Hotmail Customer Service- Backup my hotmail email through Windows Mail

Hotmail is worldwide used email service provider with its huge number of users. Many people use it for various reasons but once in a while get stuck with issues like lose or stolen your email from himself or another person. It’s difficult to imagine being without email as it’s embedded into our work and individual lives. So if you want to save your important emails from losing crucial files and documents then you can simply make a backup for Hotmail email with the help of these applications such as Window mail, Outlook Express, MS Outlook ms and Paid tool. These applications are very enviable in order to retrieve Hotmail emails from the server and download them to your PC.

Backup hotmail email

If you are using Windows 7 then you can use it to back up your hotmail account directly into the EML format. For backup hotmail email using Window Mail then you need follow these some easy steps which are given below:

  • Open your web browser and go to the Window mail then sign into your Hotmail account by entering the email address and password.
  • Access the new created account in Window mail and wait for the application to download your emails.
  • Click on export mail and then click on email messages.
  • Choose the Microsoft windows live mail option and click on the next button.
  • Select the location where you want to save your file then click on next button.
  • Here you will see a complete list of items to be backed up. Now your process is complete.

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Hotmail customer service uk

You can also call the Hotmail Customer Service Number 0800 098 8424. This is a direct dial number that is available all the time for all hotmail customers. You can call the Hotmail Support Number to get solution of any hotmail related problem.


Hotmail Support Number UK for Hotmail email help

In this technology world, there are so many platforms which are really considered as the most accommodating online email services and its services known with the name as Hotmail. Hotmail has also gripped millions of users providing infinite benefits.

Hotmail is world’s leading free web based mailing service provider. And it is known by the names as Window Live Mail.  Hotmail webmail is very user-friendly for its users. There are large amount of peoples who have Hotmail account for consuming their services. While utilize their email services Hotmail user face many troubles or problems like forgotten password, reset hotmail email password, problem in composing mail, hacked email account and many more hotmail email related issues.

Hotmail tech support

Here is good news for Hotmail email account user that our Hotmail support technicians are provides you the outstanding and exact solution to fix your all hotmail problems. Our Hotmail Email Support executives are prepared with the great technical knowledge and experience; they can resolve any of the problems which are related to Hotmail, Window Line Mail issue and can provide the excellent Hotmail customer care technical support.

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  7. Easily manage your Hotmail account in Outlook with the help of Hotmail Support Service team.
  8. Other support services for Hotmail users.

Hotmail contact number

For more help or support one can directly contact our third party Hotmail Support Number. Our highly skilled team of Hotmail Support will offer to all species of Hotmail email problems. The hotmail technical support help desk is available for everyone to solve their problem on right time.

Unable to Recover Windows Live Mail Password

Undoubtedly mails are widely used service o feature in all over the world and mails have personal and business information. Each mail account which you have access it offers you a feature to manage password for Window Live Mail Account. Password is planned to make your mails safe.  Anyone has no authority to get access to other mailing account if your mail password is managed appropriately. But typically your account password get forgotten or lost. However don`t worry this as a result of here within the given article we will talk about to how to recover your forgotten window live mail account.

Forgot hotmail password

In this given piece of writing we will talk about recovering Windows Live Mail Password. Just the once you forget your mail password, during this case, important or necessary mail, associated with the businesses cannot be managed, as you are not able to log into your mail account. In this situation, you want to keep in mind the password and use the source wherever the password has been written. Or else, it’s great to go for a third party email password recovery tool. The password recovery tool allows you to recover password easily and once again you can simply use your mail account.

The password recovery tool is able to recover your forgotten or lost password for your Window Live Mail. This tool offers you two simple methods of recovering your forgot Window Live Mail passwords.

  • Automatic Recovery Method
  • Manual Recovery Method

Automatic Password Recovery Method

  1. Download and install the Password Recovery tool from the browser.
  2. Now run the downloaded Password Recovery tool.
  3. Tap the ‘Start Recovery’ button and this will carry up a drop-down.
  4. Now you will have to choose the password type.
  5. On the native system of the Window Live Mail, the program can search the profile on this technique or system. Expose your account, passwords keep in Window Live Mail.

