Hotmail useful Services for their Subscribers

The hotmail email service is one of the most popular and widely used email service used worldwide. The services provided by Hotmail to their users are just undefined. Hotmail mailing services are one of the oldest mail services which exist and still popular among users. You can easily make your account on hotmail and enjoy it for free.

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It is one of the reliable email services among all and is available in most of the countries around the world and you can access it from anywhere you will get the internet connection. The hotmail offers you the unlimited storage space for your large files and email attachments.

People can enjoy the efficient services of Hotmail by subscribing it as the hotmail have lots of benefits for their subscribers. Hotmail provides extra beneficial services to its clients. One can use all this services by making a hotmail account. Making a hotmail account is very easy and after you get this account you can login to your hotmail account to use these services. Some of these services are:

  1. Hotmail filters all the junk mail coming to your mail; you can see all your useful mail in important and urgent mails.
  1. You will get a larger inbox for your hotmail where you can store all important information for you. You can also email larger files very easily with hotmail.
  1. You can easily access all your mails only you should have an internet connection for it. You can also get the information about the topic you are searching for.
  1. You will get the fastest response and reply to your mail, if the person to whom you are sending the mail is online then you will get the instant response.
  1. You will get the enough security on hotmail for your personal information. No one can read your mails as you account is password secured. You should keep your password private to keep your account safe.

All these features will encourage you to start using the hotmail services which will provide you a safe way to communicate with your friends, companions and other professional persons.

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Hotmail Help: Hotmail Contact and Calendar Facilities

Microsoft’s Hotmail has moved beyond just an e-mail service and become a true Web-based organizer. Along with many new features, the updated hotmail provide you various other services. Hotmail is well versed with the fact that when there are several other features to help to users so they will like and will enjoy hotmail more efficiently and effectively. Other than its mail services whet attract its users are further helpful features like the calendar management and contact management.

Calendar features help user to stay updated with dates and manage them appropriately whereas Contact features helps in managing contact that are connected with the mail and also the other contacts within the mails. Both the services are accompanied with the hotmail mail account. These two services are:


Hotmail calendar

This feature of hotmail allows you to create multiple calendar, task list, notes and reminders, as well as the ability to share calendars and send meeting requests to the persons, you chose.

You will be able to view calendars from Windows Live Calendar in your Hotmail account, including other people’s calendars who have shared with you.

You can view multiple calendars at the same time.

You can categorize your appointments

Changes on Hotmail calendar will automatically visible on Web version of that calendar.

You publish or privately share your calendar with whomever you want.

How to share calendar:

  • In Calendar, click Share
  • Click the name of the calendar you want to share.
  • Click Share with people you choose.
  • Click email addresses of people.
  • Select the level of access from the dropdown.
  • Click Share.

You can also send link to request the share, you have different level of permissions, which you can assign accordingly.


hotmail contact service

Hotmail users can use contact management, which used to known as Windows Live Contacts earlier and before that Windows Live People. Hotmail contacts updates automatically in real time and removes duplicate entries. It enables you:

  • To access to your contacts
  • To share their up-to-date contact information with the people you choose.
  • To have a single contact list for other applications like messenger.
  • To create group of contacts and share information group wise.
  • To integrate with social network sites like facebook and twitter.

For further information or if you need any help about hotmail features and other service dial the Hotmail Support Number UK for instant help and get solution to all your queries. When you call at Hotmail Contact Phone Number 0800 098 8424 you are directed to these specialized executives who will ask your particular question and get it resolved as soon as possible.

Hotmail technical support

Unusual sign-in activity in Hotmail

On the off chance that you were coordinated to this page, this is on account of you attempted to send an email message from your Hotmail account after being told that your account was briefly or temporarily blocked

Hotmail sign in

Why was my Hotmail account blocked?

Hotmail ensures your account by searching for unusual or abnormal sign-in movement and cautioning you through email or instant message. For example, in the event that you generally sign into Hotmail from Safari on one PC, and you attempt to sign in from Internet Explorer on another PC in another nation in the meantime, you may get a message cautioning you of abnormal sign-in activity.

On the off chance that your account was blocked, we apologize for the detriment, yet this provisional blockage is a vital tool to ensure against junk mail and online fraud.

What would it be advisable for you to do if you get a notice or warning message?

 The initial step you have to take to unblock your hotmail account is to change your password. Pick a solid and unique password that contains letters, numbers, and images.

Once you’ve changed your account password, you can attempt to unblock your account on the web. You’ll have to ask for a code that will be sent to your phone by means of instant and text message. In case, if you don’t have a phone that can get instant messages, or you’re in a nation or locale that doesn’t support instant message acceptance, you’ll have to contact Hotmail support. To check whether your area supports instant message acceptance, see Validate my hotmail account.

