How to Make Your Email Account Trouble-free?

These days our personal and professional life has been practically reliant on the technology like email messaging, chatting, sharing documents and folders, business communication through email some more. Expanding the utilization of technology a large portion of the service provider organizations has assumed responsibility to give that service. Hotmail is a standout amongst the most well known names among other email benefit and service provider like Gmail, AOL, Yahoo etc. It is running under the standard of Microsoft and its email services broadly used by the cream layer to gather all around the globe. Doubtlessly Hotmail has incredible feature and every one of the clients are getting a charge out of email service. Likewise to give the latest email features Hotmail update its features much of the time, at some point clients even not ready to comprehend about the updated highlights, it gets updated again which once in a while cause mistakes and client confront issues.

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Make your email account trouble-free?

Hotmail doesn’t give guide technical help to the consistent Hotmail clients, this service only accessible for the premium paid clients that give by Microsoft itself. Those clients have registered as free email account with Hotmail, just support in the form online support text page. We, as a third party Hotmail customer service number has a group of experienced persons to deal with your email issues as:-

  •         Hotmail account sign-in issue
  •         Hotmail email password related problems
  •         Unable to get attach file or document in the mail.
  •         Configuration email account issue
  •         Hotmail account working very slow
  •         Recovery of lost and hacked email account issue

Why Need To Call Hotmail Phone Number?

To get the best Hotmail email service with no bother, we have joined Hotmail contact number professionals that will work for you to fix your all the email related issues. If we discuss the old innovation time, when any issue happen in individual or professional email account clients may call to the specialist and hold up till he came and alter the issue. While here you don’t need be, hold up a moment simply take after the directions and resolve your issues online in a moment on just a phone call.

The lists said above are not correct issues it can differ from client to client and come in any of the forms; we are here prepared with weapons to alter these issues at any time. If you are having Hotmail email account technical issues don’t stress, we are just one phone call away. Presently put require your email issue and technical question whenever from any area.

Unable to Solve Hotmail Issues!!!

If you are utilizing the windows-live hotmail, you should store the account password and in addition user id in a safe place. Hotmail has another brand name and it is outlook. Really, outlook is the email benefit, which is controlled by the Microsoft. It is informed that is one of the world’s biggest web-mail services. Hotmail was established in 1996. Sabeer Bhatia, established hotmail. Microsoft obtained hotmail at $400, in 1997. Firstly, it was launched as MSN hotmail and afterward, rebranded as Windows Live Hotmail. Hotmail discharged their most recent or latest version, in the year of 2011. During the year 2011, outlook had around 360 million clients. In 2015, hotmail was accessible in more than 360 dialects. Hotmail highlights MDL of Microsoft. It additionally emulates interface of the Microsoft outlook. This email service likewise features calendar, boundless capacity, one drive, individuals and skype.

About MSN Hotmail:

Hotmail was bought by Microsoft and joined with the MSN. Hotmail was able for increasing huge crowded inside the most limited conceivable time as this was confined for an extensive number of business sectors, around the globe. Hotmail kept running on the blend of SOS and additionally FreeBSD. A venture was introduced with a specific end goal to move hotmail to the windows 2000. Microsoft pronounced that it had been basic and following a few days they responded and also conceded that DNS functions were dependent on the FreeBSD. In the year 2002, hotmail ran their foundation on the UNIX servers. Later improvement watched service tied with the WAS of Microsoft, Microsoft account and incorporation with the texting and program of person to person communication of Microsoft.

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Forgot Hotmail account password

In the event that a person has forgotten his account password, the individual can take the help of Microsoft and if he utilizes the Account-recovery or resetting tool of Microsoft, he will be equipped for recovering his password, inside the limited time. He may require specifying the recovery mail and in addition verification application. He may likewise require noting a few inquiries, in regards to his account confirmation.

Hotmail issues

At times, an individual may confront the issue of signing into the hotmail and it is named as the hotmail down. Keeping in mind the end goal to determine hotmail issues, a person can take the help of their site or Hotmail contact number 0800-098-8400. In the business site of hotmail, he can likewise share his encounters. Proficient administration of Hotmail is constantly prepared to serve their clients with their commendable and also continuous services.

