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The Hotmail is one of the oldest and most popular email providers among all the leading email providers and therefore it is most trusted among all. These types of email services which are very classic and are running from decades and fulfill all the needs are the basic necessity for the users who access the online services regularly. Email services are most widely used services today both in personal and professional which maintains the relations across the overseas.

Hotmail helpBut while using the technical things it is a fact that you will face some technical issues which may occur anytime you use the services and in such cases easy help can be obtained by calling Hotmail Contact Number. Hotmail is well known for its various functions and usability and if you want to know them properly, then the user has to be very specific, and it is possible and achievable when you will regularly use your mail account. But most of the users do not use their email account regularly and using it is neither possible nor necessary, but using the Hotmail for a less time will lead you to face problems and unnecessary help. Hotmail has provided the Hotmail tech support services and the customer service number is available online for all the users which are free for all.

Hotmail help number provides the best services of all mail providers and can be accessed and available for their users from any part of the world. Through this a user can solve their problem in a fastest way which they face in their Hotmail Account. It may happen that a user is busy in its work and suddenly the system gets crashed, this may not only cause a lot of problems in completion of the work, but will irritate the users unless the problem gets solved.

The Hotmail customer care service provider will give you the best solutions anytime and instant support to you with satisfied results. The technical team is very experienced and can solve all sorts of the customer problems with a very limited period of time in a best and accurate way.

Hotmail support number uk

There are some other ways through which you can solve your problem, but no other way is faster and easier than the Hotmail technical support number. Due to their best performance and effectiveness they are rated at the best customer care service around the world.

Mail service of Hotmail and its advanced features

Hotmail is indeed a real platform for mail services. It has been successfully delivering appreciable mail services since years to millions of users. It is because of its advanced features and advanced services that is so popular among its users. It offers such a user friendly platform that people enjoying using hotmail. The best part of hotmail is problems hardly occurs in it and in severe cases when problem occurs easy help can be acquired by dialing Hotmail support number

Advance hotmail feature

It is also because of the enhanced featured of hotmail that makes it worth using as compared to other available mailing services. Some of the exciting features of hotmail are:

  1. Hotmail offers high storage space of 5 GB for storage of data online.
  2. User can manage dated with calendar option and can store contacts with contact feature of hotmail within the mail itself.
  3. Hotmail can be used on all platforms including Internet explorer, Safari, Mozilla Firefox etc.
  4. It offers easy to use platform in which a user can easily navigate to use its multiple services and application.
  5. It is user friendly platform with multiple services and advanced features.
  6. One can also use hotmail via easy shortcuts available on keyboard.
  7. With message filter option of hotmail you can filter your search later.
  8. It offers easy shift between the mails.
  9. It also enable easy search of mails and messages.
  10. With mail folder option you can decide categories of mails as important or related to any particular topics.
  11. There is also the feature of auto upgrade with hotmail.
  12. Other than storage of the important contact online it also provides facility of importing and exporting of contact details.
  13. Mailing offers facilities of rich text formatting, rich text signature etc.
  14. There is option different regional language on the basis of countries.
  15. POP3 has also been recently enables in hotmail.
  16. One can chat, send & receive instant messages with advanced hotmail messenger.
  17. In case of problems easy help can be obtained by dialing Hotmail Phone Number.

Send Text Messages using Gmail, Yahoo Mail & Hotmail

Most of the people don’t have the full information about how to communicate electronically from their PC to a mobile phone. They think that they will need an internet connection or have to subscribe a data plan. Some years ago when the cell phones do not have the functionality of internet people used to send the messages to one another through traditional text messages. Today, almost all people are having the email accounts but they don’t know how to send the text messages through their email. To get help to this or any other outlook problem call Hotmail technical support number.

Here we are going to learn about how the text messages can be sent to the mobile phone through the different email applications like Gmail, Yahoo Mail and Hotmail etc.

send messages throgh email

Send Messages using Gmail: First of all login to the Gmail account and click on the down arrow just below the word chat on the left hand side of the screen of Gmail account. Select the chat settings and then left click on Labs, which is the right side of the Web Clips and right side of Offline. Enable the SMS in Chat gadget, scroll down and complete two more steps and enable the Text Messages (SMS) in Chat. Now go to the bottom button and Click Save.

Sending Messages using Yahoo Mail: Unlike the Gmail Yahoo Mail’s, text messaging is a very straight forward process. On Yahoo Mail you can simply click on the New Button near to the Check Mail Button and choose the text option, then enter your phone number and type message you want to send and click on send button. Yahoo simply sends the messages without any option of blocking the conversation.

