Setting up other email account with Outlook

Add other email in outlook email

Are you familiar with one of the essential element of Outlook 2016? If no here we will be to discussing about some basic but useful feature of outlook. With the new Outlook 2016 you can now setup your Gmail account with any large array of Microsoft account from @Outlook, @Live, or even @Hotmail accounts too.

Now the question in your mind is that how these accounts will be setup with Outlook?

 Adding you email account with Outlook is relatively very easy, as this feature has arisen in the latest version of Microsoft Office.  For most of the free account Microsoft automatically configured them like Gmail or yahoo in these account you just have to enter your name, email id and password. But in some cases you have to configure settings manually.

These are few steps:

  • Click on the file tab on the bar.
  • Then select the add account
  • Enter name, email address, and password (twice)
  • Click the next button

After entering all the details you need to wait for a while when your credentials are verifying.  You have to renter your password once again. You can tick on the check box if you want the system to remember your credentials.

Now you are ready to access your Gmail or any other account with your own Hotmail account. You can now send mails chat with anyone from any account you want. With this feature of Gmail your things become very easy to handle and maintain the account you will not miss you important mail or conversation as before.

By integrating all the mails at one platform you get an easy access to each and every mails account. There are cases when you need more than 1 account of more than 1 platform to send and receive your official as well personal mails by this Outlook provides help to its users so that they can continue using their multiple account with one platform. By this work becomes very easy in a manner that you need to check your each mail one after the other by opening and logging out each and every account every time.

If you have any problem in hotmail feature of any hotmail service you can call the direct dial hotmail technical support number number or can also take instant help from hotmail contact number UK.

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