Hotmail Help & Support:

If anybody is confronting issues with his email, he may get the Hotmail customer service support number. He likewise may message hotmail about his issues. If he takes after the guidelines gave by the Hotmail, he may resolve them inside a limited capacity to focus time.

Hotmail Tech Support- Various Ways to Solve your Hotmail Issues

In the year 1997, Microsoft by Hotmail and with the time passes Hotmail has become one of the most popular and widely used email service providers around the world. Hotmail support as well Hotmail technical support services both is provided by Microsoft and for this service Hotmail Customer Service Number is available for the users which is free of charge, so that user get reliable and flexible service.

For creating accounts to Hotmail, you have to go to, click on register for a new account. Hotmail provides some domains which are and After creating an account, the user is able to send mails to anyone, anywhere as well user get unlimited storage and much more. You can also get support for how to access the account. Microsoft helps to look forward to various changes in service design.

Hotmail customer support

Free of cost online support is available for use. In their home page, some common and frequently ask issue with their solution are already explained. So that user can’t face any type of problem. If a user issues not listed in that data, then user can mail to Hotmail support team. Though Hotmail support pages contain most common issues faced by user. If you are very busy in some work, and you don’t have time to resolve issues or problem in this situation you can contact to the private support team which work independently and definitely resolve your problems of your Hotmail account. This private support team is not only providing solutions for Hotmail, but also you get free PC health checkup from this team. This is the extra added on features of other independently worked companies.

For security purpose, window live Hotmail also makes a use of your PC firewall system. Your PC firewall protection system is always on, so that your account and data is totally secure. It is also recommended for user to don’t access your account from a public computer. Since some cookies and cache are automatically saved on that computer, with the help of this data hackers can access your data as well account also.

For security of your account, you can use the single security code system instead of your email password for accessing your account. If you are having a hotmail account make sure that your account is safe for help, you can also dial Hotmail Support Number which provides its service 24/7.

Block everyone’s emails except Hotmail contacts

Somewhat known Windows Live Hotmail features permits you to genuinely take control of your inbox and the emails that achieve it, however letting just approved senders (Hotmail contacts and Hotmail safe senders) to break through to the most critical Hotmail email folder. This setting requires some clarifying, since it will simply playing it safe to guarantee that authentic communication reaches you, and in an auspicious way. You can configure this alternative effectively, and turn it back off whenever; anybody using a Hotmail email account for business may discover it a convenient approach to rapidly get to clients’ messages, for instance, remembering that prospects aren’t yet in your address book!

Hotmail Customer Support

May Hotmail Helpline Number also provide assistance for your hotmail account email problems.

Only permit contacts and safe senders to Hotmail email account inbox

  1.   If required, begin first by logging into your Hotmail account, and go to inbox. Once in, tap on the “Options” menu, and pick more choices from the menu.
  2.   The next page stacks is the “Hotmail option” that gives you a chance to customize your mail account and your account profile: under “Preventing junk or garbage mail” in the second segment, tap on the “Filters and reporting” option:
  3.   When the junk or garbage mail filters and spam reporting settings screen stacks next, you will see a few alternatives you can design; below “Pick a junk email filter”.
  4.   By default, “Standard – Mainly garbage message is sent to the junk email organizer” is chosen.
  5.   Instead, tap on the second choice: “Exclusive – Everything is sent to the garbage email organizer with the exception of messages from your contacts and safe senders, Hotmail service declarations, and cautions that you signed up for”.
  6.   This setting will basically block all emails sent to your Hotmail inbox by unapproved clients; in this way, when you sign-in to your Hotmail account, and go to your inbox, you will just observe messages from a handpicked rundown of contacts and safe senders you permitted to message you. Everything else will be consequently sent to the Hotmail Junk mail organizer, as spam typically is with the default setting.
  7.   Click on the “Save” button to spare your new setting and empower your selective inbox. Starting here on, all messages you get to that Hotmail account will take after this rule – take note of that the choice is not retroactive, and the present content of your inbox will stay untouched.

