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Outlook is an interesting mail service provided by Microsoft. Used by millions of customers worldwide, Hotmail is a mail application that provides extra secure platform for mails and thus it is widely used in several offices worldwide. Other than this it is also used for personal mails. It provides ultimate connectivity with security.

connect social networking site on outlook

With hotmail its users get an ultimate experience and thus Hotmail of Microsoft is a wise choice to make when it comes to mail service and now it has also integrated Social accounts compatibility.  This is a very interesting application that hotmail now provides. With this now an outlook user can add social media account to its account. By following simple steps to connect social Networks compatibility to you can check you social media updates within your hotmail account. The steps to add your social nets with inbox are:

  1. To add an account go to set up panel in your hotmail email account
  2. Select the social network that you wish to add that can be Facebook, Twitter, Lindedin, Flickr or Google videos.
  3. Simply add it.

By this you are connected to social media account. Using ¨add¨ function you can connect to any of the following – Facebook, Twitter, Lindedin, Flickr with your account mail. This connectivity you can get huge number of functions that Outlook allows. With this you can change the status, update it, can send messages, share links etc.

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Setting up other email account with Outlook

Add other email in outlook email

Are you familiar with one of the essential element of Outlook 2016? If no here we will be to discussing about some basic but useful feature of outlook. With the new Outlook 2016 you can now setup your Gmail account with any large array of Microsoft account from @Outlook, @Live, or even @Hotmail accounts too.

Now the question in your mind is that how these accounts will be setup with Outlook?

 Adding you email account with Outlook is relatively very easy, as this feature has arisen in the latest version of Microsoft Office.  For most of the free account Microsoft automatically configured them like Gmail or yahoo in these account you just have to enter your name, email id and password. But in some cases you have to configure settings manually.

These are few steps:

  • Click on the file tab on the bar.
  • Then select the add account
  • Enter name, email address, and password (twice)
  • Click the next button

After entering all the details you need to wait for a while when your credentials are verifying.  You have to renter your password once again. You can tick on the check box if you want the system to remember your credentials.

Now you are ready to access your Gmail or any other account with your own Hotmail account. You can now send mails chat with anyone from any account you want. With this feature of Gmail your things become very easy to handle and maintain the account you will not miss you important mail or conversation as before.

By integrating all the mails at one platform you get an easy access to each and every mails account. There are cases when you need more than 1 account of more than 1 platform to send and receive your official as well personal mails by this Outlook provides help to its users so that they can continue using their multiple account with one platform. By this work becomes very easy in a manner that you need to check your each mail one after the other by opening and logging out each and every account every time.

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Outlook e-mail with Outstanding Features is an ultimate email service by Microsoft. Recently outlook came up with many new updates and changes. The organization declared bundle of new elements that are at present taking off in a Preview mode for a select number of clients. The new features are now available for more users on a prior basis. Some of these features are:outlook feature

  • New themes: Microsoft Outlook included 13 new subjects with realistic graphical designs to help you express your identity in your inbox.
  • Clutter: Clutter takes a shot at your benefit it allows users to sort messages which you want to disregard into a different folder, so you can concentrate on what is important.
  • Add-ins: Announced recently at Build, add-ins is showed up by outlook when you are perusing or making a message. It is intended to help you finish the current task.
  • Search Suggestions and Refiners: Find quickly what you require. With this feature you will get the suggestion of the persons you mostly communicate with. With the relevant information in your mailbox it also helps in searching content in the mail. Refiners let you rotate your indexed lists on the basis of sender folder, date received and attachments.
  • Pop-out read and composes: Multi-tasking is simple with messages that pop out into new windows.
  • Pins and Flags: Keep key messages at the highest point of your inbox with Pins and stamp others for follow-up with Flags. Pins are currently folder specific, incredible for any individual who utilizes folders to arrange their email.
  • Inline pictures: Copy and paste pictures straight forward into the body of your message, right where you need them. With this you can send any type of file to any user directly be pasting it to the mail and then simply click sent.
  • One touch actions: With advanced features in outlook a user can perform every action with maximum ease. For this you can simply put your cursor on relevant mail and can simply perform action like deleting, moving etc.

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Outlook on phone (iPhone and android)

outlook on phone

With advancement to usability of mobile devices there arises a need where a user can access their mail account online on their phone. Outlook is very well aware of this fact and thus it provides and ultimate feature with which its user can use their email account on their phone. For using this you just need to enable some setting on your phone.

Microsoft has been going on with further advancement to make sure that its users can enjoy access of their Outlook account on the web and also from their relevant electronic devices like phone, iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad etc. With this advancement now Outlook is the site that can be adapted by every mobile device

Setting of for iPhone or iPad:

  • Go to Adjustments
  • Search for Mail, contacts, calendar
  • Click on ¨Add an account¨
  • Select ¨Hotmail¨
  • Enter mail address and password
  • To finish, select the data you want to sync

outlook on iphone and ipad

With the help of these simple steps, you have already setup your mail account.

Setting of Outlook account for Android

There are two types of setting that an outlook can ask to do for Android users:

outlook on android

Type 1: If your Android device supports Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync accounts you need to enter this data:

  • Setup (Exchange)
  • Domain / Username: ( Enter your username
  • Password: Enter the password
  • Use safe connection (SSL): Activated
  • Accept all SSL certificates: Disabled

Type 2:  If device doesn´t support Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync support than you need to setup account as a POP3.  Enter your username and password with manual setup and then select POP3 & enter the following data directly:

  • Enter your username
  • Enter the password
  • Enter the POP3 server
  • Port: 995
  • Security Type: SSL/TLS (accept all certificates) or SSL (accept all certificates)
  • SMTP
  • Port: 587
  • Security type: None
  • Ask for sign up: Disabled

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Different views available in account

Outlook account is user friendly and an advanced mail service provided to its users. It has enhanced and attractive design that user likes to use. It provides an extraordinary design and attractive look for its users. But to make the experience more worth outlook allows its users to customize their online view of account.

outlook view

What is a view?

Each Microsoft account provides mail service whether it is hotmail or outlook it has various features. Every Microsoft outlook accounts has different Outlook folder like Inbox, sent, trash etc. Other than this it has several other services like Calendar. All this items of its features and services it displays in an attractive and structured layout which is called a view. In short a view of outlook is how the mail service is visible to its users.

There are several standard views available for displaying folder and features in outlook. An outlook user can even choose from available alternative views or can also create their custom views. A view of outlook compose a view type, fields, colors, fonts, and many other settings this all together provides different ways with which items in a folder in a mail can be visualized.

Different types of view in outlook

There are several types of view available in outlook. A user can choose the best suitable Outlook view for his hotmail account. Several types of view are:

  1. Business card view – In this view a user can view data similarly like the series of Electronic Business Card (EBC) images.
  2. Calendar View – With this view outlook user can view data in a format of calendar.
  3. Card View – This view allows user to view data in a series of cards.
  4. Icon View – This view is the most user friendly view that allows data to be visible as icons. Just like that in Windows 8 or Internet explorer.
  5. Table View – With this view user can view data in a simple, field based table.
  6. Timeline View – This is view that enable viewing data in a customizable linear time line format.

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An outlook user can select from the above available views so as to customize its use on outlook. If you do not know that how to set up a view for outlook account you can take help from Hotmail Technical Support Contact Number. If you need any other help to any other hotmail problem you can also get instant help by calling the hotmail helpline number any time.