Unblock your record online

  1. If you’re right now signed into your blocked hotmail account, sign out.
  1. Go to hotmail or Microsoft .com to sign into your blocked account, and take after the guidelines on the page.
hotmail support contact number
In case, if you can’t unblock your account on the web, you can contact Hotmail helpline number for solve your problem instantly. Once you dial Hotmail Phone Number  0800 098 8424 the Hotmail tech service experts instruct you on how to unblock your Hotmail account or to request for extra information. And you will keep on receiving messages until your account is unblocked.


Unblock Your Hotmail Account

Hotmail is widely used email service in all over the world. And it is provided by Microsoft Corporation that is the reason that Hotmail is also called as Window Live Mail Provider. To get Hotmail services you need to have a Hotmail account and must have email id and strong password. While using the Hotmail email services if your account has temporarily blocked because of some unusual activity. It is quite frustrating for the user but here is the Hotmail Technical Support Contact Number to protect you from fraud or abuse.

Hotmail blocked account support

Here are the some instructions to how to unblock your Hotmail account:

Go to your hotmail account which is currently blocked on and log in to your account. Enter a mobile number to apply for that a security code be sent to your mail in a text message, or in case, if your mobile device doesn’t support or maintain texting, by an automated phone call.

After that you type the security code that has been sent you on your mobile phone then you will have to change your account passwords to finish the procedure of unblocking account. You have to make sure that the create password is unique and strong which is help to keep your account password safe and secure. And you can also use the password checker tool to test or check the strength of your new create password before you utilize it.

Note: If you have troubles with the security or safety code so you can consider the following tips:

  • The best method to unblock your Hotmail email account is doing it online, demanding and then typing the security code.
  • Utilize a mobile number after requesting a security or safety code that allows text messages.
  • If you did not obtain any type of security code at your mobile number you entered, try a different phone number by tapping I don’t have any code, then you can obtain second chance to ask for a security code.
  • In case, if your other code doesn’t work properly, ensure you enter the code in the message’s body not the header of the message.

Hotmail customer service uk

If your Hotmail account still blocked by entering the security code or by entering another password then you can contact the Hotmail Customer Support Phone Number. They offer unlimited access to you by our inconceivable tech expert support persons. Our help desks are assessable during the 365 days to help you solve your all Hotmail email issue in few minutes.

Types of mails in a Hotmail account

Hotmail the word just explains all. Hotmail is one of the best known email service providers around the world. Hotmail has very significant features which other email does not provide. It is a very oldest and best email service provider and because of its best services and features millions of users are still using the hotmail account.

Hotmail email help

For the users hotmail has provided many benefits and one of them is the classification of mails in their mailbox. With this hotmail keeps on updating in its features from time to time and generation to generations. Hotmail during recent years had made many changes and one of the great changes is made in types of mails.

To make it easier to read the mail coming from different sectors and sectors are broadly classified and kept together in a manner that special mails of hotmail are put in the particular sections. There can many numbers of section made respectively to store each types of mails in a mail account so that whenever a user require any particular mail it only needs to search only that particular section. The types of messages which users can receive in hotmail account are:

  • Social Media Mails
  • Shopping Mails
  • Newsletters and Deals
  • Personal Mails
  • Group Mails
  • Spams and Others

Users are very happy to have these choices of mails in their account because this help them manage their account more precisely and cleanly. With this they can have an access to old mail even after years when required. But sometimes there are problems which are faced by the users and one of its examples is spam mails. This unnecessary mails may sometimes become problem for the users. But hotmail has also have provides the solution for this. Here are some few steps to solve this problem:

  • Login to hotmail account
  • Go to setting
  • Click on the option button
  • Click the link labeled “Filters and Reporting
  • Choose the level of filtering of junk mail.
  • Low
  • Standard
  • Exclusive according to your choice
  • Click on “save” to save the settings.

With these settings if any spam message is arrived it will directly moves to the junk folder which will automatically get deleted after 10 days.

Hotmail technical support number

For any further help to Hotmail call the Hotmail Technical Support Number immediately. By calling this Hotmail Phone Number 0800 098 8424 you can directly call the hotmail customer service specialist who provide understand your all issue and give the best solution according to your problem. We also have a separate customer help desk that gets help to all hotmail problems easily.

Hotmail Support- Hotmail’s Useful Services for Users

Hotmail has been one of the popular email service providers that were the first electronic mail application which permitted individuals to be liberated from the shackles of ISP based subscription mail services. With Hotmail the idea of signing into your email service arrived from anyplace on the world, as long as you found a web browser with an internet connection and you should remember your username and password. Hotmail was launched in the late nineties after which it turned out to be a part of MSN. Hotmail has many interesting features and this is the reasons why users still love to use the Hotmail Customer Service.

