Top Measure to Send a Bulk Email by Using Hotmail

Outlook is the most advanced free web based email service as it is the moderate version of Hotmail. Similar to the Hotmail, it is useful for performing the mailing activities. But it is modified as it now provides lots of new useful features and functions to the users that seem very helpful in utilizing this email service. It successively works on the necessity of the users and supports a wide range of user accessible functions. It is now better know as it has millions of users all across the world. Usually, there are the times when you are facing issue while accessing your email account and then you will get lost in that problem. But don’t be panic; you will surely get help by the tech support experts. At that moment, you can consult with the Hotmail Customer Support service to get the instant solutions by which you can easily resolve the all problems in an effective manner.

But there is a problem also occurs in sending bulk email via Outlook. One way is to put up the all email addresses in the BCC column. Although, this one is a simple process, having a lot of BCC recipients may set off the spam flags. In addition to this, email providers often set limits to the number of the recipients to whom you can send one email. A better method is to use the option of Mail Merge. In order to avoiding the filters and the restrictions on recipient by using the mail merge function that allows you to send a bulk email with the specific recipient’s name and the email address in the To text field, by giving the message a personal touch. You can get effective measures to perform this task by dialing a toll free Hotmail Support Number to connect with the tech support team.

Send bulk email in hotmail

Measures to Send a Bulk Email:

  • Click on the Contacts icon.
  • Press and hold the Ctrl key and click on that contacts which you want to include in the bulk email. You can also press down the Ctrl-A keys to select all the contacts on the list. Click on the icon of mail merge when you are done with this.
  • Click on the option of Only Selected Contacts and then select the option of email from the drop down box of Merge To.
  • Enter the subject line in the text box and then click on the OK button. Word launches and opens a new mail merge document.
  • Now type your email message.
  • Click on the option of Finish and Merge. Now select the icon of Send Email Messages and then click on the OK button in the confirmation dialog box to send the email.

With the help of above measures, you can easily send bulk email. If you are having any issue with that, then you can contact to the Hotmail Customer Service Number 0800 098 8400 to get the instant solutions and useful measures to resolve the all issues.

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