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Microsoft’s Hotmail has moved beyond just an e-mail service and become a true Web-based organizer. Along with many new features, the updated hotmail provide you various other services. Hotmail is well versed with the fact that when there are several other features to help to users so they will like and will enjoy hotmail more efficiently and effectively. Other than its mail services whet attract its users are further helpful features like the calendar management and contact management.

Calendar features help user to stay updated with dates and manage them appropriately whereas Contact features helps in managing contact that are connected with the mail and also the other contacts within the mails. Both the services are accompanied with the hotmail mail account. These two services are:


Hotmail calendar

This feature of hotmail allows you to create multiple calendar, task list, notes and reminders, as well as the ability to share calendars and send meeting requests to the persons, you chose.

You will be able to view calendars from Windows Live Calendar in your Hotmail account, including other people’s calendars who have shared with you.

You can view multiple calendars at the same time.

You can categorize your appointments

Changes on Hotmail calendar will automatically visible on Web version of that calendar.

You publish or privately share your calendar with whomever you want.

How to share calendar:

  • In Calendar, click Share
  • Click the name of the calendar you want to share.
  • Click Share with people you choose.
  • Click email addresses of people.
  • Select the level of access from the dropdown.
  • Click Share.

You can also send link to request the share, you have different level of permissions, which you can assign accordingly.


hotmail contact service

Hotmail users can use contact management, which used to known as Windows Live Contacts earlier and before that Windows Live People. Hotmail contacts updates automatically in real time and removes duplicate entries. It enables you:

  • To access to your contacts
  • To share their up-to-date contact information with the people you choose.
  • To have a single contact list for other applications like messenger.
  • To create group of contacts and share information group wise.
  • To integrate with social network sites like facebook and twitter.

For further information or if you need any help about hotmail features and other service dial the Hotmail Support Number UK for instant help and get solution to all your queries. When you call at Hotmail Contact Phone Number 0800 098 8424 you are directed to these specialized executives who will ask your particular question and get it resolved as soon as possible.

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