Easily Deal with Online Abuse and Phishing Scam in Hotmail

Hotmail is supposed to be the most used mailing platform that offers wide spread qualifying features. Further the attempts to provide easily accessible functionality. With the increasing online fraud that uses email, websites, chat rooms or message boards to trick recipients into giving out personal information, Hotmail accounts are also in danger. Hotmail Helpline Number provides reliable measures to manage the email account in an effective manner.

Email Phishing Scam

This involves Phishes that use a range of cynical devices to steal information that includes pop-up windows, URL masks which simulate real Web addresses, and keystroke loggers that steal account names and passwords. The phishing emails are mainly designed to perform the thefts. With the increase of cybercrime in present time, Phishing is done to steal your personal information from your computer. When you come across any email with wrong spelling and bad grammar, then that mail could be malicious for your device.

Fix Phishing Scam in Hotmail

How to Deal With Phishing Scam?

Now the question arises how we can deal with such abuse and phishing in Hotmail account. If you are receiving threatening mails then call your local law enforcement without delay. You can also report to Hotmail.com about any harassment, impersonation, threats and other illegal activities by sending the email to abuse@hotmail.com.

You can include other information relevant for us, with the number of time you have received the mail. Make sure to mention, if you know the sender personally or not. Additionally, our technical team is here to help you anytime regarding any issue related to Hotmail. You need to make a call to the tech support team and then keep secure your email from spam. The experts deployed there are well trained and experienced. Before that, read out the following information given to you in this article.

Measure to protect yourself from Phishing Scam:

  • You won’t be able to find out the difference between a legitimate mail and Phishing scam. As phishing scam looks normal at first glance but it is meant to steal money and personal information.
  • Never send your personal details on email if you are asked to even if they are closed friends or relatives.
  • If you receive any suspicious email, never click on the link that will take you to company’s website.
  • Never ever open any attachment from any suspicious mail.
  • You always have an option of contacting the company through phone call or web browser to make sure if the email was genuine or not.
  • You have an option to search the web for the email subject line followed by the word Hoax to check if anyone has reported this as spam.

If you are unable to stop the phishing or spoofing issues in your account then you can contact to the Hotmail Support Phone Number 0800 098 8400 to obtain the smart and advanced measures to fix down the all issues in an easy manner. The tech support experts are highly qualified and skilled technicians who are always ready to help the users.

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