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Sometimes using the email services people get trouble due to the spam mails. The problem of spam mails can be happened with many of the reasons and one of the main reasons for this is the hacking of your account. In such cases you may call direct dial Hotmail Contact Number for instant help. It would be possible when someone else is using your account and you are not aware of it and facing the problem of unnecessary mails which are forwarded from your mail account to others which may hurt your image and may lead you in problems.

Hotmail spam email

To recover from this spam mails you should first check your sent mails that they are sent from your email account which you do not identify. If you find some sent mails that are not actually sent by you it is obvious that someone else has access to your account and he is sending mails from your mail.

You can check your activity log which you should easily recognize, if you find some activities you have not done it would let you know that your account is being used by someone else. When you get confirmation that your account is used by someone else your first and foremost step is to check your account’s security settings in which you should change your password first and make it more strong than before.

Users are also advised to scan your device on which you are using your hotmail account to eliminate the malware and viruses if any. It is also advisable to check the alternate email address or mobile number if it had been changed, please change it as soon as possible. Alternate email or phone number can be the best way to recover your lost account. With easy & simple steps one can recover their hotmail account.

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After such changes if the customers are still complaining that their account is sending the spam mail in this situation user must check their signature over the mail because many time hackers embedded their own website or email address with the signature, and this is undetectable. In this case removes your signature first and the embedded email address or the website, and if you want a signature in your mail, you should add it again.

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