Safeguards for account receiving spam

Even though hotmail offer such an interesting and useful mail services sometimes users are prone to several problems with hotmail. Hotmail is indeed the best in mailing platform. User trust hotmail because of the privacy it offers to its users but due to problems like spam mails users are often in problems. To all types of problems related to hotmail you can call Hotmail Helpline Number.

Spam mail support

Spam mails are often identified by mails that disturb a user with blocks and unwanted access to mail. This also includes disturbing and annoying mails that may be time consuming. Even though hotmail offers different mails but sometimes some mails comes to your mail that ask for credit card details, security number, bank account details, password etc. If you feel you are receiving spam mails you must never reply to those mails with any information because this mails can be send to get access to your personal things and to use it inappropriately.

For this hotmail offers a special types of filters with which a user can restrict the entry of spams in to your mail inbox. There are certain guidelines that decide which mail is spam mail when this filters are updated spam mails will not be able to enter your mail.

To restrict spam’s followed these steps:

  1. In Microsoft portals like that in hotmail special filter exist by default. These smart screen filters restrict the entry of spam’s make it enable.
  2. Add list of senders and receiver restrict unwanted senders and receivers by yourself.
  3. You can also block the unwanted sender or the sender that is sending you spam mails.
  4. Only share your email id with people you know. Do not display your official and personal email on social sites.
  5. Avoid junk mails or reply to unwanted mails so that no further mail is send by that user again.

Hotmail Customer Service Number

You must remember that you should never reply t such mails with any information. Even after trying all these if nothing helps you must immediately take instant hotmail support. For spam receiving problems or any other hotmail related issues direct connect with Hotmail Customer Service Number for immediately help.

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