Manual Password Recovery Method

  1. Firstly, launch your Window Live Mail application.
  2. Then go to the Tools menu and tap on ‘Accounts’ option.
  3. Highlight the mail account whose password you want to recover.
  4. Now click on the ‘Properties’.
  5. If your account password is remembered by Window Live Mail, then in the password box you will see a mark (‘****’) characters.

Hotmail support number

Hotmail Customer Support Phone Number

Still facing any problem while recover Window Live Mail password and need to overcome from the password related problem, so you can call on Hotmail Support Number UK and get instant solution for your problem.

Microsoft Mobile Application Just for You

Mocrosoft mobile application

Two months back, Microsoft obtained accomplish, an engineer of email applications for iOS and Android. A week ago, Microsoft dispatched another Acompli rebranded as Outlook for Mobile. The new Outlook application is a noteworthy change over Microsoft’s OWA application.

There are three conceivable advantages that Acompli could convey to the Outlook experience. Microsoft conveyed on every one of the three, in addition to two or three reward advantages. Here are five reasons you ought to begin utilizing the new Outlook for Mobile application.

  1. Numerous email Accounts

With the new Outlook for Mobile applications, you can include email accounts from Exchange,, iCloud ,Yahoo or Google. The best part is that every one of them show up in a bound together inbox. That is a trap that even the full Outlook desktop application can’t do.

  1. Cloud Integration & File Attachments

Taking care of file attachments for portable email just got a ton less demanding. When you tap the Files symbol at the base of the application, it will show late record connections in your email isolated by email account. You can tap the document to send it as a connection in another message, spare it to your cell phone, or impart it to others.

  1. Plan to Swipe

You can swipe left or right on messages in the application to perform diverse functionalities, which you can customize in Settings. You can file, erase, plan, move, mark as read/new, or banner a message essentially by swiping left or swiping right.

  1. Centered inbox

Most email administrations and customers have some kind of spam separating ability. A considerable measure of email falls into a hazy area, however. It’s not spam, as such, but rather it’s additionally not imperative and you needn’t bother with it diverting you or jumbling your inbox right this moment. The Focused inbox of the Outlook for Mobile applications takes care of that issue.

  1. Logbook

The OWA application for iOS effectively incorporated the related Outlook Calendar , however this is an immeasurable change. The Calendar is less demanding to get to and work with, and it’s incorporated specifically into the portable email experience.

With all these incredible features users got very happy to have Outlook mail into their mobile.

Hotmail contact number

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Unable to Secure Your Hotmail Account from Spam

Hotmail is a free web based email service provider and it is one of the oldest known email platform which is founded in 1996 by Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith. Hotmail service is provided by very well-known Microsoft that ensures that no issues arise in the Hotmail email services. It is because of this reason that it has millions of fulfilled customers all around.

Spam mail

Sometimes your hotmail email accounts are spam by some reasons. Spam the name of those infuriating and time-consuming emails, which block your email account. It is described as an unwanted email offering you some services. At times some emails put for your credit card number, your login id and some security number etc. by bluffing as a genuine email.

Email portals have created their own spam filters for the increasing unnecessary and voluntary email problem. Yet, these strict strategies sometimes filter real legitimate emails by false as spam.

There are few procedures to avoid receiving spam and filter it:-

  • Always use email portals with built- in spam filters for example- Microsoft`s SmartScreen filter that helps in falling unnecessary email. And it`s build-in in, Window Live Mail, Exchange and assemblage.
  • Create your safer sender record by adding senders you recognize and block the discarded senders.
  • Keep away from junk email or IM. Never reply to spam, or never buy anything from the unknown business or accept to transfer money from any strange source.
  • Only share your email address and personal information with people you know and avoid displaying your email address on any community networking site and large Internet directories.
  • Be careful while subscribing to your email newsletters because while shopping online sometimes companies put a check in pre-select boxes that says that you have agreed to the condition to promote your email address.
  • Please, browse the privacy policy cautiously. Whereas signing up in web-based services, fastidiously analysis the privacy policy previous to accretive it, so you don’t unwittingly conform to the conditions or share secret data.
  • Though accessing a newsgroup, message board, or any public web content it is vital to cover your email address from these peoples and teams.
  • Always bear in mind that use a split email account to sign on into websites that provide “freebies” or stuff like that. Although posting email address to a website, write it like it can be individual to only a human being.
  • If any message is appear and it looking an official message that comes from the genuine site but you do not sure that the email message is authentic so don`t click on the link to the site.

