Famous and Best Email Applications for Outlook

The outlook has been popular among people for many years as the Outlook has many interesting features and applications. As the technological rise Outlook has also updated its applications for their users to get the updated features of Outlook. To know about the latest and advance features of outlook stay connected to Hotmail Support Number.

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There are many interesting applications of Outlook the list in endless and it is almost impossible to mention all of them altogether. But some of interesting features of hotmail can be noted with which Outlook has proved that it is moving with time and technology for their users. Some of these applications are worth mentioning and they are as follows:

  1. Multiple Email Accounts on Mobile Apps: With the new Outlook version of mobile apps users can add email accounts from Outlook.com, Gmail, cloud or Yahoo. The best part of Outlook is that they all of them appear in unified box. These features can also be applied to the desktop version of Outlook.
  2. Advanced Inbox: By advanced inbox facility from Outlook it becomes possible for categorized the focused messages and other messages. Focused messages are the messages which are important for the users at priority basis and will be available to them firstly when you will check your mail on mobile devices, and other messages can wait until you get back to your desk. You can move mail or messages manually into or out of the Focused inbox and the app.
  3. Swipe to Schedule: With the swipe function user can swipe left or right on messages to perform different function and this can be done with settings. A user can choose to move, delete, archive, schedule, flag, mark as read/unread messages simply by swiping left or swiping right.
  4. Cloud Integration and File attachments: Now Outlook on mobile allows the user to integrate Drop box, Google Drive, One Drive and other cloud storage accounts with the application of quick access to all the files the user has.

The file attachments on mobile is also very easier, when a user taps the file icon at the bottom of the app, it will display the recent file attachments in their email, separated by email account. These are few of the hotmail application there are variety of other hotmail application which can be used by hotmail users. To stay updated with hotmail application use Hotmail customer service number and get answer for your queries.

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