How to add email signature on your Hotmail Account

hotmail email signature

Almost every email provider offers this feature of adding your signature to your emails so is Hotmail. Adding signature would be beneficial as it makes your mails looks more professional and also convey some information about you like your job profile, company name, number etc. Even though adding of signature to your mails is an easy process still in case you face any problem with it you can take adding signature help from Hotmail contact number.

Once you added a signature it will automatically attached with your all mails in any particular mail you want to remove it or change it then you can easily do that. Some people find it confusing and difficult that how to add signature to their hotmail account so let’s see the step wise procedure of adding signature:

Step 1:

Go to hotmail and login to your account if you already have one or sign up for the new account if you are a new hotmail user.

Step 2:

After successful login you will see a button “option” on the right side of the window click on this button.

Step 3:

Then in the list you need to click on “Customize Your Mail” menu and when you do so one more list will open then click on the option that says “Personal Email Signature.”  As and when you click on this a window will get open where you can generate your signature.

Step 4:

Write your signature there the way you want like whatever you want to include your name, designation, email addresses, addresses, etc. you can add logo or icons also. There will be many options to make your signature look better like font size, font type, color, alignment, emoticon etc. You can also add links like website link or blog link here in your signature.

Step 5:

Then click on the “Save” button to save the written signature. After saving your signature will be created and automatically attached with every single mail you will send.

hotmail technical support

Following the above steps will help you to create you email signature which you can edit any time but do not forget to save it every time you create or edit your hotmail account signature. Once you follow these easy steps you can add signature to your mails every time it is send in cases when you face any problem with this you must take immediate help from Hotmail Customer Service by dialing Hotmail Technical Support Number and get best answer for your all queries.

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