Send Messages using Hotmail: Hotmail also have the option of sending the messages but this option is hidden in hotmail. This functionality is hidden in Windows Live Messenger, like other messaging apps, instant messaging is available both online and offline from the desktop. To start messaging to the mobile you have to click on the left hand side of the messenger screen and add the person you want to send the message to as a contact. The person gets a notification that you have added as a friend can respond to the invitation.

Hotmail phone number

Still if you have any confusion with sending of Hotmail mails you can take instant help by calling Hotmail Phone Number 0800 098 8400 and get easy solution for your any issues related to hotmail.

How to Change the Mobile Number Associated with Hotmail

change hotmail account mobile number

The mobile number which we feed in hotmail account plays a very important role. The mobile number will help user in many situations when they want to recover their password or account, or hacked by someone. But sometimes a user forgets their mobile numbers which they had configured in the hotmail account when the account was created. Now if they are having any problem in the present all the codes are getting sent to the phones they no longer have with them. So as to get instant help you can make a call to Hotmail phone number else try these things:

To keep the security part up to date here are some few steps:

If you are a user of Microsoft account that is the user of Hotmail, MSN, Live, or

  • You should first login to your account
  • Click on the display name in the upper right corner of Outlook Menu.
  • Click on Account Settings.
  • Click on Manage advanced security in the lower left.

You are about to change the security changes that’s why you will be asked for the verification through the mobile number or email address. When you will be asked to enter the alternate email address or mobile number which you don’t have then select “I don’t have any of these” and click next and use a recovery code.

  • Now click if you don’t have the recovery code.
  • Now the email address and phone number can be added.
  • Enter the information you choose phone or email and click next.

Now enter the code which was sent to your newly selected alternated email or phone number and click next.

change or add phone number

If the user has the access to the email address and phone numbers which they have previously configured then the process is very simple.

  • Go to the Manage Advanced Security.
  • Click on the number or the email address.
  • Click sends code.
  • Enter the code you received.
  • Finally arrived at the page where changes can be done.
  • It is a two step process: add the new and remove the old.
  • Choose the option of adding a new email or phone number.
  • Choose the option of code by text or by voice.
  • Click to send the code to confirm that you have access to the email address or phone number you’ve just provided.
  • Now enter that code which is arrived with new phone number or email address.
  • You are done with your new settings now.

hotmail customer service

Once you are done with all these things and is still not getting that what should be done so as to get immediate and instant solution you must take easy help by dialing Hotmail helpline number UK.

Changing hotmail password is sufficient when Hotmail account has been hacked???

Hotmail hacking is a series problem these days. Many users are frustrated with this problem. In such cases they search for alternatives and need some permanent solution. In such cases it is advisable to take instant help by calling Hotmail Helpline Number.

hotmail account hacked

Often it is suggested that you must immediately change hotmail password in case you feel that your hotmail account has been compromised. It is advisable because password is a key to your account. The other person has access to your account only till he has your password. Once you change your password he will no longer be able to get into your account and thus you must change your hotmail password at first.

Though in several cases only changing of password does not work you need to follow certain other steps following:

  1. Account information – While creating a hotmail account it ask you enter several information. You enter them so that in case of hacking hotmail can recognize the actual owner of hotmail. Thus in cases when you feel that your hotmail account is hacked you must immediately check this information make sure it is not changed and if you notice any change you must immediately change this information.
  2. Alternative email addresses – Alternative email address is always asked by hotmail while at the time of registration. This must never be avoided because in case you lost access to your account this email address can help you recover your hotmail account. In cases of hacking the hacker change this address with a motive that you will not be able to get back access to your account by any means thus as soon as you get into your account and you feel this has been changed you must immediately change it back to your existing alternative email address.
  3. Secret questions – At the time of creating of hotmail account security question is must to answer. This may include question like you birth place, mother first name etc. This question must be always remembered because at the time of hacking this can be important to make to identify. Hacker may also change this security question once he is in to your account thus it is advisable to check this security questions and answers also.
  4. Mobile number – Other than the alternative email address mobile numbers can also be a way to recover your lost hotmail account. With this mobile number you can receive a code that can help you recover your account thus after entering in to your account at the time of hack check that it is correct.

hotmail conatct number

In case when you are unable to recognize that what must be done in the case of hotmail account hack. Take instant help from Hotmail Contact Number and get best answer for your queries. Additionally, you can direct dial Hotmail Phone Number 0800 098 8400 for instant and appropriate solution.

How to add email signature on your Hotmail Account

hotmail email signature

Almost every email provider offers this feature of adding your signature to your emails so is Hotmail. Adding signature would be beneficial as it makes your mails looks more professional and also convey some information about you like your job profile, company name, number etc. Even though adding of signature to your mails is an easy process still in case you face any problem with it you can take adding signature help from Hotmail contact number.