If you are having a problem with this procedure, then dial our third party Hotmail phone number 0800-098-8400 and get instant assistance through the technical experts at Hotmail help desk.

How to change country setting for your Hotmail profile

When you first register to make a Hotmail account, part of the detail that is asked for your profile is your current location by giving you a chance to choose a country from the relating “Nation/region” dropdown menu. This data is used as a part of a few different routes, one of which is focused on marketing declarations from Microsoft. Another is to show the climate in your area in the Windows Live Home screen, and so on. In this blog our Hotmail customer service number will show you industry standards to change your Hotmail country setting, which will influence your whole Windows Live profile.

Update your country and region in Hotmail

change country in hotmailLogin to Hotmail account, click “options” dropdown menu and pick more choices.

When the Hotmail alternatives screen loads, you will discover an “Account info” interface inside the primary area (“Managing your account”) – tap on it.

Since these are personal data in your profile, Hotmail will first demand that you affirm “that you will be you” throughout validation: type your Hotmail account password when aggravated to do as such.

In the account manage page, which contains the most crucial settings for your hotmail account, including your birthday, first and last name, and so forth. In the line that peruses “Country/locale“, tap on the “Change” button.

Now Hotmail will show the page of “Registered Info”, which holds most of the significant details about your profile and account you entered when first joining to create your account. If necessary, look to see the second segment of settings, marked “Home location“.

Then Hotmail accompanies more than simply your country with regards to regional settings: when you change your nation by picking an alternate decision in the “Country/area” menu, it will likewise offer you a chance to pick a state or other regional subdivision, a postal division or postal code, a period zone and language setting.

Once you have changed nation for your Hotmail account, and tap “Save” catch to apply the change to or manage your Hotmail profile. Then again tap on “Cancel” to keep your present nation.

Hotmail customer support

If you are not able to change your country setting and can’t manage your current location for Hotmail profile then no need to worry, you can take instant help by dialing third party Hotmail helpline phone number 0800-098-8400. Customer satisfaction is our main objective and we feel happy to help you!!!

How to download Hotmail Messenger- Step by Step Guide

Hotmail messangerThe Hotmail Messenger download is free; we have already explained you about Hotmail Messenger but now this blog we will explain how to download the Hotmail Messenger in your used system, and step by step guide you through the Hotmail tech expert executives via Hotmail support number.

We will likewise display you what happens the first time when you dispatch or launch Hotmail Messenger, its primary window, and a few instant options to choose after the first run to make your Hotmail Messenger installation and utilize more pleasant. Let’s get started, and demonstrate to you best practices to download Hotmail Messenger from the Windows Live site.

Follow these given instructions to Download Hotmail Messenger:

  •         Your Hotmail Messenger download is totally free; for safety and security reasons, make a point to just download Hotmail Messenger from a trusted area: we prescribe that you just downloading the Hotmail Messenger from its official and authority site, and the Windows Live group.
  •         Once on the authority and official page of Hotmail Messenger, select your language of decision (English is chosen as a matter of course), and tap the expansive ‘Download’ button visible on the privilege of the page.
  •         Try not to ‘Save’ this download: rather, pick Run option – there is no compelling reason to save, in light of the fact that the program you are going to download is just a little installer, which itself will download the programs of Windows Live you select.

Hotmail Messenger installer download

download hotmail messanger

Here are some instructions about download the Hotmail Messenger installer

Once the installer has got done by downloading and launches choose the Messenger checkbox under the Choose the programs you need to introduce and install header. Then tap Install. The installer will now download Hotmail Messenger: contingent upon the speed of your internet connection with computer, this may take a few seconds. After the installer has completed the process of downloading Hotmail Messenger, it will manually introduce it on your PC.

You will realize that the installation was effective, and that Hotmail Messenger is presently on your PC when you see the “You’re practically done” screen. Change or keep your program’s internet searcher and home page, and then click ‘Continue’ button.

