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Outlook.com is an ultimate email service by Microsoft. Recently outlook came up with many new updates and changes. The organization declared bundle of new elements that are at present taking off in a Preview mode for a select number of clients. The new features are now available for more Outlook.com users on a prior basis. Some of these features are:outlook feature

  • New themes: Microsoft Outlook included 13 new subjects with realistic graphical designs to help you express your identity in your inbox.
  • Clutter: Clutter takes a shot at your benefit it allows users to sort messages which you want to disregard into a different folder, so you can concentrate on what is important.
  • Add-ins: Announced recently at Build, add-ins is showed up by outlook when you are perusing or making a message. It is intended to help you finish the current task.
  • Search Suggestions and Refiners: Find quickly what you require. With this feature you will get the suggestion of the persons you mostly communicate with. With the relevant information in your mailbox it also helps in searching content in the mail. Refiners let you rotate your indexed lists on the basis of sender folder, date received and attachments.
  • Pop-out read and composes: Multi-tasking is simple with messages that pop out into new windows.
  • Pins and Flags: Keep key messages at the highest point of your inbox with Pins and stamp others for follow-up with Flags. Pins are currently folder specific, incredible for any individual who utilizes folders to arrange their email.
  • Inline pictures: Copy and paste pictures straight forward into the body of your message, right where you need them. With this you can send any type of file to any user directly be pasting it to the mail and then simply click sent.
  • One touch actions: With advanced features in outlook a user can perform every action with maximum ease. For this you can simply put your cursor on relevant mail and can simply perform action like deleting, moving etc.

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