Hotmail Customer Support – Learn About Clean Up Tool of Outlook

Hotmail is an advance mail platform that provides efficient services for its users. Rightly by analyzing the needs of its users it provides just what its users need. It is the only mail platform that provides specialized and enhanced mail services and with this functionalities for making the mail experience better. Hotmail is really a platform for its users because it is user oriented platform that is easy to use as well. This makes it easy and helpful but still if you face any problem using your hotmail platform on any applications related with it you may obtain easy help from Hotmail Contact Number.

What is clean up feature?

It is sure that Outlook is an integral part of everyone’s life and thus each day thousands of mails get exchanged via an Outlook mail platform. When thousands of mails get exchanged over an outlook platform sometimes it becomes quite difficult for some users to manage so many mails. Out of various mails received only few are important and rests are useless but within these mails important are often ignored. This can be avoided on outlook as it let user manage their mail inbox with easy to use clean up feature.

Hotmail clean up feature

How to Use clean up Tool in Hotmail?

It is quite easy to clean your mail with this feature of outlook and to use this feature a user just need to go to menu manually or by Sweep option and here they can see mailbox cleanup option. This great tool is available here to be used as a built-in tool which could save you from having to mislead the mail usage with plenty of mails filled in inbox. Sweep option is quite useful for outlook users and is also easy to use. One of the Sweep option also let user move all messages from an address to a designated folder. It is also possible that you automatically chose a default action with which the future mails will automatically enter to the decided designation without actually filling your inbox with unwanted mails.

You can partly replicate this feature in outlook with its Filter feature as well  that automatically decide that any  number of mails send by a particular sender will automatically be carried out by outlook as designated by users. That can affect all the coming future messages. It is possible as well that you have plenty of mails in your inbox and you just need few of the latest mails only. In such cases you can choose to delete old mails send from a particular sender and deleting the older one. In such cases outlook will automatically keep the most recent message in your inbox & delete or move any messages older than 10 days.

Need Instant Hotmail Email Support?

This efficient clean up feature of outlook helps users stress importance only to the essential mails leaving behind the unwanted one by cleaning them wisely. Like other feature of outlook this feature of outlook is also quite easy to use still if in any case users face any problem using this outlook feature they may make a call to Hotmail Phone Number  0800-098-8400 to obtain easy help from tech support experts anytime without any effort.

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