Now chat with your Gmail friends with the help of Outlook

Now a day’s user wants unique services by service provider in any type of service whether the services are physical or illusive. Already Outlook is offering so many services to its users which actually had a worth. Outlook already provided service to interact with your friends online. But now you can also chat with your Gmail friends within Outlook to know more stay connected to Hotmail Support Number.

Outlook already connects social networking sites like twitter, face book, Skype, linked with it now it is more interesting to announce that now outlook users can chat with their Gmail friends also with outlook. It is its new feature which attracts people more and more because many users who were switched from Gmail account to outlook now also wants to chat to their friends and by this feature they can easily chat with them. Once you have this facility enabled in your outlook account you need to switch to Gmail back to chat with your Gmail friends.

Chat gmail friends with outlook support

Enabling the Gmail chat within the outlook is very easy. You can do this with simple steps. Let’s have a look how to connect outlook with Google;

  1. Click on the setting icon and select the option ‘Connected accounts’
  2. Then connected accounts will open and then select Gmail.
  3. Then select the option ‘Create a new folder for imported email, with subfolders like in Gmail’
  4. And at in last step log in to your Google account and click on ‘Allow’ to connect the account.

And by this process you can easily transfer your messages and contacts from Gmail to outlook comfortably. This messaging service is applied all over the outlook means in people, calendar and sky drive. When the services are connected to both of them you can see all the contact information at one place only.

Not only on computers but these features is also applicable on other devices like that on mobile, tablets etc and this new features is supported at android and IOS and if you are getting trouble to access it you can also take a help of Hotmail Helpline Number 0800 098 8400.   

Hotmail helpline number

With this facility now you can use an integrated outlook mail that also supports Gmail chat so that you do not lose contact with your old friends. This also helps you stay connected professionally and personally.

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