New features of Outlook

Outlook is a service provided by Microsoft. Microsoft keeps on updating outlook for the welfare of the outlook users. Outlook provides best mail services and because it is one of the safest medium of mailing thus it is widely used in offices and big organization. As compared to other mail services outlook is often used for official use though many users also use it for their personal use. All the features and outlook updates are for the welfare of user and thus people must change with the change. Some of the new features of outlook are:

outlook email account

  1. Clutter – Clutter is used for managing outlook inbox. With the help of clutter you can sort the messages. You can move the unwanted and not important mails in to a separate folder so that you can concentrate on important one.
  2. New theme – With the recent update outlook has added 13 more themes for the outlook inbox.
  3. Updating in refiners – Refiners are used to provide fast and best result for your search queries. Outlook has also updated refiners and search suggestion option.
  4. Add–ins – Other than existing Outlook add ins like Bing maps, My templates Outlook will now have third party Add-ins like PayPal, Boomerang etc for the benefit of the users.
  5. Link previews – When you link a hyperlink in your mail outlook it will now display a rich preview of that particular link.
  6. Inline image – Unlike other mails, images in outlook can be now be pasted directly in the mail body itself.
  7. Multitasking – Outlook users will now be able to read and compose simultaneously with the help of pop outs. This will provide ease in email services.
  8. Pins and flags – With pins and flag one can decide the priority of mails such that important emails can be pinned to the top of the inbox.

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How to change your Hotmail account to Outlook account

If you are a hotmail user or already have an email account with Hotmail then you must have heard that Hotmail is changing to but you don’t have to create the new email accounts with outlook as your existing email accounts will work on .

Two things which are changing from Hotmail account to Outlook account

Automatically upgrade your Hotmail account interface to new outlook account interface: You sign in using a web browser, you can simply do that by visiting website and login using your Hotmail account credentials.

Convert your Hotmail account to yourself: In case, you need to add an alias to your account. To create an alias you can follow these simple steps.

  • Sign into your email account then click on “option” link which is shown on right hand side of email account page.

hotmail account option

  • At the bottom of “Managing your account” section, click on create an alias.

Hotmail email help

  • It’ll open the page you enter your desired “Email address” in the box then click on “Create an alias” button.

Create an outlook alias

  • And at last it’ll ask for verification whether you want to receive the new email in an inbox folder then choose the desired option and click on “Done” button.

verify an outlook alias

[Note: You’ll need to continue to use your primary account name email address to sign in and you cannot login into your email account using the alias.]

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Microsoft Outlook now has 1 million Indian users

Earlier when hotmail changed its mail services as Outlook, users were confused and many needed to go back to their hotmail account. After several months people have started excepting the change and liking the Outlook email services. According to The Hindu Business Line, the company’s new email service now has 1 million Indian users. India being one of the interesting markets for internet has always been best for hotmail also. Gmail being popular mail services used in India. Hotmail also had large number of users in India. When hotmail changed to Outlook people were expressing their positive as well negative thoughts over the change but now people have adopted the new Outlook mail services. Microsoft had also announced that now has 25 million active users many of them have also migrated from Gmail.

Improvements and fixes in Outlook

  • Now you can add new contact with birthday in Outlook 2010.
  • Now you can change the view of thecontact
  • Now you can add the birthday and Anniversary field to the contact list.
  • Now you can change the time zone setting.
  • Now you can create new conditional formatting that filters items by a specific category.
  • Now you can add a calendar in a public folder.
  • Now you can search items in the calendar.
  • Now you can open a folder in a shared mailbox by using Editor permission in Outlook 2010.
  • Now you can configure Outlook 2010 to connect to your mailbox by using the MAPI over HTTP protocol.
  • Now you can open a meeting in a resource mailbox by using a delegate account in Outlook 2010.

Email Phishing Scam

How to Identify a Phishing Email?

There are a few telltale signs that this is a phishing scam.

  1. It asks for personal information. No legitimate company, including Microsoft, will ever ask you for personal information via email. That includes your username, password and date of birth. This is the biggest red flag.
  2. It contains poor grammar, misspellings and looks unprofessional. If you receive an email claiming to be from a large enterprise, like Microsoft, with grammatical mistakes and misspellings, you can be sure it did not really originate from them. Large companies ensure that their emails look professional. In the case of this Windows Live phishing email, the subject line and from field are enough to give it away. Note the double exclamation marks and missing space in the subject line. Also note that the word ‘team’ in the from field is written in all capital letters. You don’t even need to click on the email to know it’s a scam.
  3. The sender’s email address is unprofessional. First, it’s from an MSN account, which anyone on the Internet can get for free, instead of from an official Microsoft domain. Second, the first part of the email address is ‘lbhughes100’, again very unprofessional looking (and suspicious).
  4. There is a sense of urgency. This pressures you into feeling like you need to take action right away, and do not have the time to research the legitimacy of it.

Hotmail password problems

There are many types of password issues:

1.  forgot password,

2. password lost,

3. hacked password,

4. password security,

5. unable to create secure password,


Hotmail helpline number
Hotmail helpline number

6. password compromised,

7. password has been hacked by unknown person,

8. unable to remember password

9. and other password related issues

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