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Hotmail has been one of the popular email service providers that were the first electronic mail application which permitted individuals to be liberated from the shackles of ISP based subscription mail services. With Hotmail the idea of signing into your email service arrived from anyplace on the world, as long as you found a web browser with an internet connection and you should remember your username and password. Hotmail was launched in the late nineties after which it turned out to be a part of MSN. Hotmail has many interesting features and this is the reasons why users still love to use the Hotmail Customer Service.

Hotmail customer service number

There are many services provided by hotmail and multiple benefits provided by it. All this benefit is provided by hotmail for its users so that they can enjoy its services more worthily. There all multiple benefits of using the Hotmail services some of which:

  1. You can delete, move, categorize, mark as read/unread, sweep, and junk a message in one click using instant actions.
  2. You can sign into your Hotmail account utilizing a onetime password by means of SMS so that you don’t need to enter your password in case you’re utilizing a shared PC.
  3. Hotmail offers POP access on individual premise.
  4. Your information is fully secured with your hotmail account.
  5. You can search any mails within second in the hotmail account.
  6. The interface of hotmail is very easy and simple to operate.
  7. You can find easily if anyone spying on your hotmail account.
  8. Mails are easily organized and arranged in different folders.
  9. The rich content configuration permits you to move and customize the emails into various folders and so forth.
  10. IMAP access can be created to different internet directories through your Hotmail account.
  11. You can direct message and share things to your friends on social networking sites.
  12. You will get a search option on your hotmail account to search anything you want.
  13. A revamped scanning facility is there on your hotmail account.

Hotmail conatct number

For further help to any hotmail problems call Hotmail Contact Number.  By calling this Hotmail Customer Service Number  0800 098 8424 you can obtain easy help to any of the hotmail problem.

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