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Outlook is an interesting mail service provided by Microsoft. Used by millions of customers worldwide, Hotmail is a mail application that provides extra secure platform for mails and thus it is widely used in several offices worldwide. Other than this it is also used for personal mails. It provides ultimate connectivity with security.

connect social networking site on outlook

With hotmail its users get an ultimate experience and thus Hotmail of Microsoft is a wise choice to make when it comes to mail service and now it has also integrated Social accounts compatibility.  This is a very interesting application that hotmail now provides. With this now an outlook user can add social media account to its account. By following simple steps to connect social Networks compatibility to you can check you social media updates within your hotmail account. The steps to add your social nets with inbox are:

  1. To add an account go to set up panel in your hotmail email account
  2. Select the social network that you wish to add that can be Facebook, Twitter, Lindedin, Flickr or Google videos.
  3. Simply add it.

By this you are connected to social media account. Using ¨add¨ function you can connect to any of the following – Facebook, Twitter, Lindedin, Flickr with your account mail. This connectivity you can get huge number of functions that Outlook allows. With this you can change the status, update it, can send messages, share links etc.

hotmail technical support number

To get help to any hotmail problem call the Hotmail customer service department and directly talk to hotmail support specialist who give the proper solution all hotmail email related problems. You can get instant help by calling the hotmail technical support contact phone number.

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