New features of Outlook

Outlook is a service provided by Microsoft. Microsoft keeps on updating outlook for the welfare of the outlook users. Outlook provides best mail services and because it is one of the safest medium of mailing thus it is widely used in offices and big organization. As compared to other mail services outlook is often used for official use though many users also use it for their personal use. All the features and outlook updates are for the welfare of user and thus people must change with the change. Some of the new features of outlook are:

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  1. Clutter – Clutter is used for managing outlook inbox. With the help of clutter you can sort the messages. You can move the unwanted and not important mails in to a separate folder so that you can concentrate on important one.
  2. New theme – With the recent update outlook has added 13 more themes for the outlook inbox.
  3. Updating in refiners – Refiners are used to provide fast and best result for your search queries. Outlook has also updated refiners and search suggestion option.
  4. Add–ins – Other than existing Outlook add ins like Bing maps, My templates Outlook will now have third party Add-ins like PayPal, Boomerang etc for the benefit of the users.
  5. Link previews – When you link a hyperlink in your mail outlook it will now display a rich preview of that particular link.
  6. Inline image – Unlike other mails, images in outlook can be now be pasted directly in the mail body itself.
  7. Multitasking – Outlook users will now be able to read and compose simultaneously with the help of pop outs. This will provide ease in email services.
  8. Pins and flags – With pins and flag one can decide the priority of mails such that important emails can be pinned to the top of the inbox.

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