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Hotmail is widely used one of the free and trusted online communication tool. Hotmail is famous for its ultimate services. It has millions of customer worldwide.

Hotmail was introduced in 1996 and was acquired by Microsoft in 1997 and was rebranded as Microsoft Hotmail. In 2013, Hotmail became Windows Live Hotmail and now it is finally known as Even though there were many changes in the name of this e-mail service but one thing which is same and that is an ultimate mail services provided by Microsoft.

Hotmail email service offered by Microsoft is available free and it can be easily signed up. With the Hotmail you get total 5 GB of free space and if you have integrated your One Drive account you will get an extra free storage space of 1 TB.

Other than this with the interesting hotmail mail service you can send and receive both professional as well personal mails to one another and thus outlook provides communication in all parts of world. Available in many different languages it is used widely in many countries. It can be used by all the hotmail users who have an account on any of the Microsoft account.

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What to do if you unable to attach a file in hotmail account?

Hotmail email problemHotmail is widely used by different people throughout the globe. Its services are offered by Microsoft Outlook. Hotmail is an interesting email service and it has many users all across the world. Hotmail is a user friendly & trusted for its services and people are widely using hotmail email to send and receive attachment also. With an attachment a hotmail user can send and receive files, photos, videos etc. However, in some cases hotmail user is unable to download the attachment they have received in their emails.

This hotmail downloading and uploading issue mentioned above is very common among hotmail users. There are some common reasons when files may not load in a hotmail email account.

There are some common reasons when files may not load in a hotmail email account.

  1. Settings in your email program.
  2. Problems converting between email formats
  3. May be your internet is slow.
  4. If you have anti-virus in your system it does not prevent downloading.
  5. Disable the firewall option on your system.

In such cases you must try some of these instructions:

  • Try other browser or private browsing mode.
  • Check your browser’s file display setting.
  • Clean all of your cookies and old history from your browser.
  • Enable the firewall option on your system.
  • Disable your extension and add-ons because some time they create many problems in loading a page correctly.
  • Attach file work properly, check it.
  • Do check internet connection and speed.

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My friend been hacked

So to enhance the privacy concern of a hotmail user recently outlook has launched a new concept in the mail service. Hotmail has built in defense system against the hacking problem. For help to outlook problems a hotmail user can call Hotmail technical support contact number.

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Every outlook user knows that there is a daily problem of hijacking in outlook account and when the outlook users very well know that account hijacking is a big problem it makes their work hard to continue and this prevent them to work on outlook.

Thus outlook implemented another anti-hijacking measure according to which a friend who is receiving spam can complain for account of sender being compromised. With this facility if someone’s is feeling that account of their friend is hijacked, they can complain about it. It is because often the receiver or the friend find out of the account been hijacked before the owner. It is because the hijacker uses their account to send spam or phishing email to all their contacts and as and when they will receive this spam they will be aware about the account being hijacked.

When hotmail receives the mail message of friends account being hacked it accepts it and confirms it with other information and by this way further action from that mail will be stopped. This is very simple that is when a friend or the receiver feels that the sender account has been hacked he can click on the “Mark as” menu and select “My friend’s been hacked.” This friend’s-been-hacked feature provides supplements Hotmail to build in compromise detection system. According to this effective system if outlook receives such message of hacking it will automatically suspends that particular account that is displaying suspicious activity and thus no more spam or phishing mails will be allowed from this mails.

The friend’s been hacked feature of outlook is offering such a great service that it is being appreciated by outlook users and thus outlook has managed to make it more useful in few weeks itself. It has worked over it and it has already helped a lot in detecting some of the hacked mails. The Outlook friend’s been hacked feature has worked so well in last few weeks that Microsoft has already extended it to other email systems. The best part of this feature is that when a friend report about the hijack outlook will immediately send the report to yahoo and Gmail also.


Why I am unable to sending a mail from Hotmail account?

