3 Best Email Short Tricks for Easy Way to Use Outlook

Hotmail rise as a leading mail platform few years later since then it has been a fruitful experience for both official and personal users. Hotmail always grew with user base and by providing customer oriented services it becomes a leading mail platform.  Thanks to the additional services that were bundled along with the mail services of outlook that user get such an enhanced experience from their Hotmail platform. Today Microsoft is the proud owner of one of the most popular email services of today’s times and that is Hotmail but still it has not compromised with wonderful mail services in any means. Hotmail is best and also user friendly but still in case of problem easy help may be obtained from Hotmail Support Number UK.

Even though outlook is already an enhanced mail platform that provides effective mail services but to make it more meaningful on outlook it provides several email shortcuts that a user may use to enjoy enhanced experience on Hotmail.

Learn About Outlook Email Short Tricks via Hotmail Support Contact Number

Even though there exist plenty of capable mail platform still they are not sufficient enough to compete outlook because outlook provides better features for sorting, filtering, categorizing and wrangling inbox as per the needs of users. Some of the tactics for outlook email are:Outlook email short tricks

  1. Limit desktop notifications –  Outlook knows that continuous notification can be pretty irritating so it let you get notifies only for most important emails as you decide leaving  behind the one you don’t feel are important. Each day plenty of mails enter your outlook inbox out of which only few are actually useful. You can choose the option to receive desktop notifications only for the most important alerts. If you do not need any notification you can simply turn off all desktop alerts under the Mail Options.
  2. Gathering the CC emails – Many times you are not the actual receiver of the email messages but the email has been sent to you only because you are somehow associated with the mails. These mails are irritating in cases when you are actually eagerly waiting for some of your important mails in such cases you can keep all these mails asides which aren’t sent directly to you out of your inbox. One of the best tips to keep them away is by using the special “Inbox – CC” feature of outlook. You may simply send all CC emails in a separate folder with the same name. With this you can automatically schedule outlook to gather all the emails in the same folder or you may send each manually to the folder. With this you will get a way to focus on only the most important emails leaving behind the unwanted one.
  3. Use email templates in outlook – There may be times when you need to send same message more than one time in your outlook. In such cases it is advisable to use the template feature of outlook so that you are not required to write the same email twice. When you are actually tired of entering the same piece of text again and again for those emails you send often such as requests for information or reminders of due invoices simply save the text as sample format as a template and when required just open it and create a new mail message to send it again.

With this efficient feature of outlook it is sure that your outlook experience will become enhanced and enjoying but further if you face any problem applying any of this feature on your outlook account you may obtain easy help from Hotmail Contact Number 0800-098-8400 anytime without any hesitation.

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Hotmail is generally the most favorable and used email service that is uniquely designed to give the perfect email access to the users to perform the desired mailing works easily. You can create your own email account with the help of some easy steps and thus you are able to use its features in communicating with people. You can send and receive emails and much more to your friends and relatives. This is one of the earliest email services that are highly popular all over the world. Hotmail is well known for offering various attractive features to all its customers. But at the same time, there are different technical issues that the Hotmail E-mail users may have to confront. Whether you are not so able to attach a file to the email or having trouble with your email account settings, you can get prompt solutions to any Hotmail related problems from our proficient Hotmail Technical Support Number. You will avail proper help and satisfactory measures that help you in managing your all works and fixing your Hotmail issues.


There are numerous issues generally arises in this email service that will not let the users to communicate with people swiftly. With some efforts users trying to fix the issues on their own, but they are not capable of solving the issues. In case, users trying to resolve the issues on their own but due to lack of knowledge they are not able to do so properly. For that case, you should connect with the tech support team where you will meet all the measures of your issues. This is one of the best ways to resolve your all issues. This is absolutely very easy to avail their help and support; you just need to make a call to the tech support team experts.

There are different problems that the Hotmail users may have to face while accessing their email account. Some of technical issues that may occur in your account are mentioned below:

  •        Unable to login to your Hotmail Account.
  •        Forgot the Hotmail password.
  •        Unable to download the attached files.
  •        Emails are missing from the Hotmail inbox.
  •        Unable to edit MS office documents attached with an email.
  •        Problem with the tech party email configuration.
  •        Not able to communicate with people.
  •        Hotmail Account is compromised.
  •        Getting emails from the blocked email addresses.
  •        Not able to access the Skype account from the Hotmail inbox.

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Hotmail service is a reliable email service provider that understands the trouble a user has to face when he is having trouble with the Hotmail services. That is the reason of providing solutions to the users. In case, you are confronting any serious problem or you stuck with any trouble, then you can contact to the Hotmail Helpline Number 0800 098 8400 to get the reliable and brilliant solutions to fix down the all issues appropriately. You will also get proper assistance by the tech support experts.