Hotmail Support- Shortcuts and Issue related to Outlook Commands

Nowadays there so many web mail services are available like Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo. But it is found in survey that most of the people are using outlook. Outlook and Hotmail, both are same. This webmail service enables user to send the mails to anywhere in the world. This is the reason why the outlook is selected by most of the peoples, since outlook has additional outlook features which make webmail service very easy. Some of the features of Outlook are:

A collection of all Data Together: User can add all contacts of different system in outlook. Due to this user can collect all data like meeting schedules, calendar and email setup all together in outlook more efficiently.

Offline Features: If the user doesn’t have internet connectivity still the user can search outlook offline emails.

Proper Arrangement of Email: By using the outlook categorization and organizing of emails is becoming so easy.

These are some features of outlook. Outlook not only has this feature but also it has so many different features which make easier use of outlook for the user.

Hotmail shortcutShortcuts used in outlook

Shortcuts are mainly for saving the time. In outlook, there are various types of shortcuts so with the help of this shortcut user can do their work very fast and efficiently. Few shortcuts of outlook are as follows:

  • Ctrl + R: For replying the emails.
  • ALT + R: replying to all emails as per the calendar view.
  • ALT + W: forward email as per calendar view.
  • Ctrl + M: F9 to send or receive all
  • ALT + S: for sending the email
  • Ctrl + G: open the ‘Go to date’ dialog to any date in the calendar.

Some common issue faced by users while using outlook:

  1. Email Sending and Receiving Problem: This issue is mainly caused by a network error or server connectivity. This issue is the most common issue faced by any user.
  2. Account Hacked: If this issue arrives, then directly contact with the Hotmail Customer Service Number help desk team. On this issue outlook team is continuously doing research so that they can prevent this issue.
  3. Email Attachment Failed: If the users have issues like this then first check the internet connectivity. If still there is a problem then contact customer support team.


These are the some common issue that openly faced by user. But user can contact the outlook support team for any problem as well for finding the shortcuts as well any features also. Since this user can dial toll free Hotmail Contact Number 24/7 otherwise the user can drop an email or can make a live chat for resolving the issues.


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