How to change country setting for your Hotmail profile

When you first register to make a Hotmail account, part of the detail that is asked for your profile is your current location by giving you a chance to choose a country from the relating “Nation/region” dropdown menu. This data is used as a part of a few different routes, one of which is focused on marketing declarations from Microsoft. Another is to show the climate in your area in the Windows Live Home screen, and so on. In this blog our Hotmail customer service number will show you industry standards to change your Hotmail country setting, which will influence your whole Windows Live profile.

Update your country and region in Hotmail

change country in hotmailLogin to Hotmail account, click “options” dropdown menu and pick more choices.

When the Hotmail alternatives screen loads, you will discover an “Account info” interface inside the primary area (“Managing your account”) – tap on it.

Since these are personal data in your profile, Hotmail will first demand that you affirm “that you will be you” throughout validation: type your Hotmail account password when aggravated to do as such.

In the account manage page, which contains the most crucial settings for your hotmail account, including your birthday, first and last name, and so forth. In the line that peruses “Country/locale“, tap on the “Change” button.

Now Hotmail will show the page of “Registered Info”, which holds most of the significant details about your profile and account you entered when first joining to create your account. If necessary, look to see the second segment of settings, marked “Home location“.

Then Hotmail accompanies more than simply your country with regards to regional settings: when you change your nation by picking an alternate decision in the “Country/area” menu, it will likewise offer you a chance to pick a state or other regional subdivision, a postal division or postal code, a period zone and language setting.

Once you have changed nation for your Hotmail account, and tap “Save” catch to apply the change to or manage your Hotmail profile. Then again tap on “Cancel” to keep your present nation.

Hotmail customer support

If you are not able to change your country setting and can’t manage your current location for Hotmail profile then no need to worry, you can take instant help by dialing third party Hotmail helpline phone number 0800-098-8400. Customer satisfaction is our main objective and we feel happy to help you!!!

How to add Social Accounts on

Outlook is an interesting mail service provided by Microsoft. Used by millions of customers worldwide, Hotmail is a mail application that provides extra secure platform for mails and thus it is widely used in several offices worldwide. Other than this it is also used for personal mails. It provides ultimate connectivity with security.

connect social networking site on outlook

With hotmail its users get an ultimate experience and thus Hotmail of Microsoft is a wise choice to make when it comes to mail service and now it has also integrated Social accounts compatibility.  This is a very interesting application that hotmail now provides. With this now an outlook user can add social media account to its account. By following simple steps to connect social Networks compatibility to you can check you social media updates within your hotmail account. The steps to add your social nets with inbox are:

  1. To add an account go to set up panel in your hotmail email account
  2. Select the social network that you wish to add that can be Facebook, Twitter, Lindedin, Flickr or Google videos.
  3. Simply add it.

By this you are connected to social media account. Using ¨add¨ function you can connect to any of the following – Facebook, Twitter, Lindedin, Flickr with your account mail. This connectivity you can get huge number of functions that Outlook allows. With this you can change the status, update it, can send messages, share links etc.

hotmail technical support number

To get help to any hotmail problem call the Hotmail customer service department and directly talk to hotmail support specialist who give the proper solution all hotmail email related problems. You can get instant help by calling the hotmail technical support contact phone number.

Hotmail Technical Support With Hotmail UK Contact Number

Hotmail is one of the world first free web mail service provide by Microsoft. It is founded by Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith in 1996. Hotmail provides best email services and support for their users. It also offers many features like instant messaging, spam filtering, send huge file and superb user interface that build it famous in corporate as well in personal and professional uses.

Are you facing Hotmail email problem?

Hotmail support number

Sometime hotmail users faced many problems in hotmail like forgot or lost password, forgot email address, account hacked, password security, spam problem, password compromised, setting errors and other technical issues. If in case this situation occurs then there is no need to worry now. If you are suffering from Hotmail’s email problem or any other problem then you can contact our Hotmail contact support number 0800-310-1044 for instant help.

Hotmail Contact Number

hotmail contact number

Hotmail contact number is a third party number to give all the best answer and support to their customers. It’s main focus is on customer’s satisfaction. Additionally, this is a toll free Hotmail helpline number and you don’t have to worry about paying any charges for dialing this number. We are available all the time to get solution for your all hotmail problems.