Different views available in Outlook.com account

Outlook account is user friendly and an advanced mail service provided to its users. It has enhanced and attractive design that user likes to use. It provides an extraordinary design and attractive look for its users. But to make the experience more worth outlook allows its users to customize their online view of account.

outlook view

What is a view?

Each Microsoft account provides mail service whether it is hotmail or outlook it has various features. Every Microsoft outlook accounts has different Outlook folder like Inbox, sent, trash etc. Other than this it has several other services like Calendar. All this items of its features and services it displays in an attractive and structured layout which is called a view. In short a view of outlook is how the mail service is visible to its users.

There are several standard views available for displaying folder and features in outlook. An outlook user can even choose from available alternative views or can also create their custom views. A view of outlook compose a view type, fields, colors, fonts, and many other settings this all together provides different ways with which items in a folder in a mail can be visualized.

Different types of view in outlook

There are several types of view available in outlook. A user can choose the best suitable Outlook view for his hotmail account. Several types of view are:

  1. Business card view – In this view a user can view data similarly like the series of Electronic Business Card (EBC) images.
  2. Calendar View – With this view outlook user can view data in a format of calendar.
  3. Card View – This view allows user to view data in a series of cards.
  4. Icon View – This view is the most user friendly view that allows data to be visible as icons. Just like that in Windows 8 or Internet explorer.
  5. Table View – With this view user can view data in a simple, field based table.
  6. Timeline View – This is view that enable viewing data in a customizable linear time line format.

Hotmail contact support number

An outlook user can select from the above available views so as to customize its use on outlook. If you do not know that how to set up a view for outlook account you can take help from Hotmail Technical Support Contact Number. If you need any other help to any other hotmail problem you can also get instant help by calling the hotmail helpline number any time.

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