Easily get Access of your Hotmail Account via Proxy

Hotmail is one of the best email services which is also access through proxies. Proxies are utilized by businesses, residences and academic institutions like faculties and libraries to prevent net users from accessing particular websites.

Access hotmail via proxy

Normally, limited internet pages contain deficient content material, utilize large amounts of bandwidth or receive excessive traffic on site. Websites like Hotmail additionally end up blocked by network administrators setting up the internet limitation. But, in case you need to access your Hotmail account, you can use one of the proxy websites online. Those websites assist you to skip internet restrictions. You can access it through proxy easily. Hotmail Helpline Number UK provides you the instructions to access your email account through proxies.

Following are the given some instruction that you have to follow to access hotmail through proxy:

Access your Hotmail With Proxify:

  • Visit the web page of Proxify.
  • Proxify offers users with secured and unknown access to prohibited websites which have been blocked by using filters, firewalls and proxy blocks.
  • Now type the URL of Hotmail into next text box saying that “Begin surfing anonymously by getting into a URL (net address) under”.
  • Pick out the tab of “Proxify” through clicking on it and Proxy will redirect you to official website of your Hotmail.

Access your Hotmail with FastWall:

  • Go to the official website of FastWall.
  • Fastwall is a very safe and secure free of cost web service that offers you nameless access to restricted websites like Hotmail.
  • Now click on the yellow link announcing “begin browse right here”, that is placed in the middle of the display.
  • Once you click the “start browse right here” link, a textual content container will appear where the hyperlink was. Input the URL of Hotmail in the given textbox.
  • Choose the tab of “Go”, that is determined beside the text box, and FastWall will display the website of Hotmail.

Tech help

Access your Hotmail with HideInMe:

  • Go to the webpage of HideInMe.
  • HideInMe gives internet surfers the capability to get entry to blocked websites like Hotmail.
  • Type the URL of Hotmail deals with into the massive blue text box displayed at the very backside of the screen.
  • Select the tab of “Go”, that is shown with a large arrow and located on the right aspect of the text field.
  • HideInMe will then bypass any browsing regulations and take you at once to the official website of Hotmail.

With the help of all above listed useful measures you can surely get access of your email account via proxy. In case of facing any trouble while performing such measures, then you can contact to the Hotmail Support Number 0800 098 8400 to get the reliable and trustworthy measures to fix down the all issues. You will also get proper tech support help and guidance by the qualified and skilled technicians to resolve down the all issues.

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Top Measure to Send a Bulk Email by Using Hotmail

Outlook is the most advanced free web based email service as it is the moderate version of Hotmail. Similar to the Hotmail, it is useful for performing the mailing activities. But it is modified as it now provides lots of new useful features and functions to the users that seem very helpful in utilizing this email service. It successively works on the necessity of the users and supports a wide range of user accessible functions. It is now better know as it has millions of users all across the world. Usually, there are the times when you are facing issue while accessing your email account and then you will get lost in that problem. But don’t be panic; you will surely get help by the tech support experts. At that moment, you can consult with the Hotmail Customer Support service to get the instant solutions by which you can easily resolve the all problems in an effective manner.

But there is a problem also occurs in sending bulk email via Outlook. One way is to put up the all email addresses in the BCC column. Although, this one is a simple process, having a lot of BCC recipients may set off the spam flags. In addition to this, email providers often set limits to the number of the recipients to whom you can send one email. A better method is to use the option of Mail Merge. In order to avoiding the filters and the restrictions on recipient by using the mail merge function that allows you to send a bulk email with the specific recipient’s name and the email address in the To text field, by giving the message a personal touch. You can get effective measures to perform this task by dialing a toll free Hotmail Support Number to connect with the tech support team.

