Advantages of using Hotmail’s Outlook

Hotmail is converted into Outlook some days before it was done with a motive to provide an enhanced and more advanced user experience. Though people loved hotmail which they were using since years and rejected to adopt outlook for several days but soon with the advantages and benefits of Outlook, people adopted it very soon. Now the users can experience the enhanced benefits with advanced features in Outlook. Some of these features are:

Outlook email support

Great Search with Outlook:

The new Outlook of Hotmail has strong search function. You can find any mail in a single search even if you have thousands of emails in your account. With the option of advance search you can search the mails by sender, date, subject, folder etc.

Categories for the Emails:

There are predefined categories and sections for each mail according to their type and the users can also create new categories of their wish which they can manage easily. With the help of categories it will be easy for you to see the emails according to their sections anytime.

Filtration of Emails at Specified Place:

You can filter mails by making guidelines and you can arrange them in different folders. New folder and sub folders can be made and you will be able to send certain incoming emails into these folders by setting guideline.

Pin Mail:

Try not to overlooked essential email by sticking it on the top. If you have something important in your mail and you would prefer not to lose beneath different emails then utilize this option of pin mail. This feature is really useful for students, business persons etc.

Wunderlist, Boomerang, Evernote, Uber, PayPal add ins:

Efficient applications like Wunderlist, Evernote and Boomerang are incorporated with Outlook account. Your Hotmail email can be spared as task in Wunderlist, as note in Evernote and Boomerang. These profitability devices definitely help you to stay sorted and organized.

Mails Save to OneNote:

In Hotmail email, mails can be straightforwardly saved to One Note. This element permits you to save your Air tickets, online bills and important mails to One Note.

Hotmail customer support contact number

Outlook is indeed a great platform of mail service. For more updates and features of outlook stay in touch to  In case you are in any hotmail problem immediately call Hotmail customer support contact number for instant help. By calling this Hotmail customer service number you can acquire instant help to all hotmail problems.

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