Changing hotmail password is sufficient when Hotmail account has been hacked???

Hotmail hacking is a series problem these days. Many users are frustrated with this problem. In such cases they search for alternatives and need some permanent solution. In such cases it is advisable to take instant help by calling Hotmail Helpline Number.

hotmail account hacked

Often it is suggested that you must immediately change hotmail password in case you feel that your hotmail account has been compromised. It is advisable because password is a key to your account. The other person has access to your account only till he has your password. Once you change your password he will no longer be able to get into your account and thus you must change your hotmail password at first.

Though in several cases only changing of password does not work you need to follow certain other steps following:

  1. Account information – While creating a hotmail account it ask you enter several information. You enter them so that in case of hacking hotmail can recognize the actual owner of hotmail. Thus in cases when you feel that your hotmail account is hacked you must immediately check this information make sure it is not changed and if you notice any change you must immediately change this information.
  2. Alternative email addresses – Alternative email address is always asked by hotmail while at the time of registration. This must never be avoided because in case you lost access to your account this email address can help you recover your hotmail account. In cases of hacking the hacker change this address with a motive that you will not be able to get back access to your account by any means thus as soon as you get into your account and you feel this has been changed you must immediately change it back to your existing alternative email address.
  3. Secret questions – At the time of creating of hotmail account security question is must to answer. This may include question like you birth place, mother first name etc. This question must be always remembered because at the time of hacking this can be important to make to identify. Hacker may also change this security question once he is in to your account thus it is advisable to check this security questions and answers also.
  4. Mobile number – Other than the alternative email address mobile numbers can also be a way to recover your lost hotmail account. With this mobile number you can receive a code that can help you recover your account thus after entering in to your account at the time of hack check that it is correct.

hotmail conatct number

In case when you are unable to recognize that what must be done in the case of hotmail account hack. Take instant help from Hotmail Contact Number and get best answer for your queries. Additionally, you can direct dial Hotmail Phone Number 0800 098 8400 for instant and appropriate solution.

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