It is very easy to download Hotmail messenger, but in case of any problem and issue easy help & support can be obtained by Hotmail Helpline Number 0800-098-8400 or Hotmail help desk.

Hotmail Support- Shortcuts and Issue related to Outlook Commands

Nowadays there so many web mail services are available like Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo. But it is found in survey that most of the people are using outlook. Outlook and Hotmail, both are same. This webmail service enables user to send the mails to anywhere in the world. This is the reason why the outlook is selected by most of the peoples, since outlook has additional outlook features which make webmail service very easy. Some of the features of Outlook are:

A collection of all Data Together: User can add all contacts of different system in outlook. Due to this user can collect all data like meeting schedules, calendar and email setup all together in outlook more efficiently.

Offline Features: If the user doesn’t have internet connectivity still the user can search outlook offline emails.

Proper Arrangement of Email: By using the outlook categorization and organizing of emails is becoming so easy.

These are some features of outlook. Outlook not only has this feature but also it has so many different features which make easier use of outlook for the user.

Hotmail shortcutShortcuts used in outlook

Shortcuts are mainly for saving the time. In outlook, there are various types of shortcuts so with the help of this shortcut user can do their work very fast and efficiently. Few shortcuts of outlook are as follows:

  • Ctrl + R: For replying the emails.
  • ALT + R: replying to all emails as per the calendar view.
  • ALT + W: forward email as per calendar view.
  • Ctrl + M: F9 to send or receive all
  • ALT + S: for sending the email
  • Ctrl + G: open the ‘Go to date’ dialog to any date in the calendar.

Some common issue faced by users while using outlook:

  1. Email Sending and Receiving Problem: This issue is mainly caused by a network error or server connectivity. This issue is the most common issue faced by any user.
  2. Account Hacked: If this issue arrives, then directly contact with the Hotmail Customer Service Number help desk team. On this issue outlook team is continuously doing research so that they can prevent this issue.
  3. Email Attachment Failed: If the users have issues like this then first check the internet connectivity. If still there is a problem then contact customer support team.


These are the some common issue that openly faced by user. But user can contact the outlook support team for any problem as well for finding the shortcuts as well any features also. Since this user can dial toll free Hotmail Contact Number 24/7 otherwise the user can drop an email or can make a live chat for resolving the issues.


To Hide Unnecessary Apps on Windows Phone

It is indeed very interesting that with the recent updates in outlook now user can use hotmail online on their mobile devices. Outlook very well aware about the fact that its users are using its hotmail services on their mobile services and thus it has brought up recent updates in its windows hotmail apps. With this user get enhanced services of the hotmail on their phone. Once can now integrate hotmail on their windows phone and can use it anywhere they wish with their windows phone. This window hotmail integration is very easy and in case of problem you can acquire easy help by dialing Hotmail phone number.

Hide unnecessary apps on windows phone

Hotmail provides a set of apps for its users to use hotmail efficiently on their windows phone. There multiple set of apps available on phone. All this appears as a small icon on the phone so that user can use this whenever required. Sometimes this apps which are no more useful become irritating and user wish to hide them. Hotmail also provide the facility of hiding them.

You can hide them by these easy steps:

  • Go to view list apps option, here select Setup¨
  • Go to ¨Corner apps¨
  • Click on ¨Apps¨ & select ¨Protect my phone with password.
  • Create a password for app which you wish to have a limited use.
  • Select ¨Verification¨ to save changes.
  • To set the limit of the apps you can start Apps corner
  • To quit the apps mode simply click on  ¨on¨ button
  • Many additional options can be selected by selecting Action Centre, Adjustments and Advanced section respectively. For example in the advanced section users can find options to able or not the camera button. Other changes to the options of search button, rewind button, modify Start elements settings can also be done here.

Hotamil Helpline number

Changing the setting of apps with outlook is very easy with the Windows phone as hotmail provides user friendly environment for Windows hotmail use even though if user is unable to understand anything he can take instant help by calling Hotmail Helpline Number.