or not. Additionally, our technical team is here to help you anytime regarding any issue related to Hotmail. You need to make a call to the tech support team and then keep secure your email from spam. The experts deployed there are well trained and experienced. Before that, read out the following information given to you in this article.

Measure to protect yourself from Phishing Scam:

  • You won’t be able to find out the difference between a legitimate mail and Phishing scam. As phishing scam looks normal at first glance but it is meant to steal money and personal information.
  • Never send your personal details on email if you are asked to even if they are closed friends or relatives.
  • If you receive any suspicious email, never click on the link that will take you to company’s website.
  • Never ever open any attachment from any suspicious mail.
  • You always have an option of contacting the company through phone call or web browser to make sure if the email was genuine or not.
  • You have an option to search the web for the email subject line followed by the word Hoax to check if anyone has reported this as spam.

If you are unable to stop the phishing or spoofing issues in your account then you can contact to the Hotmail Support Phone Number 0800 098 8400 to obtain the smart and advanced measures to fix down the all issues in an easy manner. The tech support experts are highly qualified and skilled technicians who are always ready to help the users.

Outlook Now Introduced Artificial Intelligence for Better Search Results

Outlook is surely an enhanced mail platform but with this it also provides enhanced search engines services. Outlook was always famous for enhanced mail services and to bring in latest search services it has successfully brought the feature of AI so that it could return better and relevant results.

The search services of Hotmail is similar like the previous existing one and any user may use it but still if in case you face any issues accessing the updates Hotmail search feature you may obtain easy help from Hotmail Customer Support UK Phone Number.

Microsoft has always worked well to bring in latest for its users and with this it has successfully incorporated features to bring in latest in its search features as well. With this its competitors have surely fledged new and new search updates and it was necessary for outlook as well to bring something in its search to stay in the competition thus in last December it successfully joined its search  feature with Bing.

mocrosoft ai services
Source: Google (Microsoft AI Services)

Microsoft Expands AI into Bing Search

Bing is quiet enhanced search platform that is known to exist from years and by bringing in successful collaboration with Bing outlook is working hard to ensure that users may get better search services right when they are using their mail platform. When it is outlook this was the major concern of the time and this actions of outlook is been seen as a successful move so far let’s see what’s waiting for outlook in coming time.

Not only this outlook very well knows that search needs of users have changed with time and while users look for direct answers to the questions they have searched in search engines it has made necessary changes as well for this.

Better Search Results by New Outlook AI Services

By introducing artificial intelligence feature to its search results Hotmail has surely works well and now a user may get direct answer for the questions that they are searching in Hotmail search. It is sure that different individual may have different viewpoints when it comes to search results thus powered by Artificial intelligence now Outlook provides nuanced answers for searched queries.

This is a true and an ultimate step taken by Hotmail for its users. Hotmail has always been caring for its users and keep son launching new features for them, this is just one of the recent update that outlook has incorporated there are few more in lists.

I hope you enjoyed the post. But if in case you can’t understand “how to do use it?” and “how it is useful for you?”. For complete information you can take help from tech support experts by dialing Hotmail Contact Phone Number and get the best answer to all your questions and know about latest updates on Hotmail, Outlook without any hesitation.

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Effectively Manage your Hotmail Attachment Failed Errors

Hotmail, being one of the oldest and finest email services, that has millions of active users all over the world as it was started as the basic online email service in the starting. Hotmail is now become more than a simple email account. You can easily make video call, view slideshow of photos and also chat with your friends from your Hotmail Account. All of these features make this email service so favorable in the entire world. The most trusted and useful aspects of Hotmail are its attachment privately. You can send the same attachment to the multiple users at the same time. Many a times, users face the attachment failed errors in their Hotmail due to the technical issues. The attachment failure error can happen for several reasons. Thankfully, the remedy to the Hotmail attachment failed error is so easy. Hotmail Support Number is available to help the users and provide brilliant measures to overcome on issues.

Manage Hotmail Attachment Error

Reasons for Hotmail Attachment Failed Errors are:

Spam Filters:

The most reason of Hotmail Attachment failed error is a spam filter. Most of the time, viruses try to send themselves as the email attachments. So, the ISP, email programs and the email servers closely scrutinize all the attachments.

Attachment Blocker:

If your email system suspects your attachment, then it may block it from sending.

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Size of the Attachment:

Sometimes the larger files fail to attach. The ISPs does not allow your email to attach any file more than 25 MB. It also depends on the capability of recipients of receiving the file.

Measures to Resolve Hotmail Attachment Failed Errors:

  •        Start your web browser and open your Hotmail.
  •        Now login to the hotmail Account with the help of your username id and password.
  •        Most of the times, the issue is with the internet browser of your computer system.
  •        In order to check out the internet browser, click on the option of Tool or Setting of the Internet options.
  •        Now visit to the Advance tab.
  •        Then select the button of Reset.
  •        In the dialog box of Reset Internet, you may click on the Reset tab.
  •        After completing the reset, you may click on the Close.
  •        Click Ok to finish the process.
  •        Now you have to close the Internet Explorer and reopen it. Now go to your Hotmail Account and then try to attach the file.
  •        Don’t go for the traditional attachment command in your inbox. Instead of it, choose and drag down the folders to the desktop and then drop them into the Hotmail account. Then it will be easily attached in a new email.