Once you added a signature it will automatically attached with your all mails in any particular mail you want to remove it or change it then you can easily do that. Some people find it confusing and difficult that how to add signature to their hotmail account so let’s see the step wise procedure of adding signature:

Step 1:

Go to hotmail and login to your account if you already have one or sign up for the new account if you are a new hotmail user.

Step 2:

After successful login you will see a button “option” on the right side of the window click on this button.

Step 3:

Then in the list you need to click on “Customize Your Mail” menu and when you do so one more list will open then click on the option that says “Personal Email Signature.”  As and when you click on this a window will get open where you can generate your signature.

Step 4:

Write your signature there the way you want like whatever you want to include your name, designation, email addresses, addresses, etc. you can add logo or icons also. There will be many options to make your signature look better like font size, font type, color, alignment, emoticon etc. You can also add links like website link or blog link here in your signature.

Step 5:

Then click on the “Save” button to save the written signature. After saving your signature will be created and automatically attached with every single mail you will send.

hotmail technical support

Following the above steps will help you to create you email signature which you can edit any time but do not forget to save it every time you create or edit your hotmail account signature. Once you follow these easy steps you can add signature to your mails every time it is send in cases when you face any problem with this you must take immediate help from Hotmail Customer Service by dialing Hotmail Technical Support Number and get best answer for your all queries.

Safeguards for account receiving spam

Even though hotmail offer such an interesting and useful mail services sometimes users are prone to several problems with hotmail. Hotmail is indeed the best in mailing platform. User trust hotmail because of the privacy it offers to its users but due to problems like spam mails users are often in problems. To all types of problems related to hotmail you can call Hotmail Helpline Number.

Spam mail support

Spam mails are often identified by mails that disturb a user with blocks and unwanted access to mail. This also includes disturbing and annoying mails that may be time consuming. Even though hotmail offers different mails but sometimes some mails comes to your mail that ask for credit card details, security number, bank account details, password etc. If you feel you are receiving spam mails you must never reply to those mails with any information because this mails can be send to get access to your personal things and to use it inappropriately.

For this hotmail offers a special types of filters with which a user can restrict the entry of spams in to your mail inbox. There are certain guidelines that decide which mail is spam mail when this filters are updated spam mails will not be able to enter your mail.

To restrict spam’s followed these steps:

  1. In Microsoft portals like that in hotmail special filter exist by default. These smart screen filters restrict the entry of spam’s make it enable.
  2. Add list of senders and receiver restrict unwanted senders and receivers by yourself.
  3. You can also block the unwanted sender or the sender that is sending you spam mails.
  4. Only share your email id with people you know. Do not display your official and personal email on social sites.
  5. Avoid junk mails or reply to unwanted mails so that no further mail is send by that user again.

Hotmail Customer Service Number

You must remember that you should never reply t such mails with any information. Even after trying all these if nothing helps you must immediately take instant hotmail support. For spam receiving problems or any other hotmail related issues direct connect with Hotmail Customer Service Number for immediately help.

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Why should you change hotmail password periodically?

Hotmail is one of such platform that takes proper care of the safety and security of its users online. Hotmail takes care of information stored online on hotmail and never ever allows any types of online threat. Even though hotmail is such a secured platform still user ace problems of online threat.

Hotmail change password

This is because of the fact that even when outlook is so much concern about the privacy of its users, sometimes user themselves takes certain steps that acts as a hindrances in their online mail use.  In such cases hotmail often suggest its users to maintain a secured use and to remain safe by themselves.

For these hotmail suggests to follow these basic steps:

  1. Never share your account password or any other personal details such as recovery emails etc with anyone.
  2. Always sign out your account if you use it on a public platform.
  3. Keep a track over your personal information and make sure it is not changed by anyone else.
  4. Keep a secured password that cannot be easily tracked.
  5. Never reply to spam mails.
  6. Change password periodically.

Change hotmail password

You must make a habit of changing your hotmail password after fixed interval of time because. Password is a key to your account if anyone knows your hotmail password he may get into your account to use all its information. When you change it periodically you can maintain secured access to your account. In cases when you feel that you are having any problem in changing your hotmail password you must take easy and immediate help from Hotmail customer service number.

Changing of hotmail password is a very easy step: For hotmail change password follow this steps:

  1. In your Hotmail account click on the top right icon
  2. Choose manage your account
  3. Select security and privacy
  4. Select Change password
  5. Verify yourself
  6. Enter email address to send code to alternative email or mobile number
  7. Now enter current password and the new password 2 times.
  8. And Click on save button
  9. In case nothing help try taking help from Hotmail phone number 0800 098 8400. This is available anytime and anywhere without any effort.

Hotmail Customer Service Number

If in case you are finding different problems in your hotmail account for instant manage your account, ask expert hotmail customer support technician of Hotmail Helpline Number and ask for Hotmail Account Recovery help.