Mail service of Hotmail and its advanced features

Hotmail is indeed a real platform for mail services. It has been successfully delivering appreciable mail services since years to millions of users. It is because of its advanced features and advanced services that is so popular among its users. It offers such a user friendly platform that people enjoying using hotmail. The best part of hotmail is problems hardly occurs in it and in severe cases when problem occurs easy help can be acquired by dialing Hotmail support number

Advance hotmail feature

It is also because of the enhanced featured of hotmail that makes it worth using as compared to other available mailing services. Some of the exciting features of hotmail are:

  1. Hotmail offers high storage space of 5 GB for storage of data online.
  2. User can manage dated with calendar option and can store contacts with contact feature of hotmail within the mail itself.
  3. Hotmail can be used on all platforms including Internet explorer, Safari, Mozilla Firefox etc.
  4. It offers easy to use platform in which a user can easily navigate to use its multiple services and application.
  5. It is user friendly platform with multiple services and advanced features.
  6. One can also use hotmail via easy shortcuts available on keyboard.
  7. With message filter option of hotmail you can filter your search later.
  8. It offers easy shift between the mails.
  9. It also enable easy search of mails and messages.
  10. With mail folder option you can decide categories of mails as important or related to any particular topics.
  11. There is also the feature of auto upgrade with hotmail.
  12. Other than storage of the important contact online it also provides facility of importing and exporting of contact details.
  13. Mailing offers facilities of rich text formatting, rich text signature etc.
  14. There is option different regional language on the basis of countries.
  15. POP3 has also been recently enables in hotmail.
  16. One can chat, send & receive instant messages with advanced hotmail messenger.
  17. In case of problems easy help can be obtained by dialing Hotmail Phone Number.

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