Outlook on phone (iPhone and android)

outlook on phone

With advancement to usability of mobile devices there arises a need where a user can access their mail account online on their phone. Outlook is very well aware of this fact and thus it provides and ultimate feature with which its user can use their email account on their phone. For using this you just need to enable some setting on your phone.

Microsoft has been going on with further advancement to make sure that its users can enjoy access of their Outlook account on the web and also from their relevant electronic devices like phone, iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad etc. With this advancement now Outlook is the site that can be adapted by every mobile device

Setting of Outlook.com for iPhone or iPad:

  • Go to Adjustments
  • Search for Mail, contacts, calendar
  • Click on ¨Add an account¨
  • Select ¨Hotmail¨
  • Enter mail address and password
  • To finish, select the data you want to sync

outlook on iphone and ipad

With the help of these simple steps, you have already setup your mail account.

Setting of Outlook account for Android

There are two types of setting that an outlook can ask to do for Android users:

outlook on android

Type 1: If your Android device supports Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync accounts you need to enter this data:

  • Setup Outlook.com (Exchange)
  • Domain / Username: ( Enter your username  user@outlook.com)
  • Password: Enter the password
  • Use safe connection (SSL): Activated
  • Accept all SSL certificates: Disabled

Type 2:  If device doesn´t support Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync support than you need to setup account as a POP3.  Enter your username and password with manual setup and then select POP3 & enter the following data directly:

  • Enter your username user@outlook.com
  • Enter the password
  • Enter the POP3 server
  • Port: 995
  • Security Type: SSL/TLS (accept all certificates) or SSL (accept all certificates)
  • SMTP server:live.com
  • Port: 587
  • Security type: None
  • Ask for sign up: Disabled

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