Simple Steps to Manage Outlook Contact Applications

Outlook is a useful platform for mail exchange. It has millions of users worldwide. It is the most trusted platform for mail transfer and it is because it has extra layer of security to take proper care of security of users online. It is so popular among its users because it provides essential applications for its users. To make everything user friendly and easy to use it keeps on providing and new and advanced tools. To know more about these tools stay connected to Hotmail UK Support Number.

Outlook contact is ultimate feature of outlook that helps users create an address book of all the online important contacts. It automatically collects all contact details from your inbox and sent folder and then collect them as online address book so that you get details of important contacts whenever you need.

It is very to manage outlook contacts some of the techniques are as follow:

Create a contact:

Create a contact

Even though outlook automatically picks up the contact details stored anywhere on your outlook account but it also provides special application of manually adding contacts to contact address book application of outlook. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to your outlook account.
  2. Here select app launcher, people tile.
  3. Now go to contact folder in left panel.
  4. Here select the folder in which you want to create your contact in.
  5. Now go to Outlook navigation pane and here choose new in the drop down menu
  6. Now select contact
  7. This will open a add contact form here enter the details of the new contact
  8. Click save

Edit a contact:

edit a contact

Once created a user can also edit the contact, there can be times when user feel need of changing the users details this can be a change of number etc. this can be done in outlook contact application. Follow these easy steps to edit you’re save contacts:

  1. Go to outlook account.
  2. Here select the app launcher.
  3. Go to people tile.
  4. Choose contact that you want to edit in Edit option of contact.
  5. Edit the changes
  6. Click save.

Delete a contact:

delete-contactIt may happen that sometimes you save details of contacts that you do not need in future. To delete a contact in outlook contacts follow these steps:

  1. Go to outlook account.
  2. Select app launcher in people
  3. Select the contact you want to delete.
  4. Click delete
  5. Select delete to confirm.

Restore a contact:


Sometimes by mistake you delete the contact information of a person that was very important you can simply restore it.

  1. Go to outlook account.
  2. Select manage and then restore deleted account.
  3. In this select the contacts you want to restore.
  4. Here select recover.
  5. Select ok.

Even it is easy to recover deleted contacts but user must remember that only those contacts can be recovered that are deleted in recent days.

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