Send bulk email in hotmail

Measures to Send a Bulk Email:

  • Click on the Contacts icon.
  • Press and hold the Ctrl key and click on that contacts which you want to include in the bulk email. You can also press down the Ctrl-A keys to select all the contacts on the list. Click on the icon of mail merge when you are done with this.
  • Click on the option of Only Selected Contacts and then select the option of email from the drop down box of Merge To.
  • Enter the subject line in the text box and then click on the OK button. Word launches and opens a new mail merge document.
  • Now type your email message.
  • Click on the option of Finish and Merge. Now select the icon of Send Email Messages and then click on the OK button in the confirmation dialog box to send the email.

With the help of above measures, you can easily send bulk email. If you are having any issue with that, then you can contact to the Hotmail Customer Service Number 0800 098 8400 to get the instant solutions and useful measures to resolve the all issues.

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Active Solutions for Freezing and Hanging Problems in Hotmail

Outlook is considered as the most promising email service. But this email services usually hangs when there is more usage of such email services. The first thing you need to do is to kill all hanging outlook processes. Whenever anything goes against the favor of Outlook, then Microsoft recommends that they start it in safe mode. To begin Outlook in a safe mode, you may click on its icon that holding the Ctrl key or enter outlook.exe/ safe in the command line. You will see a message to confirm that you really want to begin Outlook in safe mode. Hotmail Support Number is there to help you and provide measures to resolve your all issues.

Fix hotmail hanging issue

Disable the add-ins in Outlook:

You may need to disable the all add-ins of outlook in order to fix such kind of issue.

In Outlook 2007, you may go to the tools menu, then click on the Trust Centre and then select the option of Add-ins and click to disable.

In Outlook versions 2010, 2013, you may need to go to the File tab, and then click on the options. Choose Add-ins and then click to disable.

Close down all open programs and windows:

Outlook may hang simply because it does not have enough memory to run or perform a required operation. So, you may need to close the all open programs and windows to fix down the issue.

Repair the data files of your Outlook:

At first, you need to close Outlook otherwise Inbox Repair won’t start. Then open Windows Explorer and navigate to the C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\OFFICE14 folder if you are using Outlook 2010. If you have Outlook 2013 installed, it will be C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\OFFICE15.

You may double click on Scanpst.exe and then click on Browse option to select the .pst or .ost file which you want to check. Now you may open the dialog box of Options to choose the scan options and click to Start when you are done. Then you can fix the issue.

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Reduce the size of your inbox and data file of Outlook:

Outlook requires quite a lot of resources to be able to work in smooth manner. So, you need to reduce the size of your inbox and data files to make Outlook free to work brilliantly.

  •        Keep your all emails in Subfolder:

You need to create few subfolders and put your all emails on them, and this will make your work a bit more comfortable.

  •        Compact the data file of Outlook:

You may need to necessarily tell the Outlook to compact your all data files. Before this process, remember to empty the Deleted items folder so that Outlook can compress your data files.

  •        Archive your old items:

Another way to reduce the size of your Outlook is to archive the older emails by using the feature of Auto Archive.

After performing the above measures, you can surely fix the hanging issue. If you confront any problem, then you can contact to the Hotmail Phone Number 0800 098 840 0to get the perfect solutions and measures to fix down the all issues.

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Customize your Hotmail Account on Android Device

Hotmail is the most preferred email service as it is widely used in the entire world due to its user friendly interface. Hotmail offer you ultimate storage, a calendar, contacts managements and much more. It also offers you the wide spread security from the outside hackers and thus protects you from any viruses. The customer service team resolves your all Hotmail issues and provides measures to perform any procedure. You may usually face the syncing issue of Hotmail account with android when you want to use your account on android based device. The Hotmail Active allows their users to interact with the content and features present in their email account and also let the users to edit of documents made in the Microsoft Word, excel, PowerPoint. If you wish to customize your Hotmail Account on Android then Hotmail Customer Service Number provides you appropriate measures to customize the Hotmail on android based device.

customize hotmail account on android

Instructions are the listed below:

  • At first, from the Home screen select Mail, Menu and More and after that click on Account.
  • Now you may select the type of account whether it is POP3 or IMAP and then select the option of Manual Setup.
  • Fill up the required information correctly:
  1.     Email Address
  2.     Username
  3.     Password
  4.     POP Server- The server should be POP3.live.com
  5.     Security Type- Select SSL
  6.     Server Port- Port number should be change to 995
  7.     SMTP Server- It should be smtp.live.com
  8.     Security Type- Select TLS
  •        Now you may click on the next button by entering the Email address and the password back again.
  •        In last, you may click on next to save the details and now your email account is absolutely ready to use and don’t miss a chance to take help from the experts.