Hotmail email is the best and an interesting service used by one and all. Millions of users who have been using Hotmail since years were always happy with the user friendly approach of hotmail. It is trusted for its services and people are widely used hotmail email to send and receive for personal as well professional purpose. Hotmail users get in touch with their friends, relatives and business members. If in case you can receive, open and read any email, but you cannot send or reply to any emails. And you know why? Then in such cases you must check some of these errors:

Check hotmail email account settings: If you are unable to send emails then you have to make sure that your hotmail account settings are correct like password, SMPT server, username, outgoing server etc. so you have to check them first.

hotmail sending email error

Mail Server is Offline/online: If you’re mail server is off in your account setting then you cannot send any email. But if sometime mail server gets crash because of any reason even then also you cannot send any email, but don’t worry, it happen only on Plesk and WHM/cPanel servers. Simply restart the service from the control panel often fixes the problem.

Check the SMTP Authentication: If you get a relay denied error and your password is correct, then SMTP authentications are likely not right. Often, hotmail email users with this issue can receive email but cannot send email. If in case you check IMAP or POP3 settings, when you check your email, the server remembers your IP address and then allow you to send email for a period.

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Outlook view

We all know that recently outlook has switched all its hotmail account to outlook. With this advancement it has added unlimited exciting features for helping its users. Millions of users who have been using hotmail since years were always happy with the user friendly approach of outlook and with the new advancement many more users have added to outlook and have loved the transformation as in the features it has included in the new outlook.

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With special advancement like many more new and attractive views and profiles it has also added many more useful features. Here are some interesting features of outlook. Out of this some are newly added features where as some were already there in the outlook

  • Quick Access Toolbar – Quick Access Toolbar is located on the top corner of the outlook mail account. You can use the down arrow to customize this toolbar as per your need. You can also add menu commands to this toolbar this are commands that are frequently used by you.
  • Menu Bar – Menu Bar is the active tab that is highlighted in the outlook account. You can click on the Menu tab and can use the available commands that are displayed there.
  • Ribbon – Ribbon is the area that is used to display the commands. This is an area where buttons related to the active Menu are shown. User can directly use this commands anytime.
  • Folder Pane – Folder Pane of outlook is a panel that contains system folders. With this pane you can setup your email for future use. You can also organize them as per your need.
  • Message Pane – Message Pane is also an interesting panel that can be used to display email messages in outlook. A outlook user can use the View menu to change the default settings for messages that are appearing in Message Pane. You can also change the preview setting of this pane.
  • Reading Pane – With the reading Pane an outlook user can have a quick access to all its mails. This pane can be used to read the entire email message. You can also enter a response with this.
  • People Pane – People Pane contains an icon for each person to whom you can sent the emails. You can also view more information about that person by clicking the icon.
  • Navigation bar – Navigation bar is a tool that allows selection of Outlook area that is required.

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How can I set up hotmail account on my phone?

Hotmail is one of the best email service offered by Microsoft in the year 1996. It is popularly known as outlook which is widely used by the people from all parts of the world for managing their professional and personal emails. Now a day’s most of the people use their phones or tablets rather than laptops or computers in regular life. If you are a hotmail user and want to check your account without using a computer or laptop then you can set up your hotmail email account on your phone as well by following some certain steps.

To set up a hotmail account to your Android phone:

  1. Go to the mobile setting option and open it, then scroll down until you see + Add Account option and click on it.

create hotmail email

2. Now click Corporate or Microsoft Exchange option.

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3. Next type your emails and password as required and click Next.

4. Yet after this enter the following input for the following fields like Domain\Username, Password and Exchange Server then click next button.

hotmail email support on phone

If you want to change the any setting you can do that. And at last click on next button.

add hotmail email

Now you have successfully set up your hotmail account on your phone.


  • Use at least eight characters password.
  • The password must be a combination of upper and lower case letter.
  • It must not be same to that as your id.

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