My friend been hacked

So to enhance the privacy concern of a hotmail user recently outlook has launched a new concept in the mail service. Hotmail has built in defense system against the hacking problem. For help to outlook problems a hotmail user can call Hotmail technical support contact number.

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Every outlook user knows that there is a daily problem of hijacking in outlook account and when the outlook users very well know that account hijacking is a big problem it makes their work hard to continue and this prevent them to work on outlook.

Thus outlook implemented another anti-hijacking measure according to which a friend who is receiving spam can complain for account of sender being compromised. With this facility if someone’s is feeling that account of their friend is hijacked, they can complain about it. It is because often the receiver or the friend find out of the account been hijacked before the owner. It is because the hijacker uses their account to send spam or phishing email to all their contacts and as and when they will receive this spam they will be aware about the account being hijacked.

When hotmail receives the mail message of friends account being hacked it accepts it and confirms it with other information and by this way further action from that mail will be stopped. This is very simple that is when a friend or the receiver feels that the sender account has been hacked he can click on the “Mark as” menu and select “My friend’s been hacked.” This friend’s-been-hacked feature provides supplements Hotmail to build in compromise detection system. According to this effective system if outlook receives such message of hacking it will automatically suspends that particular account that is displaying suspicious activity and thus no more spam or phishing mails will be allowed from this mails.

The friend’s been hacked feature of outlook is offering such a great service that it is being appreciated by outlook users and thus outlook has managed to make it more useful in few weeks itself. It has worked over it and it has already helped a lot in detecting some of the hacked mails. The Outlook friend’s been hacked feature has worked so well in last few weeks that Microsoft has already extended it to other email systems. The best part of this feature is that when a friend report about the hijack outlook will immediately send the report to yahoo and Gmail also.


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