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In case to give the resolution of the technical issue which you faced in your email account more wisely and accurately. If you are searching for the most precise and reliable services in a perfect manner of time from a highly dedicated and qualified professionals who are only designed to troubleshoot all your problems immediately and effectively without any delay. You can also get in touch with our Hotmail Support service by dialing a toll free number.

If you ever fall in any trouble or you don’t have any idea what to do then you can directly contact to the Hotmail Support Number 0800 098 8400 to get the instant solutions and perfect measures to resolve your all issues in an appropriate manner. The technical experts are appointed to help you as they have lots of knowledge and experience in helping the customers to settle down the all issues. The third party support help module is the most suitable and reliable method to resolve the issues and get the measures as you can only may an affordable fee to get the access of solutions and make your email account totally fault free.

How to Configure Your Hotmail Account with Outlook 2010

As we all know the Hotmail is one of the best email providers which provide all the features like instant messaging, unlimited storage, etc. But one significant feature in which Hotmail lacks is support for POP3 or IMAP or SMTP server access. Without these features, users are unable to download mails to their desktop for offline viewing. By merging Outlook and Hotmail users will not get to read mails when offline, if you need any help you can call for support on a Hotmail Customer Support Number.

Hotmail support

Steps to configure your Hotmail Account with Outlook 2010

  • Open Microsoft Outlook so as to configure
  • Click the ‘File’ tab
  • Under the ‘Account Information’ Section, there will be an ‘Add Account’ button. Click it.
  • Here you may be prompted to install the Outlook Hotmail Connector.
  • To begin the installation, click ‘Run’
  • Select the Software License Terms check box and click ‘Continue’
  • After the software is installed, in the ‘Add New Account’ click cancel
  • Close and restart Outlook
  • Once your account has been added, you can add more accounts by clicking ‘Add another account’ or you can click on ‘Finish’ button to finish the setup process.

With these easy steps any one can configure the hotmail account with new outlook. After this integration you will get services of hotmail that are more advanced and helpful. If are getting any problem while doing these steps, then call to the Hotmail Helpline Number and get your account setup. Hotmail has always made sure that it could offer features that could help user in all aspects with this new integration hotmail is all set to offer wide range of services to its users so that they can enjoy an enhanced hotmail use.

How to SMTP Setup in Hotmail Email Account?

Hotmail is one of the most popular and most secured email service provider clients for the transformation of data, information and other files through mails. Hotmail, IMAP and POP servers refer to the incoming servers and download messages from the Hotmail servers. SMTP is the outgoing servers which allow us to send the emails through the Hotmail Account. For the configuration of the Hotmail that supports IMAP and SMTP some steps are required and if the user doesn’t know how to do that then they can take help of Hotmail customer Support by calling on Hotmail Phone Number.

The settings required for IMAP and SMTP are:

  • Incoming (IMAP) Server
  • Server address: imap-mail.outlook.com
  • Port: 993 · Encrypted Connection: SSL
  • Outgoing (SMTP) Server
  • Server address: smtp-mail.outlook.com
  • Port: 25 (or 587 if 25 are blocked)
  • Authentication: Yes
  • Encrypted Connection: TLS
  • User Name: Hotmail email address.
  • Password: Hotmail password

SMTP in hotmail

Follow the steps for incorporating the SMTP server:

  • Tap “Settings” and then select “Mail, Contacts, and Calendars”.
  • Select Hotmail from the list of email clients.
  • Now under “Outgoing Mail Server” tap “SMTP”.
  • Next, click on “Add Server…” and as the window appears enter the following details:
  • Host Name: hotmail-smtp.com
  • User Name: Hotmail email address
  • Password: Hotmail password
  • Now the iPad verifies the SMTP details automatically.

