Hotmail’s new Windows Live Wave update 5

Hotmail is a service provided by Microsoft. Hotmail that is often coined as Outlook keeps on updating its features and services for its users. For users it suggests that they should adapt the changes and updations as this all modification are for their benefit only.

Recently Outlook launched new update that is the Wave Update 5. This update was brought by hotmail so as to redefine mails markets. The new Wave Update launched by Microsoft is the Fifth version of Wave. The name is Wave 5 Update.

This Sky drive Wave 5 of hotmail is the first app that has many new techniques and technology, one of the best being the hotmail calendar. The Hotmail Calendar in new wave update is working on a new technology and techniques such that it will allow you to do rapid visits, on line editions and Data Base synchronizations online.

It is believed by hotmail that this new Sky Drive wave interface will replace Windows Live Photos and Office online soon as it has all the features of existing window live and many more additional features to the previous one.

Hotmail Windows Live Wave 5

The best feature that Wave 5 provides is that everything will be connected in one interface with this so that the hotmail user can manage everything at one place. It is providing additional and interesting facilities like:

  • Hotmail mail accounts
  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Updates
  • Office Files etc.

The new calendar version is worth including as it will now profit hotmail users. With all this services it will also allow hotmail users to directly connect to face book and LinkedIn accounts. Other than all this one will now be able to access everything that is stored on Microsoft Cloud from anywhere.  This will also provide hotmail user with advanced storage capacity.

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