Send Text Messages using Gmail, Yahoo Mail & Hotmail

Most of the people don’t have the full information about how to communicate electronically from their PC to a mobile phone. They think that they will need an internet connection or have to subscribe a data plan. Some years ago when the cell phones do not have the functionality of internet people used to send the messages to one another through traditional text messages. Today, almost all people are having the email accounts but they don’t know how to send the text messages through their email. To get help to this or any other outlook problem call Hotmail technical support number.

Here we are going to learn about how the text messages can be sent to the mobile phone through the different email applications like Gmail, Yahoo Mail and Hotmail etc.

send messages throgh email

Send Messages using Gmail: First of all login to the Gmail account and click on the down arrow just below the word chat on the left hand side of the screen of Gmail account. Select the chat settings and then left click on Labs, which is the right side of the Web Clips and right side of Offline. Enable the SMS in Chat gadget, scroll down and complete two more steps and enable the Text Messages (SMS) in Chat. Now go to the bottom button and Click Save.

Sending Messages using Yahoo Mail: Unlike the Gmail Yahoo Mail’s, text messaging is a very straight forward process. On Yahoo Mail you can simply click on the New Button near to the Check Mail Button and choose the text option, then enter your phone number and type message you want to send and click on send button. Yahoo simply sends the messages without any option of blocking the conversation.

Send Messages using Hotmail: Hotmail also have the option of sending the messages but this option is hidden in hotmail. This functionality is hidden in Windows Live Messenger, like other messaging apps, instant messaging is available both online and offline from the desktop. To start messaging to the mobile you have to click on the left hand side of the messenger screen and add the person you want to send the message to as a contact. The person gets a notification that you have added as a friend can respond to the invitation.

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Still if you have any confusion with sending of Hotmail mails you can take instant help by calling Hotmail Phone Number 0800 098 8400 and get easy solution for your any issues related to hotmail.

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