After following these steps you have successfully set up SMTP in your hotmail email account. However, still you find that your account does not setup SMTP then Hotmail support service is accessible to help its users to get away from the issues they are suffering. Other than this Hotmail also provides services and assistance for various other problems or errors.

Hotmail Customer Service Help Desk

Hotmail customer service ukIf you are facing any kind of problems which they are not able to solve and for this Hotmail has provided Hotmail Customer Service Number on which users can call to the experts and get their issue resolved very easily and in quick time without any effort. And it has also offered the help module which is accessible online in a very easy language which can be understood properly.

Get your Hotmail Account Back- if your account is not access

Hotmail is one of the special email service and administration, which is dispatched by MSN. Hotmail has various features like spell check, inline sound player, photograph transfer service, address finish and many more. But along with it there are many other service providers which exist today and are rich new messages, system administrations, etc. In the field of email there are Hotmail, Gmail, yahoo mail which most premium service suppliers.

Along with them there are various others little players exist and there are many users which use these services also. But still the Hotmail has its own place in the market and millions of users are using the services provided by Hotmail. But using the Hotmail users can sometimes get into problems which they are not able to solve and for this Hotmail has provided Hotmail Technical Support Number on which users can call to the experts and get their problem resolved very easily.

Hotmail Tech support

There are endless services for users provided by Hotmail. The users may sometimes get into accessing their account as the user may forget their Hotmail Account Password or due to any technical fault the account has been blocked and the user is not able to access his/her account. If this happened you don’t have to worry just click on the forgot password button and click to reset the password and get your password reset by verifying the code to come your account. After entering the one time password you will get your Hotmail account started.

If still the user finds that their account does not get started, then Hotmail Customer Support service is available to help its users to get away from the problems they are facing. Other than this Hotmail provides services and assistance for various other problems like getting the forgotten password, unblock the account, start sending him the mails, etc. Hotmail has also provided the help module which is available online in a very simple language which can be understood properly.  With all these the user can call on Hotmail Contact Number for all the problem and queries which they have and get solved very easily.


Hotmail Tech Support- Various Ways to Solve your Hotmail Issues

In the year 1997, Microsoft by Hotmail and with the time passes Hotmail has become one of the most popular and widely used email service providers around the world. Hotmail support as well Hotmail technical support services both is provided by Microsoft and for this service Hotmail Customer Service Number is available for the users which is free of charge, so that user get reliable and flexible service.

For creating accounts to Hotmail, you have to go to Hotmail.com, click on register for a new account. Hotmail provides some domains which are @hotmail.com and @live.com. After creating an account, the user is able to send mails to anyone, anywhere as well user get unlimited storage and much more. You can also get support for how to access the account. Microsoft helps to look forward to various changes in service design.

Hotmail customer support

Free of cost online support is available for use. In their home page, some common and frequently ask issue with their solution are already explained. So that user can’t face any type of problem. If a user issues not listed in that data, then user can mail to Hotmail support team. Though Hotmail support pages contain most common issues faced by user. If you are very busy in some work, and you don’t have time to resolve issues or problem in this situation you can contact to the private support team which work independently and definitely resolve your problems of your Hotmail account. This private support team is not only providing solutions for Hotmail, but also you get free PC health checkup from this team. This is the extra added on features of other independently worked companies.

For security purpose, window live Hotmail also makes a use of your PC firewall system. Your PC firewall protection system is always on, so that your account and data is totally secure. It is also recommended for user to don’t access your account from a public computer. Since some cookies and cache are automatically saved on that computer, with the help of this data hackers can access your data as well account also.