Hotmail contact number

 If you still facing any difficulty to manage spams in your Hotmail email account so take help from the professional of Hotmail technical support number. They will fix your problem in quick time and always available for your help whenever you need help at any time or any place.

Features of Outlook Application with Skype

Microsoft by all means work towards enhancing client experience on its core applications for iOS and Android gadgets, with the tech monster reporting an overhaul to its Outlook application on patching up the application with various imaginative and helpful components.

skype feature for hotmail

A standout amongst the most striking moves up to the application is another Outlook update that permits clients to start a Skype video gathering through the Outlook application itself. What’s especially helpful for clients is that regardless of the fact that other individuals on the meeting don’t have the Skype application on their gadgets, the Outlook application would permit clients to take part in the video gathering at any rate, utilizing Microsoft’s Skype for Web, reports PC World even when they do not have skype installed.

Aside from the Skype coordination, Outlook’s timetable perspective has been altogether also enhanced with incorporated Sunrise Calendar highlights and the capacity to see a speedy next to each other take a gander at any three days on the calendar. Clients would likewise have the choice to choose the suitable day of their week after week date books begin on.

Various components for the iOS version of the gadget were additionally included, for example, Outlook’s use of Apple’s 3-D Touch technology to send messages and add date book occasions specifically from a gadget’s home screen.

With this the Android clients can also set to get fast access to their mail, contacts, date book and documents using a committed snappy navigation bar situated at the base of the Outlook application.

These add on features increased the accessibility of the application and makes it worth using. With this user can use their skype integration with their outlook mails more appropriately.

They now have more enhanced and advanced mail service with which they can also enjoy video calling to any of their outlook friend online. They can also manage their dates and can perform many other useful services.

hotmail customer support contact number

All this updates including the recent update of skype are made by outlook for benefiting its users. For better experience outlook suggests its user to change with the recent updates. Though all the updates formulated by outlook are very user friendly still if you are in any problem with any hotmail update you can take help by calling the hotmail helpline number. Not only for recent updates help, you can also call this Hotmail customer service contact number for getting instant help to any of the other hotmail problems.

Outlook launched with best features for iPhone

Microsoft very well understands that outlook is service platform that is now widely used on mobile platforms including iPhone thus Microsoft has introduced its Outlook mail customer for iPhone. Also, it is absolutely a charming prospect at any rate on iPhone. Outlook for iPhone consolidates a significant number of the elements which we use regularly in the one application; it has two or three additional fascinating elements, which are really useful for the users.

Outlook for iphone

Some of them are as follows:

  1. Support to Multiple Accounts

In order to join to your Outlook account with iPhone you need to adjust your outlook setting with a Microsoft Exchange email address, iCloud, Gmail and Yahoo. You can have every one of them bolstered into the one application keeping in mind Apple Mail does likewise, you can accomplish more with the mail collection in Outlook.

  1. Organized Mails

All messages can be schedule in your inbox at a given time. That way you can help yourself to remember essential data that you may some way lost or have overlooked.

  1. Calendar

For iPhone proprietors, your logbook is incorporated specifically with the Outlook application. This will demonstrate all passages you make, national occasions, birthdays of contacts and will store all such kind of things. Also, it will do this for all connected records whose component can be logbook choice, amassing the outcomes in one spot.

  1. Cloud connections

You can likewise connect the Outlook application to your distributed storage administrations. One Drive will be connected officially through your Outlook account, yet you can likewise interface it to an iCloud, Google Drive, Dropbox or Box account.

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Hotmail technical support number

And you can contact on our helpline number 0800 098 842 to any of the hotmail problem. We also have a separate customer service department that is designed specifically to hotmail users in hotmail issues.