After using the all above listed measure, you can easily resolve the issue in an easy manner. If you have any doubt with this or you are in trouble then you can contact to the Hotmail Helpline Number 0800 098 8400 to get the most reliable measures to fix down the all issues.

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Step by Step Process to Access Hotmail with MacOS Mail

Hotmail is the most customized free web based email service which is uniquely identified for its advanced features and functions in all over the world. It is precisely design to give the perfect access to the users to create the email account and perform the mailing works. Microsoft discontinued this service and replaced it with Outlook, but many users still have Hotmail addresses, and it is even possible to get a new Hotmail Address. You can easily utilize their Hotmail Addresses in the Outlook mail screen, and the Outlook can be set up to copy automatically the email that receives to MacOS Mail. If this problem occurs, you can easily get connect with the Hotmail Support Number to get the measures to solve out the problems.

You can easily link the current Hotmail Account to the Mac Mail:

If you have an active Hotmail email address, you mailbox is located at the Outlook. Check there first to make sure that your accounts is still active. If you are not a regular user or you didn’t use your account since from a long time, then you account may be automatically deactivated.

  •        At first, login to the Outlook with the Hotmail email address and password.
  •        Now confirm that the Hotmail email address is active. If you don’t see then it is probably not.

Access Hotmail with MacOS Mail

Setting up Mail on your Mac for the Hotmail:

  •        Click on the icon of Mail on your Mac.
  •        Select the option of Add Account from the Mail menu.
  •        Select the Other Mail Account in the screen that opens and click on Continue.
  •        Enter your Hotmail email address in the field given for it.
  •        Enter your Hotmail email address.
  •        Click on the Sign in.

Look in the inbox section of your Mail app and you will see a new mailbox named as Hotmail. it has a number which is next to it as indicating number of emails have been copied over to the Mail app. Click on the Hotmail mailbox to open it and review your email.

You can respond to the email and send new email by using your Hotmail Email Address from inside the Mail application on your Mac.

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Measures to get a New Hotmail Account:

  •        At first, go to the in a browser.
  •        Click on the Sign in at the top of the website to open a sign in window, but don’t sign in, even if you have an email account.
  •        Instead, where it seems No Account or Create One, click on the Create One option.
  •        You can enter your name on the Create an Account screen.
  •        Enter your desired email address in the Username field in that format. You may have to try several times to find an email address that is not already taken.
  •        Choose the Hotmail from the drop down arrow at the far right of the Username field.
  •        Enter the password and fill out the rest of the form.
  •        Click on the Create Account option at the bottom of the screen.
  •        Go to the outlook and enter your new email address and login info when requested. Then you will be taken to the new Outlook Mail Screen.

For any problem, you can contact to the Hotmail Support Number UK 0800 098 8400 to get the instant solutions and useful measures to resolve the all issues in an instant manner. You can quickly get 24*7 help and support by the graduated and qualified technical experts to settle down the issues.


The Special Feature of MAC OS Outlook Tool

The Special Feature of MAC OS Outlook Tool

Outlook has always been providing recent features for its users. It knows that it user are connected to its platform from years because they get what they have been looking for at the outlook platform. For its users Outlook keeps on updating its features and application on its platform. Users know that they get only enhanced features on Outlook and they are successfully connected to outlook from years. Outlook is also popular because it is user friendly and helpful but in cases when user face any problem with outlook he may obtain easy help from Hotmail Support Number.

Mac os outlook tools

Outlook has been popularly providing advance platform for windows users. User enjoys using the most updated version of outlook windows but it was few years back that outlook successfully launched its platform for its MAC OS users. This version of Outlook was superseding than the former Microsoft Entourage application in all terms. This ensures maximum experience of MAC users so that they do not face any problem sending receiving mails on Outlook. It comes with a special collaboration to the Office suite. With this the new Microsoft Outlook allows MAC users to use all the office application at the outlook platform itself.

One of the essential feature that comes as a built-in with Mac OS Outlook is its compatible backup feature. Its acts as a Time Machine that successfully stores the backup of everything you need at your Outlook use. There is no noticeable difference in performance. Backups can be stored at a fast rate. Also it has local email structure in its background that make to store each email item as a separate file.

With Outlook MAC a user can register different accounts on outlook. You can also effectively connect it to other email platforms including AOL, Gmail, Windows Live Hotmail or Yahoo mailbox etc. You may also build more than one outlook account at a time with one single identity. Moreover the new MAC outlook also supports the mailbox consolidation feature which provides it user with a specialty of grouping similar folders altogether. This includes folders such as inboxes of different accounts. After this integration your emails start to appear under one single view.