For security of your account, you can use the single security code system instead of your email password for accessing your account. If you are having a hotmail account make sure that your account is safe for help, you can also dial Hotmail Support Number which provides its service 24/7.

Changing hotmail password is sufficient when Hotmail account has been hacked???

Hotmail hacking is a series problem these days. Many users are frustrated with this problem. In such cases they search for alternatives and need some permanent solution. In such cases it is advisable to take instant help by calling Hotmail Helpline Number.

hotmail account hacked

Often it is suggested that you must immediately change hotmail password in case you feel that your hotmail account has been compromised. It is advisable because password is a key to your account. The other person has access to your account only till he has your password. Once you change your password he will no longer be able to get into your account and thus you must change your hotmail password at first.

Though in several cases only changing of password does not work you need to follow certain other steps following:

  1. Account information – While creating a hotmail account it ask you enter several information. You enter them so that in case of hacking hotmail can recognize the actual owner of hotmail. Thus in cases when you feel that your hotmail account is hacked you must immediately check this information make sure it is not changed and if you notice any change you must immediately change this information.
  2. Alternative email addresses – Alternative email address is always asked by hotmail while at the time of registration. This must never be avoided because in case you lost access to your account this email address can help you recover your hotmail account. In cases of hacking the hacker change this address with a motive that you will not be able to get back access to your account by any means thus as soon as you get into your account and you feel this has been changed you must immediately change it back to your existing alternative email address.
  3. Secret questions – At the time of creating of hotmail account security question is must to answer. This may include question like you birth place, mother first name etc. This question must be always remembered because at the time of hacking this can be important to make to identify. Hacker may also change this security question once he is in to your account thus it is advisable to check this security questions and answers also.
  4. Mobile number – Other than the alternative email address mobile numbers can also be a way to recover your lost hotmail account. With this mobile number you can receive a code that can help you recover your account thus after entering in to your account at the time of hack check that it is correct.

hotmail conatct number

In case when you are unable to recognize that what must be done in the case of hotmail account hack. Take instant help from Hotmail Contact Number and get best answer for your queries. Additionally, you can direct dial Hotmail Phone Number 0800 098 8400 for instant and appropriate solution.

Now chat with your Gmail friends with the help of Outlook

Now a day’s user wants unique services by service provider in any type of service whether the services are physical or illusive. Already Outlook is offering so many services to its users which actually had a worth. Outlook already provided service to interact with your friends online. But now you can also chat with your Gmail friends within Outlook to know more stay connected to Hotmail Support Number.

Outlook already connects social networking sites like twitter, face book, Skype, linked with it now it is more interesting to announce that now outlook users can chat with their Gmail friends also with outlook. It is its new feature which attracts people more and more because many users who were switched from Gmail account to outlook now also wants to chat to their friends and by this feature they can easily chat with them. Once you have this facility enabled in your outlook account you need to switch to Gmail back to chat with your Gmail friends.

Chat gmail friends with outlook support

Enabling the Gmail chat within the outlook is very easy. You can do this with simple steps. Let’s have a look how to connect outlook with Google;

  1. Click on the setting icon and select the option ‘Connected accounts’
  2. Then connected accounts will open and then select Gmail.
  3. Then select the option ‘Create a new folder for imported email, with subfolders like in Gmail’
  4. And at in last step log in to your Google account and click on ‘Allow’ to connect the account.

And by this process you can easily transfer your messages and contacts from Gmail to outlook comfortably. This messaging service is applied all over the outlook means in people, calendar and sky drive. When the services are connected to both of them you can see all the contact information at one place only.

Not only on computers but these features is also applicable on other devices like that on mobile, tablets etc and this new features is supported at android and IOS and if you are getting trouble to access it you can also take a help of Hotmail Helpline Number 0800 098 8400.   

Hotmail helpline number

With this facility now you can use an integrated outlook mail that also supports Gmail chat so that you do not lose contact with your old friends. This also helps you stay connected professionally and personally.