Hotmail Tech Support- Various Ways to Solve your Hotmail Issues

In the year 1997, Microsoft by Hotmail and with the time passes Hotmail has become one of the most popular and widely used email service providers around the world. Hotmail support as well Hotmail technical support services both is provided by Microsoft and for this service Hotmail Customer Service Number is available for the users which is free of charge, so that user get reliable and flexible service.

For creating accounts to Hotmail, you have to go to, click on register for a new account. Hotmail provides some domains which are and After creating an account, the user is able to send mails to anyone, anywhere as well user get unlimited storage and much more. You can also get support for how to access the account. Microsoft helps to look forward to various changes in service design.

Hotmail customer support

Free of cost online support is available for use. In their home page, some common and frequently ask issue with their solution are already explained. So that user can’t face any type of problem. If a user issues not listed in that data, then user can mail to Hotmail support team. Though Hotmail support pages contain most common issues faced by user. If you are very busy in some work, and you don’t have time to resolve issues or problem in this situation you can contact to the private support team which work independently and definitely resolve your problems of your Hotmail account. This private support team is not only providing solutions for Hotmail, but also you get free PC health checkup from this team. This is the extra added on features of other independently worked companies.

For security purpose, window live Hotmail also makes a use of your PC firewall system. Your PC firewall protection system is always on, so that your account and data is totally secure. It is also recommended for user to don’t access your account from a public computer. Since some cookies and cache are automatically saved on that computer, with the help of this data hackers can access your data as well account also.

For security of your account, you can use the single security code system instead of your email password for accessing your account. If you are having a hotmail account make sure that your account is safe for help, you can also dial Hotmail Support Number which provides its service 24/7.

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