Hotmail customer service number

There are many services provided by hotmail and multiple benefits provided by it. All this benefit is provided by hotmail for its users so that they can enjoy its services more worthily. There all multiple benefits of using the Hotmail services some of which:

  1. You can delete, move, categorize, mark as read/unread, sweep, and junk a message in one click using instant actions.
  2. You can sign into your Hotmail account utilizing a onetime password by means of SMS so that you don’t need to enter your password in case you’re utilizing a shared PC.
  3. Hotmail offers POP access on individual premise.
  4. Your information is fully secured with your hotmail account.
  5. You can search any mails within second in the hotmail account.
  6. The interface of hotmail is very easy and simple to operate.
  7. You can find easily if anyone spying on your hotmail account.
  8. Mails are easily organized and arranged in different folders.
  9. The rich content configuration permits you to move and customize the emails into various folders and so forth.
  10. IMAP access can be created to different internet directories through your Hotmail account.
  11. You can direct message and share things to your friends on social networking sites.
  12. You will get a search option on your hotmail account to search anything you want.
  13. A revamped scanning facility is there on your hotmail account.

Hotmail conatct number

For further help to any hotmail problems call Hotmail Contact Number.  By calling this Hotmail Customer Service Number  0800 098 8424 you can obtain easy help to any of the hotmail problem.

Why My Hotmail Account doesn’t exist?

Hotmail is one of the best web base email service provider which is started in 1996. Nowadays it has the highest number of users in all over the world. In February 2013 changed Hotmail. Nothing had changed except the name only (Outlook replaces Hotmail) and everything remained the same. Email id. Contacts name, files, calendar settings, and many more. They app remained the same. Hotmail user often faces many problems when using its services is one of them, when you log into your Hotmail or outlook account and you get a message of “Microsoft account doesn’t exist” in your page screen.

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 “Microsoft Account doesn’t exist” this error typically means:

  • The person who is logging in using an Alias.
  • The person has entered the wrong email address. It is important that you have to retype the correct email address.
  • The person did not access the hotmail account within 1 year.
  • The Hotmail account will be deleted permanently in your system due to inactivity.
  • In case, if your account available you may recreate the account as a new Hotmail account.

Apply this instructions to fix your account

Try to reset your web browser and go to the Hotmail’s official page or screen. On this page under the sign in button you will see can’t access your hotmail or outlook account option tap or click on this option.

And then you will obtain three options:

  1. Forget my password
  2. I know my account password, but unable to log in.
  3. My Microsoft account has been used by someone.

Then enter your email address and password in the given screen and then tap on next button.

Now you will obtain the options of recovery your account with the help of which you can get your Microsoft account back.

Hotmail customer service number

If your problem is not solve, then you can call on Hotmail phone number 0800-098-8424 for immediate Hotmail customer service support and get the exact solution for getting your hotmail or outlook account back.

The hotmail tech experts will connect to your device remotely and provide you the best solution for your any kind of hotmail account error.

If still you need any kind of Hotmail Support then direct call on our third party cost free Hotmail customer service phone number. You can dial this number anytime for direct help.

Advantages of using Hotmail’s Outlook

Hotmail is converted into Outlook some days before it was done with a motive to provide an enhanced and more advanced user experience. Though people loved hotmail which they were using since years and rejected to adopt outlook for several days but soon with the advantages and benefits of Outlook, people adopted it very soon. Now the users can experience the enhanced benefits with advanced features in Outlook. Some of these features are:

Outlook email support

Great Search with Outlook:

The new Outlook of Hotmail has strong search function. You can find any mail in a single search even if you have thousands of emails in your account. With the option of advance search you can search the mails by sender, date, subject, folder etc.

Categories for the Emails:

There are predefined categories and sections for each mail according to their type and the users can also create new categories of their wish which they can manage easily. With the help of categories it will be easy for you to see the emails according to their sections anytime.

Filtration of Emails at Specified Place:

You can filter mails by making guidelines and you can arrange them in different folders. New folder and sub folders can be made and you will be able to send certain incoming emails into these folders by setting guideline.

Pin Mail:

Try not to overlooked essential email by sticking it on the top. If you have something important in your mail and you would prefer not to lose beneath different emails then utilize this option of pin mail. This feature is really useful for students, business persons etc.

Wunderlist, Boomerang, Evernote, Uber, PayPal add ins:

Efficient applications like Wunderlist, Evernote and Boomerang are incorporated with Outlook account. Your Hotmail email can be spared as task in Wunderlist, as note in Evernote and Boomerang. These profitability devices definitely help you to stay sorted and organized.

Mails Save to OneNote:

In Hotmail email, mails can be straightforwardly saved to One Note. This element permits you to save your Air tickets, online bills and important mails to One Note.

Hotmail customer support contact number

Outlook is indeed a great platform of mail service. For more updates and features of outlook stay in touch to  In case you are in any hotmail problem immediately call Hotmail customer support contact number for instant help. By calling this Hotmail customer service number you can acquire instant help to all hotmail problems.