The new and enhanced Mac os application for Mac users helps you to keep easy track to all your mails. With this it becomes very easy to use and manage outlook on Mac devices. In case you need any help try calling Hotmail Contact Number 0800-098-8400 and get best answer to any question regarding hotmail account.

Online Safety Measures with Hotmail

Whenever you connect with the Internet due to the reason of connecting world Hotmail provides you the best platform for communication. It is one of the oldest and most trustworthy email services. It lets all its users to connect with their friends, relatives and employees. What is most disturbing that even though it uses a high security constrains with the https and other important protocols there are the moments when the users faces one or more online threatening problems. When you try to perform some particular tasks of sending and receiving emails there are the times when you are trouble of viruses, malware, spam and scams. There are the measures by which you can avoid all them. Hotmail Support Number is available to give you proper measures to settle down the every problem.

Hotmail support

Hotmail provides ultimate supports and useful tips for keeping yourself protected from such measures. At first, you may sure about the all problems and the information what you want. The second important thing that the Hotmail suggest is to use the Hotmail on a secured platform that enables https. There are several other factors that enable you to use your Hotmail safely online. One of such factor is your password. When you are making your email account, it may ask you to keep a secured password. You need to enter that password every time with the username id to get into your email account. The password is very vital because it is a key to your email account thus it is necessary to remember your password and keep it safe. If anyone has your password then he easily gets access to your email account. You may not share this ever with anyone. To maintain a secured online use Hotmail suggests maintaining a safe and secured password. There are some basic measures available to create a strong password. Tips need to follow to decide a strong password.

Internet mostly affects the kids. So it is essential that parents certify that there are using the internet with all safety and security. Even some commonly uses of internet in studies and in their free times but effecting ill effects of the internet that is very tough for the kids and thus they must be positively kept secured online. F your id is using for their mailing needs they must also know to keep their password and account safe from the online threats. Often there are the cases when you face problems of spam emails. Spam mails are sent by the spammers on the name of big companies to obtain your personal information to use it for any illegal activity. When you have any doubt that you get spam emails you must never reply to such mails and in cases you realize that you have replied to a wrong mails with your personal details take necessary measures quickly.

You may also use the firewall settings to maintain a secured online use of email account. It helps screen out hackers, viruses, and Trojans. They act as wall to the entire source over the internet to enter in your email account. So, to make your system and email account free from such issues, then you must put firewall settings to keep your account safe and secure.

After this, your all issues would quickly solve and keep your account safe. If you are facing any kind of technical issue then you may contact to the Hotmail Support Number UK 0800 098 8400 to get the instant solutions and perfect measures to resolve the all issues. You may also get 24*7 help and support by the experts.

New Outlook Add-on for Automatic Adding Contacts

Outlook is one of the highest use mail platforms. It has managed to be a popular platform because of its easy and advanced features that it brings for its users. One of the important aspects of outlook that makes it highly effective is implementation changes and introduction of application that can maximize the ease of use at its platform. For its users it has recently rolled out one of the advantageous add on that comes with its contact application.


Outlook is vast platform that integrated various useful applications within it. This all application can be used within the outlook mail itself. Out of so many applications one of the most useful applications that come with outlook is outlook contact feature. Outlook contact is like a online address book that let user store important contact details of individual so that a user can access it whenever he is online. To manage this contact application of outlook it has implemented recent Microsoft add on that is Add contact. To know more about this add-on stay in touch with Hotmail Customer Service Number.

This add-on of outlook automatically collects details of new recipient that are sending mails to your inbox or the one you have sent mails to. By collecting contact details from your mail account it automatically builds up the address book.

In basic term an Outlook contact add on is a specialized application that build up an address book by automatically adding new people you sent reply to or receive mails from. With adding recipient you reply it also helps in colleting addresses from messages you write. Other than the immediate receives and sent you can also instruct Outlook add contact add on to automatically retrieve new contacts from inbox and sent mail folder on demand.

Some of the important aspects of Outlook Add contact add-on are:

  1. It automatically adds new contacts to Outlook address book.
  2. It adds new addresses from replies and mail you send.
  3. A user can also choose to scan sent folder for contacts.
  4. It also has ability to add contacts from To:, CC: line of the message body.
  5. You can also manually add contacts by setting a category.
  6. This feature is supported on all browser applications of outlook.

Advantageous of Outlook Add contact Add on:

Add contact application of Outlook is so popular because it has very advantageous features that make it easy for user to use it within its mail account. This application of outlook is useful in a way that it has several advantages including:

  1. It adds contacts and its description by its own which save you time.
  2. By creating an automatic address book it helps you access details of contacts that you were ever connected to whether it is a sender or receiver.
  3. It provides easy search of contacts.
  4. It saves your time and efforts for manual contact adding.

Even though it is easy to use but in case you suffer with any problem with the Outlook Add contact Add-on call Hotmail Customer Service Number for direct help.